June 15, 2023
When Do You Need A Crane Tree Removal Service?

When Do You Need A Crane Tree Removal Service?

Many people have noticed that more and more tree companies are utilizing cranes when it comes to tree removal, leading them to wonder if they need to hire a crane tree removal service or if they can just have someone cut down their trees. The reason for this is simple: safety. As cranes have become more common, they are the number one choice of tree trimmers because they allow controlled take down of trees which means less damage, less risk, and much less chance of injury. However, not every tree removal requires a crane. Keep reading to see if your next tree job will require one or not.

Keep in mind that the decision of whether a crane needs to be used or not will heavily depend on the comfort of the tree trimmer. Most will make the call based on the perceived danger of a removal task, so you will need to trust their opinion. In most cases, the homeowner does not get to choose whether a crane will be used or not, but keep in mind that if they are recommending one it is for your safety. Therefore, you would do well to take their advice to heart instead of attempting to circumvent it.

Troubleshoot Tree Maintenance Tasks

Most of the time if you see a crane on the property of a neighbor, it is because they require a crane tree removal service, but sometimes tree maintenance requires the use of a crane as well. Crane is a great way for the tree trimmer to get closer to the top of a tree while also creating a safer way for limbs to fall. A lot of times, larger limbs that are thick and unpredictable will be tied to the crane so that they can be safely removed away from the property. This is even more likely if a limb is hanging out over a structure such as a garage or the actual house.

Sometimes a crane can also be used to help make tree inspections a bit simpler. From the ground, the arborist cannot always get a good look at the structural health of a tree. Things can look okay from the ground, but there can be hidden dangers higher up in the tree near the canopy. A crane can help give them a boost so they can make the right decisions when it comes to your tree maintenance.

When is a Crane Use for Tree Removal?

Arborists and tree trimmers take a lot of different variables into account when they decide whether you need a crane tree removal service or not. As mentioned, usually, a crane is used to prevent any damage or hazards based on where the tree is located and variables that can’t be controlled. Sometimes a crane has to be used as part of a storm damage cleanup if a tree is leaning on a structure or has fallen into it. At this point, it is safer to remove the tree than to risk any further damage.

Once a tree has fallen on a structure it becomes even more unpredictable than before. Suddenly there are a lot of variables to consider, such as the way the tree fell into the home, the ensuing damage, and how much debris is surrounding the situation. A tree that is slightly leaning on a home is a much different situation compared to a tree that has penetrated the roof or the siding of a home. An experienced tree trimmer will be conscious of all of these factors when they decide whether it is appropriate to use a crane or not.

Usually, cranes are used if a tree is considered weak since it then becomes unpredictable in terms of how it will break. They are also used if the tree is leaning in a certain undesirable direction. Some trees start to lean over time as they stretch to reach the sun. This is perfectly natural, and when the tree is firmly rooted is not a cause for concern. However, if a tree is being removed, then the situation changes because gravity will usually prevail, and when the lean leaves a tree close to a home or commercial building, a crane has to be used to counteract the situation.

Sometimes the only reason that a crane is brought out to the job is that the tree is so tall that it is impossible to take it apart in pieces safely from the ground. In this situation, the felling is best completed with the help of a crane. Other reasons include a tree that is decayed or a tree that has grown into electrical cables. Cables make the situation even more alarming, so a controlled removal is a better and safer route for everyone involved.

The bottom line is that if a crane tree removal service is being considered, it is not because the company wants to charge you more money. It is because the arborist or tree trimmer wants to make the safest choice for you and the surrounding properties. Trees are extremely heavy and capable of destroying property in just seconds. Even the most experienced tree trimmer cannot always predict the way that a tree will fall. Utilizing a crane can help remove some of that uncertainty from a situation.

If you are concerned about a tree in your yard causing problems, then it may be time to consult with an experienced team of tree removal experts to see what the proper way to proceed is. S&P Tree Service is happy to come out and assess the situation to see if a crane is necessary or not. Our goal is to make tree removal as simple as possible for our clients.

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Do You Know When To Call For Tree Removal Service?

Do You Know When To Call For Tree Removal Service?

Once upon a time, men were expected to be able to wield an axe with enough skill to bring down any tree that presented a risk to their property or family. But cutting down an entire tree is time-consuming and dangerous. Today, with the advances in technology and a world that runs at the speed of light, it is difficult to find the time or the knowledge required to do the job correctly. That is why calling a tree removal service can be a convenient, time-saving way to ensure a tree that requires removal can be brought down efficiently and professionally in the least amount of time. In this article, we will cover a variety of signs you should look for in order to know when it’s time to call a tree removal service to help you prevent damage to your property and any surrounding buildings, including your neighbor’s home and public utilities. Let’s take a look.

