February 23, 2023
Is Hiring A Tree Trimming Service Worthwhile? | Weatherford, TX

Is Hiring A Tree Trimming Service Worthwhile? | Weatherford, TX

In these days when DIY has become more popular than ever, you may find yourself tempted to trim your own trees in Weatherford, TX. But doing so can prove not only dangerous to yourself, your Weatherford, TX property, and your family, but also to your trees, and, if done incorrectly, can cause that beautiful tree in your backyard to wither and die. A professional tree trimming service is always the best way to ensure the job gets done correctly every single time. Additionally, there are a number of benefits to hiring a tree trimming service. This article will take a look at all the benefits you can get from hiring a professional tree trimming service for your home. In the end, we are sure you will find that it is more than worthwhile. Let’s take a look.

Different Methods for Different Needs

There are several ways to trim a tree. Each method can be used to tend to the different needs of a particular tree. A professional tree trimming service will normally use one or more of five different methods to achieve a perfect result. The methods are:

  • Trimming dead branches – Before any other type of trimming takes place, a professional tree trimming service will focus on the removal of dead branches. During this process, they will also remove any branches that are diseased to avoid the spread of the problem to the rest of the tree.
  • Thinning the crown – This method involves removing the weakest branches at the top of the tree to open the crown. This will help air and sun to penetrate between the remaining branches to improve your tree’s health. It also helps to make the tree’s load a bit lighter, preventing any potentially broken branches later on.
  • Lifting the crown – This technique focuses on the lowest branches of the tree, especially if they have grown in such a way that they intrude on your home’s safety. It can also be applied when a tree’s branches are low hanging, and they pose a threat to those walking on the sidewalk or driving on the road.
  • Reducing the crown – This method is usually applied to young trees to maintain healthy growth without an overextension of the branches, by removing terminal branches and allowing the main one to remain intact. It is not a method to be used on older trees, where it is best to remove the entire branch instead of simply reducing its size.
  • Pollarding – This technique starts when the tree is very young and it is performed throughout its entire life. It involves removing a certain layer of branches to produce poles.

The Many Benefits

As we mentioned above, regular tree trimming service isn’t only aimed at making your trees look prettier. There are many more benefits to it. Some of them are listed below.

  • It results in healthier trees – When a tree gets too large, it can have trouble absorbing all the nutrients it needs from the ground to stay healthy. This can lead to it becoming more vulnerable to pest infestations and disease. A regular tree trimming service will help you keep the tree’s growth under control, which leads to better nutrient absorption and a much healthier tree.
  • It helps the tree receive more sunlight – Photosynthesis is an essential process for plants. When your tree’s crown is too large, sunlight might not reach enough leaves to maintain the healthy development of photosynthesis. By trimming its branches regularly, you can help the tree produce its natural chemical processes in a more efficient and generalized way.
  • It keeps the tree’s roots strong – As they age and grow, trees suffer root loss. This is a common issue that tends to weaken the tree’s hold on the ground. If the tree’s crown becomes too heavy, the roots may become even weaker from the excessive weight, leading to it eventually falling over, and damaging your property. A good trim will keep the existing roots strong by reducing the stress and weight of an overly heavy crown.
  • It helps detect sick trees before they become a serious problem – A professional trim usually involves a detailed inspection of your tree’s branches in order to detect diseases before they spread. This allows you to take the appropriate steps to avoid any further problems created by the spread of the disease, as well as any potential damage to your property.
  • It makes trees look more beautiful, increasing the value of your property – Trees that are regularly trimmed are always better looking, mostly because they can be shaped in any way you want! This will lead to the increased curb appeal of your home, making it more valuable in case you one day decide to sell.
  • It saves you money – Untrimmed trees can become a danger to your property, whether it is because of falling branches, or a weakened tree that falls over during a storm. In any case, this can represent a large expense when you consider the cost of major repairs your home may require because of an untrimmed tree. So, no matter how you look at it, calling a professional trimming service will always be less expensive than hiring a contractor to repair your home’s roof or anything else that the tree could damage. Remember, any tree growing unchecked in close proximity to your home, your pool, or even your neighbor’s property, can become a problem if not properly trimmed, so hiring a pro is always worth your while.

By now you know that hiring a tree trimming service to keep your trees healthy and beautiful is well worth your time and money, and giving S&P Tree Service in Weatherford, TX a call when your home’s trees need to be trimmed will ensure an experience that is both satisfying and enjoyable. With many years of experience in the tree trimming service industry, you can be sure S&P Tree Service is the best pro for the job ahead. So, don’t hesitate, and when your trees are ready for a trim, just pick up your phone and give S&P Tree Service a call!

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Photo By Vasileios Karafillidis at Shutterstock