Tree Care

Tree care in DFW is not a complicated task. By following the simple basics, trees experience healthy growth that assists them in remaining disease free.

Homeowner’s and property caregivers often neglect and even injure trees without realizing it. For example, a string-line weed trimmer is a frequent cause of injury to a tree. The repetitive use of the trimmer can cause trunk wounds, leaving the tree vulnerable to insects and pathogens. A better alternative is the use of mulch around the tree base.

Check guy wires and tree supports routinely to ensure they are not girdling a newly planted tree. Tree supports are typically left on for no more than a year in most situations.

Trees require sunlight, water, and the space for root growth. When planting trees, the size of maturity is always a consideration when planning adequate space for the tree. Doing so can prevent competition among trees for the necessary ingredients for life, and a beautiful form.

Competition also occurs below ground. Roots will compete for water, nutrients, and space. The majority of fine water-absorbing tree and grass roots are in the top 6 inches of soil. Consequently, grass roots absorb more of the available water and nutrients, especially around newly planted trees. In areas with established trees, shading typically discourages grass growth, assisting the tree roots to gain a greater share of nutrients. Sod should be removed from around newly planted trees to eliminate competition.

Proper tree care in DFW includes watering new transplants as needed. Remember, new planted trees will take time to establish a root system, so check them often to ensure they receive the water required.

Mulching is a better alternative to turf around trees. A 2- to 4-inch layer of wood chips, bark, or other organic material over the soil beneath the tree’s drip line assists the tree by providing the following:

  • Assists the soil to retain moisture
  • Reduces weeds and grass competition
  • Improves the soil fertility as it decomposes and soil structure with aeration and moisture
  • Improves the aesthetics of your lawn


Trees in the urban landscape often grow in poor soil conditions inadequate for growth and optimal health. Proper tree care in DFW includes fertilization, and can correct a number of the defi­ciencies that limit growth and weaken the tree. Sometimes soil nutrients may be sufficient, but soil pH levels may prevent the trees uptake of nutrients. Soil amendments, such as sulfur, and lime can alter soil chemistry and assists the tree in proper growth.

Pruning, thinning, and other established practices may benefit older trees, and can help them to thrive for many years to come. With proper tree care in DFW, your trees can potentially live a long, healthy life, adding value and beauty to your property. Contact the tree specialists at SP Tree Corporation for quality tree services.


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