Severe Weather Events Have Damaged The Tree

Whether your tree has been hit by lightning, damaged by violent winds, or had its branches heavily weighed down by snow or ice, severe weather events can weaken and damage a tree to the point in it might fall on your home if you don’t have it removed. Because of this, whenever an event of this nature breaks off branches, leaves the roots uncovered, or pushes your tree to an odd angle, it’s always a good idea to call in a professional to assess the situation and determine whether the tree should be removed.

You Suspect Your Tree Could Be Sick

Believe it or not, trees can also fall prey to a wide range of diseases and illnesses that can weaken them to the point in which they can simply fall over onto your home or any surrounding property. Oftentimes, certain varieties of fungi, viruses, and insects can damage your tree from the inside out. If the problem continues long enough, the tree might end up beyond saving and will have to be removed. If you notice your tree is showing signs of disease, such as dead branches, wilted or dead leaves, strange growths, hollowed-out spaces, and even a white, powdery coating, it’s time to bring in a professional to diagnose your tree and determine whether it can be saved or must be removed.

The Tree’s Branches Or Roots Pose Problem To Your Property

Sometimes, the root system of a tree can grow so much that it can become a danger to your home’s foundation. The same stands true for its branches, which represent a problem for your home’s roof. This situation becomes a particular risk when severe weather moves in. A strong wind can cause very long and heavy branches to break off, damaging your home’s structure because the repairs to your home from this type of damage are usually costly, in some cases, especially when the tree is growing too close to your home or that of your neighbor, it is best to remove the tree completely, even though it might be healthy. It is a good idea to call in an expert that will help you figure out whether removal is warranted or if there are other possible options available that might help save the tree.

You Are Expanding Your Home

Oftentimes, homeowners require the removal of a tree because it is growing in an area they need to add a new room to their home’s structure. When you are expanding your home, you might need to have a tree removed in order to make the space available.

The Tree Is A Threat To Other Structures

Sometimes trees might grow too close to your property line, which means that eventually, they might pose a risk to your neighbor’s property or public utilities. If your tree threatens to damage power lines, or even underground sewage and water installations, it might be a good idea to call in an expert to help you decide which is the best option for your tree and the property it is threatening.

Your Tree Is Leaning Toward Your Home

One of the biggest problems with trees near your home is when they start leaning toward the structure of your house. This can happen for many reasons, including a weakened root system, natural growth, or even as a result of a severe storm. When this happens, the tree can become dangerous to your home and your family, which is one of the most important reasons to have it professionally removed before it topples over and damages everything in is way, so give the pros a call and have your tree inspected.

You Want To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Whether you are having new landscaping done on your home, need more light to come through your windows, or are planning on selling it, having an overgrown tree that might be weakened by age removed, is a good way to increase your home’s curb appeal. This makes it more desirable to potential buyers, as well as provides a number of benefits to you and your family. In any case, it is a good idea to have your tree assessed by a professional tree removal expert to determine the correct cause of action.

When the time has come for that beautiful tree in your backyard to be removed, you are going to want the best tree removal service company in town to do the job for you. At S&P Tree Service, we are proud of the many years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers that back our expertise. We aim to provide high-quality, knowledgeable, and efficient tree removal service to homeowners like you as quickly and seamlessly as you deserve our services to be. So, don’t hesitate; when you are ready to have a tree removed from your property, simply pick up your phone and give us a call!

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Are These Mistakes Costing You Repeated Emergency Tree Service?

Are These Mistakes Costing You Repeated Emergency Tree Service?

Trees add an aesthetic appeal and fresh air to our surroundings. However, it’s common knowledge that they must be taken care of to avoid accidents or damage to property. Most people make common mistakes when maintaining their trees, leading to repeated emergency tree service. While it’s true that, in certain situations, emergency service is necessary, there are some common mistakes you can avoid to keep your trees safe and healthy. In this blog post, we will uncover all of the key mistakes people make when it comes to their trees which end up costing them repeated calls to emergency service providers. Understanding these common errors and learning how to take better care of your trees now will help you protect your landscape investments cost-effectively. Read on!

