February 17, 2023

Is Late Winter Or Early Spring The Best Time For Tree Trimming Service? | Aledo, TX

About this time of year, it’s only natural that property owners around Aledo, TX start to long for the spring. Making plans for the landscape and garden are a few tasks that can be attempted at this time of year, but what about tree trimming service? Is late winter or early spring a good time to prune trees? The truth is, now is a great time to trim trees. The colder weather makes freshly trimmed tree limbs less vulnerable to tree diseases and pests. S&P Tree Service specializes in tree trimming solutions. Property owners can contact us now to schedule a time to tend to their landscape’s trees.

Tree Care During the Dormant Season

The dormant season is a great time for tree trimming service. As mentioned, trees are less vulnerable to disease and pests at this time. That isn’t to say that trees can’t be trimmed in the spring, but it’s ideal to perform the task before warm weather and its myriad of insect pests arrive. In late winter, tree diseases and insects that affect trees are inactive. That means the tree has time to heal from the pruning. Once warm weather arrives and the growing season begins, the tree will not be as susceptible to disease and insect infestations.

Early Spring Trimming

Many property owners in Aledo, TX wait until early spring to line up tree trimming service with S&P Tree Service. The storms of winter have a way of damaging lots of tree limbs and branches. After evaluating the landscape trees, many owners can see that there are damaged and dead tree limbs that should be removed with tree trimming service. Spring storms can be quite fierce too. Dead or dying tree limbs can be safety hazards if they aren’t removed. Strong winds can knock them from the tree, allowing them to fall onto the home, vehicle, or even people. If there are dead limbs, spring tree trimming service is an important task that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Reducing Tree Stress

To ensure proper care for trees in any season, it’s best to contact S&P Tree Service because we feature certified arborists. They know exactly how to prune the various types of trees that grow in and near Aledo, TX. An inexperienced tree trimming service can leave trees stressed and vulnerable to disease and pests.

In order to keep tree stress to a minimum, our arborists and tree trimming crews will not trim more than 10% to 20% of the tree in a single year. Trimming more than that can be extremely stressful for trees and impede their health. Our crews avoid over-pruning to help you maintain the well-being of your landscape’s trees.

Dependable Tree Care Service

As an experienced tree trimming service, S&P Tree Service delivers the best possible tree care. For instance, we take all the necessary precautions when caring for our customers’ trees. We clean all of our tools, for instance, to reduce the risk of disease spread. We also know what trees are ideal for pruning in each season. It’s ideal to trim certain types of trees in spring. For instance, the following trees ‘prefer’ a spring pruning:

  • Flowering cherry
  • Crabapple
  • Apricot
  • Magnolia
  • Lilac
  • Dogwood
  • Flowering plum

Before trimming your trees, we’ll carefully inspect your tree to check for any signs of stress like disease or pest infestation. We’ll identify which limbs need trimming or removal to improve the health of the tree.

Should Some Trees NOT Be Trimmed or Pruned in Spring?

Just as property owners should plan to trim certain types of trees in spring, they should avoid trimming others. For instance, sycamore, elm, oak, and honey locust trees do not respond well to spring pruning as compared to pruning in fall or winter. Elm trees, for instance, may have a heightened risk of contracting Dutch elm disease if they are pruned in spring. Fortunately, our tree trimming service professionals know just what types of trees are ideal to prune in the early spring.

If one of these types of trees becomes damaged after a winter or early spring storm or clearly has dead limbs, tree trimming may be a necessity. Our crews will take care to trim only what’s needed. Then, we may apply a pruning wound sealant to minimize the risk of disease or pest infestation.

Hire Professionals to Trim Landscape Trees

Our tree trimming service features highly trained arborists and crews that will provide the level of care you need to maintain the wellbeing of your trees. We work to preserve trees using the best tree care practices. When you contact us to trim your trees, we’ll bring all the equipment and tools needed for the job.

Small trees tend to necessitate traditional tree trimming techniques. However, if you have a large tree that needs heavy dead or damaged limbs removed, we may rely on our crane to provide service. When performing our tree care services, we always prioritize safety throughout the process.

Tree Removal Solutions

Our company addresses the full life cycle of trees with our services. That means we can also deal with trees that are at the end of their life cycle. We offer experienced tree removal services for the entire Dallas region. If you want to remove a dead or dying tree or simply need a tree removed for some other reason, we can create the ideal removal plan for you. We also offer stump grinding.

Contact S&P Tree Service if you need to have your trees pruned now or in the early spring. If you aren’t sure if your trees could use some trimming, invite us to inspect your trees. We can recommend the ideal tree care solutions.

Photo By Olexandr Panchenko at Shutterstock