Stump Grinding

After a tree is cut down, the remaining stump becomes an eyesore if not removed. Tree stump grinding in DFW is an option for restoring a carefully groomed lawn’s aesthetic appeal. SP Tree Service professionals provide stump grinding and wood chipping service to homes and businesses in the DFW and surrounding areas. After the job is completed, we will provide a thorough cleanup, as if our crew and equipment were never on your property.

Stump grinding reduces the stump a minimum of 6-10 inches beneath the ground surface, or if you choose, we can completely grind out the stump and its roots. Stump grinding is a fast, environmentally friendly, and effective way to remove tree stumps and its roots. Once the stumps and roots have been ground, the remaining hole can be filled, and grass or plants established. In addition, our tree specialists offer small or large tree installation for restoring the benefits of a removed tree.

Reasons to Choose Stump Grinding in DFW

Manual removal of stumps and roots can require a large investment of time and labor. Digging and pulling out a stump requires heavy equipment, such as a backhoe. Furthermore, heavy equipment can affect nearby plant and root systems, underground utilities, and nearby structures. Stump grinding provides the safest, most efficient and effective method for removing stumps and roots.

An additional reason to remove a stump is to prevent any potential impact on nearby valuable plants, trees, and your home. It isn’t uncommon for a remaining stump to develop decay fungi, which can infect the surrounding soil and plant life. Furthermore, dried out roots and stumps can become infested with termites and other harmful insects that may infest neighboring structures, including your home.

At SP Tree Services Corporation, our staff is highly trained to work safely and efficiently with all our tree services. We provide a thorough cleanup of debris, and diligently strive to minimize the impact on surrounding vegetation. Stump grinding in DFW by SP Tree Service professionals is the easiest and safest way to handle stump removal in DFW.

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