DIY Tree Maintenance

Taking care of your own trees may seem like a good way to save money, but it could lead to costly mistakes in the long run. While it can be tempting to grab a saw and tackle your tree maintenance independently, without proper training and knowledge, you could be risking your trees. Not only could you potentially damage the tree, but you may also create safety hazards for yourself and others around you. Trees require specialized care and attention; without the proper knowledge and tools, you could be doing more harm than good. By investing in professional tree maintenance, you can ensure that your trees receive the proper care they need to thrive and minimize the likelihood of costly emergency services. Tree service professionals have the equipment, experience, and skills to handle tree-related tasks. They know how to identify diseased trees and safely prune or remove them. Trust the experts and give your trees the care they deserve.

Working With a Less Experienced Tree Service Company

Taking a chance on a less experienced tree service company may seem like a good idea when trying to save a few bucks, but it can be a very costly mistake. When you work with a tree service company lacking the necessary experience, you risk repeated emergency services. This is because inexperienced companies often don’t have the knowledge and skills to properly care for your trees, resulting in ongoing issues and the need for recurring tree services. Repeated emergency tree service calls can add up and take a toll on your wallet. Not only that, but you could also be putting your property and safety at risk by working with an inexperienced crew. Hiring a reputable and experienced tree service company may cost more upfront, but it could save you money, time, and stress in the long run. Don’t take chances when it comes to the well-being of your trees and property. Look for a reputable and experienced tree service company to avoid paying twice for the same service.

Improper Pruning

Improper pruning is a common mistake that can end up costing you repeated emergency service. While it may seem simple, pruning requires expertise and knowledge to be done correctly. When trees are pruned incorrectly, it can weaken structures and increase vulnerability to diseases and pests. This can lead to branches falling unexpectedly, harming people and property. Not only can improper pruning result in increased maintenance costs, but it can also devalue your property and take away from the overall beauty of your landscape. It’s important to trust professionals when it comes to pruning your trees to ensure their health and longevity for years to come.

Planting Trees In The Wrong Location

Planting trees can be a wonderful addition to any property, providing shade, beauty, and value. However, the location of your tree can make all the difference between a thriving tree that enhances your property and one that will cost you repeated emergency tree service. Planting trees in the wrong location can cause problems for your property and utilities. The roots can grow too close to power lines or a water supply, damaging the tree or your home. Additionally, if a tree is planted too close to a building, it can cause foundation damage or block the natural sunlight required by both the building and the tree. Therefore, it is essential to do the proper research and consult an expert to ensure you make the best decisions when adding trees to your property. By planting trees in the right location, you can avoid unnecessary costs and enjoy their numerous benefits.

Ignoring Distress Signs

Trees can be like people in that they, too, have their methods of communication. Trees often indicate distress through wilting leaves, discoloration, swollen bark, and other signs. If these signs are ignored or go unnoticed by inexperienced individuals, the tree may develop more serious problems. Ignoring these signs can cost you repeated emergency tree services and weaken your tree’s overall structure. Paying attention to these signs and addressing them right away can save you time and money in the long run.

Avoid Mistakes To Prevent Emergencies

Hiring an experienced tree service company is the best way to avoid unnecessary costs associated with repeated emergency services. Make sure you’re researching and working with a company that is experienced and has the necessary skills to help protect your trees and property. Don’t take chances when it comes to safety, and don’t ignore signs of distress from your trees. Proper care can ensure your trees stay healthy for years to come.

Call Us For Support

If you’re looking for reliable tree service, contact us today at S&P Tree Service. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is here to provide the best services for your trees. We offer various services that meet your needs and will work with you to ensure your trees are healthy and safe. Our team can provide emergency services and is available 24/7 to assist you. Don’t take chances when caring for your trees – let us help you avoid repeated emergency services and keep your property safe. Give us a call today to get started.

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7 Compelling Reasons to Choose a Crane Tree Removal Service

7 Compelling Reasons to Choose a Crane Tree Removal Service

Trees are often a major component of making a property feel like home, providing shade, changing beauty throughout the seasons, and even increasing property value. However, there are circumstances when these towering giants may need to be removed. During such times, a crane tree removal service proves to be the safest and most effective solution.

Not all tree removals require a crane, but consulting with a professional arborist can help you determine the best course of action for your specific tree removal needs. They can assess the tree’s health, size, location, and any other factors that may impact the removal process and provide advice on the best course of action. Before you hire an arborist, however, it’s important to learn about your options.

What is Crane-Assisted Tree Removal?

