February 25, 2023
The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Tree Removal Service | Weatherford, TX

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Tree Removal Service | Weatherford, TX

Removing that oversized or diseased tree from your Weatherford, TX property is no longer a matter of gathering the guys on Saturday for a couple of steaks and a six-pack or two. This might be a good scenario if the tree is relatively small and located far from any power lines or your neighbor’s home. But, when the tree in question is large and located in an area where it can cause damage as it falls, your best bet will always be to call a professional tree removal service in Weatherford, TX to ensure it is removed efficiently and safely. Aside from this, there are many benefits you can enjoy from calling a tree removal service, some of which we will touch upon in this article. So, read on to find out all about the benefits and techniques used by an experienced tree removal service.

Different Techniques the Pros Use

There are many reasons for needing to have a tree removed from your property, but the most common ones include disease, overgrowth, and requiring more space in the yard. While grabbing your axe and giving it a go may sound like fun, the truth is that you run the risk of damaging your home, or worse. A professional tree removal service understands that each tree is different, and its removal can require one of various techniques designed to ensure the safety of your property and any public utilities that could be damaged from falling branches.

One of the most common techniques a professional tree removal service can use is called “felling”. It is possibly the most well-known and simple way of removing a tree, because the techs will use a chainsaw or an axe to cut the tree at the base, allowing it to fall over in a controlled manner. The problem with this technique is that it can cause damage to surrounding structures if there isn’t enough space for the tree to fall. Because of this, it is usually reserved for smaller trees with plenty of space around them.

When dealing with larger trees, there are three possible techniques that could be used. Each one will depend on the specific characteristics of each tree, so make sure you ask your tree removal service which one they will be using so you can understand what it involves. The three possible tree removal techniques used on larger trees are climbing, the bucket method, and crane removal. In all three cases, as their name suggests, the arborists will either climb, use a bucket or a crane, to get to the top of the tree to start cutting individual branches, removing each one and working their way downward until the entire tree has been removed.

Each of these three methods involves a variety of tasks designed to ensure the safety of your property and the workers performing the job. Additionally, especially with the crane removal method, different machines and vehicles will be used. Once the tree has been completely cut down, it can be chopped into firewood, or placed into a wood chipper. It can also be removed completely from your property after being cut into smaller, more manageable sections.

The Benefits of Calling the Pros

One of the most important benefits of calling in a professional tree removal service is safety. Remember they are experts at what they do, so the chances of damaging your property or power lines are extremely low. Additionally, they have tons of experience at handling their tools. After all, this is their livelihood, so they run less of a risk of hurting themselves from using a chainsaw than you or your friends would.

Additionally, tree removal technicians are more efficient at removing very large trees, and can get the job done much faster than anybody else, and their special tools and machines can go much further than the ladder that you have in your garage.

Another important benefit you can enjoy from calling in the pros is that they know the zoning codes and city requirements for tree removal. This means that you won’t end up paying hefty fines from doing it yourself. And, if all this isn’t enough to convince you of the benefits of calling the tree removal professionals, there is the small matter of removing the stump that is left behind after the tree itself has been removed. Stumps can cause accidents, and in most cases can become an eyesore, which is why removing them should always be a part of professional tree removal. Even if you do manage to cut down your tree without pulling down a couple of power lines with it, getting rid of the stump can be a huge problem. The pros know how to get the job done correctly, without any further issues or damage to your property. Keep in mind that the larger the tree, the bigger the root system will be, and the last thing you want is to end up digging your entire yard to remove it.

So, with all this in mind, when you want to have a tree removed from your property, your best bet is to grab a brew, fire up the grill, and let the pros do their job while you watch. Believe it or not, it can be much more relaxing to watch the experts cut down your tree than getting an axe and trying to do the job on your own. Unless, of course, you have a crane stored in your garage.

Regardless of the reason why you must have that huge tree in your backyard removed, calling a tree removal service in Weatherford, TX will always be a guarantee of a job well done. At S&P Tree Service we are always happy to provide expert tree removal service for your business or home. So, before you call your buddies for an afternoon of tree chopping, pick up your phone and contact S&P Tree Service for professional, fast, and efficient help!

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