Crane-Assisted Tree Removal Service

Thriving trees on your property provide more than just beauty. They also increase the value of your home and give the much-needed summer shade for outdoor relaxation during the familiar hot Texas summers. Trees also protect from strong winds and afford privacy from the prying eyes of strangers. However, there comes a time when trees have to be removed due to disease, storm damage, old age, or a specific hazard. Undoubtedly, tree care and removal in the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, urban and suburban areas present many challenges due to their proximity to valuable structures, roadways, and other infrastructures.

Fortunately, S&P Tree Service has the necessary experience and expertise to handle large, crane-assisted tree removal jobs safely and cost-effectively. Our arborists are experts at climbing, rigging, and crane work to perform tree removal service throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area, without ruining your lawn, gardens, fences, asphalt, driveways, decks, or other trees. We have an exceptional safety record and are fully licensed and insured to undertake a range of residential, commercial, and government utility work.

Why Use a Crane-Assisted Tree Removal Service from S&P Tree Service

Tree removal with the assistance of a crane is not only the most effective and the safest way, but it also helps save time and costs. Choosing our crane-assisted removal service means choosing a safer and efficient no impact tree removal method at a lower cost than traditional methods.

Here are some of the reasons to choose our high-quality crane-assisted tree removal service today:

Ideal for large trees in tight areas

Cranes help remove trees in tight or difficult to access areas. Trees located in tight spots cannot be felled using traditional methods due to how close a tree is to people, homes, or roads. However, with a crane, the tree doesn’t have to fall. Our highly experienced crew will vertically lift the tree out of the area and move it to a safe drop zone. Once it reaches a secure location away from structures and people, our crew will use specialized equipment to cut the wood down to smaller pieces to ease transportation. We will also run the branches through a chipper to convert them into mulch for your garden crops.

Reduces risks of accidents and hazards

Removing a tree from your property using a crane minimizes the likelihood of the tree falling on your home, people structures, or other surrounding trees. Undoubtedly, hazardous trees can fall unexpectedly, putting a climber in the way of harm. These trees can also fall apart when being cut with traditional methods. If a tree is not structurally sound due to storm damage, disease, or pest infestation, the crane operators from S&P Tree Service can significantly mitigate the risks. Our crane-assisted tree removal service is designed to enhance efficiency, boost safety and eliminate the risk of collateral damage in dangerous tree removal projects.

It is the least invasive method

Choosing a crane removal service from S&P Tree Service to remove your unwanted trees is arguably the least invasive method for a tree removal strategy. Cranes guarantee minimal damage to your lawn because they don’t cause any ruts in your garden. They don’t also trigger any severe disturbances to the surrounding landscape.

It is fast and cheap

Removing a tree with a crane takes five times less than the time it would take if you were using a chainsaw or power saw. Most traditional tree removal service techniques involve cutting the tree, then excavating around the base to remove the stumps or the roots. However, a crane is a powerful machine that can yank a full-grown tree off the ground with its roots. Ideally, the lesser time it takes to remove a tree, the cheaper the overall removal cost.

Easy transplanting

Notably, tree removal doesn’t necessarily mean tree disposal. When you use a crane, you can easily lift the tree from one site to another for transplanting purposes. If you want to change the position of your tree our crane service crew will remove the tree from the current site and transplant it to your preferred new site.

How Does Crane-Assisted Tree Removal Work?

The most modern cranes used for tree removal are the telescoping boom cranes. This specialized equipment is highly mobile and stable, making them ideal for removing trees of various heights and sizes. They come with exceptional telescoping capabilities that reach great lengths and tilt to a wide range of angles.

Our professionals perform the following three steps to remove the tree:

  • Assessment and inspection: Our crew will thoroughly assess the tree in question to determine how much resistance it will offer to crane removal. The evaluation involves assessing the tree’s root structure, the condition of the soil it grows, and the surrounding landscape. Soils that have been baked hard by droughts and those rich in heavy and adhesive clays can make tree removal services more challenging.
  • Hooking the tree to the crane: Once the crane operators have determined the lifting force needed to remove the tree, they will hook the target tree to the crane boom using a standard logger’s slings made from wire loops or chains. The specific type of sling to be used depends on the size of the tree and the amount of force needed to remove it.
  • Removing the tree: The crane will then physically wrench the tree out of the ground vertically. Where possible, diggers and excavators may be deployed to assist in removing very old and large trees. The crane will then move the tree to a drop zone for further processing, packaging, and transportation.

Get Help from a Professional Crane-Assisted Tree Removal Service 

When you need large, hazardous trees removed from your property, not just any tree service will do. At S&P Tree Service, we understand the inherent risks in all types of tree removal projects. This is why we have invested in the most high-tech crane systems to help the residents and businesses in the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area, remove trees from their property safely, cost-effectively, and efficiently.

S&P Tree Service is a family-owned DFW-based business and a member of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). We offer a wide range of Tree Services, from pruning, crown thinning, pest infestation treatments to crane-assisted tree removal services. If you need a reliable and efficient crane-assisted tree removal service to remove dangerous trees on your property, contact us today.