Cranes are powerful machines that have been adapted to various uses over the years. In the realm of arboriculture, cranes have revolutionized the process of tree removal. A crane tree removal service utilizes this machinery to safely, quickly, and precisely remove trees.

The process involves a trained professional arborist attaching the crane’s cable to the tree section to be removed. Once secure, the tree is cut and then lifted away by the crane. This process continues section by section until the entire tree has been safely removed.

Why Choose Crane-Assisted Tree Removal?

1. To Protect Your Property

One of the primary reasons to opt for crane-assisted tree removal is the protection of your property. Traditional tree removal methods often involve the tree being cut down in large sections or even whole, posing a risk to nearby structures. In contrast, a crane can lift and remove the tree piece by piece, significantly reducing the risk of collateral damage.

2. Efficiency

The use of a crane significantly speeds up the tree removal process. Traditional methods can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, but with the use of a crane, a tree can often be removed in a fraction of the time.

3. Safety

Crane-assisted tree removal greatly improves safety. The crane allows professionals to maintain a safe distance from the tree, reducing the risk of injury. Furthermore, the precision offered by the crane minimizes the chances of accidental damage to surrounding trees and structures.

4. Lower Costs

Crane-assisted tree removal also saves time and costs. Because it requires fewer man-hours and less hard labor and thus gets the job done more quickly, using a crane can greatly lower a property owner’s costs when it comes to tree removal.

5. Large Trees

If the tree in question is particularly large or tall, crane-assisted removal is often the safest and most efficient choice. The crane allows for the tree to be dismantled in manageable sections, reducing the risk associated with felling such a large tree.

6. Difficult Locations

Trees that are located close to buildings, power lines, or other structures often require the precision that a crane tree removal service can provide. The crane allows for the tree to be removed piece by piece, minimizing the risk to nearby structures.

7. Emergency Situations

In the aftermath of a storm or other sudden event, a tree may pose an immediate threat to your property. The speed and precision of crane-assisted removal can be invaluable in these emergency situations.

What Homeowners Need to Know About Tree Removal

Before engaging a crane tree removal service, there are a few key points homeowners should be aware of. Firstly, it’s important to ensure that the service has the necessary qualifications, experience, and insurance. Tree removal can be hazardous, and you want to ensure that the job is in safe and capable hands.

Secondly, while crane-assisted removal is typically quicker and less disruptive than traditional methods, it does require space for the crane to operate. As such, you’ll need to discuss the logistics with the service provider to ensure that your property is suitable.

Finally, it’s important to remember that tree removal should be a last resort. If you’re unsure whether a tree needs to be removed, consult with an arborist. They can assess the tree’s health and provide professional advice on the best course of action.

Professional Arborists

Trees play an integral role in our lives and landscapes, but there are times when their removal is necessary. When that time comes, crane-assisted tree removal can provide the safety, efficiency, and peace of mind that you need

At S&P Tree Service, we stand ready to handle all your tree removal needs with the utmost professionalism and care. We understand the value and importance of your trees, and we’re committed to providing a service that respects your property and the environment.

With our crane tree removal service, we aim to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our experienced team of professionals is trained to handle all situations, from emergency tree removals to intricate removals in tight spaces. We prioritize safety and efficiency at every turn, ensuring that you can quickly return to enjoying your outdoor space.

Moreover, we believe in transparency and open communication. We’ll walk you through the entire process, from the initial assessment to the final clean-up, ensuring that you’re well-informed and comfortable with each step.

Trees are a precious resource, and their removal is a task that we don’t take lightly. When the need arises, trust us to handle the job with the care and professionalism it deserves.

Remember, when it comes to your trees, don’t settle for less. Give them the care they deserve. Contact us today and let our team at S&P Tree Service show you the difference that expertise, commitment, and a customer-focused approach can make. Your trees deserve the best, and so do you. Choose S&P Tree Service, where we turn tree removal challenges into seamless solutions.

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Pros And Cons Of Crane Tree Removal Service In Homes

Pros And Cons Of Crane Tree Removal Service In Homes

Trees have many benefits, such as providing a beautiful shade, beautifying your landscape, and improving your immediate atmosphere. But, some compromise your landscape’s aesthetic and sentimental significance and must go. Other trees can be problematic or diseased, pest-infested, or damaged, hence the need to remove them.

Tree removal is also essential when trees are causing havoc in your utility lines, including gas, water, or sewer pipes, or are growing in a location that endangers lives and can damage parts of your house. An arborist can use numerous tree removal methods that meet state regulations to eliminate unwanted or problematic trees, including felling, bucket, and climbing.

