February 22, 2023
Emergency Tree Service To Preserve Or Remove Trees | Weatherford, TX

Emergency Tree Service To Preserve Or Remove Trees | Weatherford, TX

Sometimes customers need our emergency tree service to save their trees, and sometimes they need us to remove them. Sometimes, they might not be sure which is the right option for their tree and landscape. S&P Tree Service is a full-service tree care company. We serve Weatherford, TX with our team of certified arborists and experienced crews. Whether you need tree trimming or emergency tree removal, we can tackle the job. Our customers include both residential and commercial property owners. If you have a tree emergency, call us.

Is Our Tree Sick?

Trees can get quite sick, but it’s not always easy to tell, especially until the tree is quite diseased. Trees are a property asset, so it makes sense to provide them with a careful inspection from time to time. If your tree is infested with insects or has fungus growing on or near its trunk, it’s important to let a trained arborist check it out. A certified arborist from S&P Tree service can inspect your tree carefully to inform you about its condition.

Trees can become diseased for many different reasons. In addition to age, storm damage could leave a tree vulnerable to disease or insect infestation. Over-pruning can also leave a tree vulnerable. In some cases involving certain pathogens like Dutch elm disease, the tree might be perfectly healthy, but the contagion is such that even healthy trees may succumb to its destructive power.

When we assess your tree, we’ll be able to tell you if it’s suffering from a tree disease or pest problem and what is the best course of action. Many trees, of course, can be preserved and won’t need emergency tree service like removal. We specialize in tree care services that include preservation services. Sometimes, the fix is simple enough and involves trimming away diseased limbs or branches. If the required treatment is more complex, we’ll let you know all that’s involved.

Removing Diseased Trees

If a tree on your Weatherford, TX property is extremely sick or even dead, it may need emergency tree service removal. S&P Tree Service is known for its experienced tree removal and stump grinding services. An extremely diseased tree may be beyond saving. In these cases, especially if the tree is growing near a home or other structure, it’s best to remove it. If the tree is so diseased that it’s actually leaning, emergency tree service is crucial.

A dying or dead tree is at a heightened risk of falling. It can fall onto other healthy trees, damaging them and ruining their aesthetic appeal. It can also fall on homes, buildings, fences, and other structures or vehicles and injure people and pets. A tree that’s past saving or already dead is a property risk. With our emergency tree service, you can have your dead or dying tree removed quickly and with the expertise we’re known for.

The other reason to line up emergency tree service quickly to remove a diseased tree is that they attract pests, which can plague other nearby trees and shrubs on your property. If the tree is suffering from contagious diseases, the insects are likely to spread it to healthy trees. Trees don’t just add value to your property; they add beauty and shade. Removing a diseased tree with our emergency tree service will help you protect the rest of your landscape.

Amateur Inspections

Many property owners around Weatherford, TX have lots of gardening and landscaping experience. We understand that not every tree blemish is a reason to call S&P Tree Service for our prompt service. However, if you note something unusual about your tree–bare patches without bark or unusual insects, it’s best to let our experts check it out.

Our arborists are certified and highly knowledgeable about tree care for trees that grow in Texas. We know what diseases to look for. We know what vulnerabilities are associated with which trees. We know insect pests that plague Texas trees–and what to do to get rid of them. While inspecting your trees at least each season is important, it’s best to call one of our arborists if something unusual occurs with your tree.

Storm Damage

Property owners often contact us for fast service after a storm. A healthy tree can be so severely damaged after a lightning strike, for instance, that it, unfortunately, may need to be removed. On the other hand, our crews can often minimize storm damage with our emergency tree service solutions. We may need to do some post-storm trimming to remove any potential hazards of falling limbs. We can apply a sealant to the tree to protect it against insects or diseases.

Storms are common in our area. High winds, heavy rains, and lightning strikes can take a toll on landscapes. Because of their height, trees often take the brunt of storm damage. If the damage is substantial, the best thing to do is call our emergency tree service so we can inspect your tree. We’ll be able to recommend the best course of action at that point.

Our Services

Our company provides tree care and tree removal services throughout the Dallas region. We have all the tools and professional tree trimming and tree removal tools needed to provide our comprehensive services. We can perform crane tree removal service and stump grinding. Never entrust your trees and landscaping to an unlicensed contractor. Our company is renowned throughout the area for our professionalism and expertise.

If you are concerned that your tree may be ill or is already dead, contact our company to schedule our prompt service. Whether you want to preserve your tree or have one removed, you can depend on us. Call S&P Tree Service to learn more or schedule a tree inspection today.

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