A crane-assisted option is one of the best and most efficient because it uses crane-assisted machinery to remove trees. Here are some of its pros and cons that you should know before allowing arborists to use the technique in your home.

Advantages of Crane- Assisted Method


Safety is the first and most vital benefit of using the crane-assisted method to remove trees in your home. Unlike felling and climbing techniques that risk structural damage when branches fall, the crane method involves lifting and moving the tree without disruptions.

The arborists using the crane machinery ensure safety in your home by preventing potential damage or hazards to your building, windows, roof, or power lines.

You won’t have to worry about falling branches hitting anyone around or passing by because the arborists move the branches, of whichever size, to safe zones. In addition, the crane tree removal service professional encourages people to take a safe distance during tree removal.


Crane-assisted tree removals are incredibly reliable and highly efficient in removing diverse types of trees. The machinery promptly removes small to large parts of a tree hassle-free. An arborist can also recommend the technique if the tree is in a location where felling, climbing, and bucket options cannot work.

The professional takes less time to get the tree out of your beautiful landscape or home when compared to felling, bucket, and climbing tree removal techniques. In addition, the process barely requires clean-up by ensuring any part of the removed problematic tree is out, leaving your space clean. The crew later takes the tree parts for disposal in compost for mulching, which is best for agriculture.


The precision of the crane tree removal service is another beneficial aspect that tree specialists consider when selecting a technique to remove trees. Trees in hard-to-reach locations, especially between buildings, close to power lines, and in tight and narrow parts of your home, need crane-assisted techniques for removal.

Consider removing such trees when their branches pose potential hazards to the structures of your building, especially gutters, windows, outdoor air conditioners, plumbing pipes, and sidings.

The tree specialists operating the machinery remove the branches of the trees in tight places to avoid causing structural damage to your residential property. The crane-assisted method also comes in handy in eliminating rotting and insect or fungi-infested trees that an arborist cannot climb or touch.

Faster Approach

Using the crane method is also advantageous because of its speed. Climbing, felling, and bucket methods take longer to ensure the trees are out of your property than crane tree removal. An expert operating the crane-assisted tree removal machinery can quickly eliminate leaning, invasive, damaged, diseased, and infested trees from tight spaces.

The arborists require expertise in controlling the equipment to make the process much faster and safer. They also easily lift the tree from the ground with its roots, leaving your home clean and saving time.

Disadvantages Of Crane-Assisted Technique

More Expensive

One of the most common limitations of crane tree removal services in homes is cost-related. The method is more costly than conventional techniques because of specialized or advanced machinery.

It also requires trained and experienced experts to operate the equipment for the best outcome and reduced accidents, increasing costs.

Requires Space

The technique requires cranes to move the machinery to the site for tree removal because of the ability to adjust to different angles to reach tall trees and those in inaccessible spots.

However, if your property has limited space, it becomes hard for the professionals to tilt or operate the machinery for the best results. It becomes difficult for the expert also to position the machinery.

Requires Extensive Preparation

Tree specialists offering crane-assisted removal services understand the need to fully prepare before eliminating trees. The preparations are crucial because they help the arborist to measure the confirmed spaces, weigh the potential risks, and learn more about the trees.

It is a complex process requiring more professional attention to avoid site damage. Strong winds and severe weather patterns make the crane method inefficient.


After ruling out the other options, the crane tree removal method remains the best. The cranes have high mobility and stability features and the perfect ability to tilt at diverse angles, making it easy to get to all types of trees, regardless of size, width, height, or location. Its numerous benefits include safety, efficiency, speed, and easy access to hard-to-reach trees.

Besides, crane-assisted tree removal has its limitations that include costs. The crane technique is more costly than traditional tree removal methods of felling, climbing, and bucket. It would be best to have a professional tree removal service analyze the unwanted trees and recommend the best removal option.

Call Us For Safe And Efficient Tree Removal Services!

Getting the best crane tree removal service can be overwhelming. You need to hire an arborist with unmatched skills, experience, and accuracy in removing trees.

You can contact S&P Tree Service for safe and efficient services. We are a family-owned company serving residential and commercial customers in and around Dallas. Our corporation is also a member of the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture), offering multiple services, such as trimming, tree and stump removal, and tree service.

Our experienced and qualified tree arborists provide exceptional services and perform thorough clean-up after tree removal. So, you can count on us for all your tree concerns.

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