March 22, 2023
When Should You Call For Crane Tree Removal Service? | Weatherford, TX

When Should You Call For Crane Tree Removal Service? | Weatherford, TX

There are two ways in which a professional tree service can remove a tree. The first is the most common one, and it involves a tree removal team with chainsaws, ladders, and other types of equipment that cut down the tree, either whole or in parts, and then divide it into manageable sections to turn it into firewood, chips, or simply removed from the premises. The second, and most impressive method, involves using a special crane to remove parts of the tree, starting from the top, and continuing downward until the entire tree has been cut down. It will then be cut into smaller sections to be processed or removed completely. The question then becomes which method is the one that should be used for that tree in your home. This is exactly what we will cover in this article. We will touch on the reasons for hiring a professional crane tree removal service, and what you can expect to happen during your crane tree removal service. So, without further ado, let’s get started on what brought you here in the first place: knowing when to call for crane tree removal service.

Your Tree Is Too Large

There are times in which a tree has grown so large that it would be impossible to cut it down, or even trim it using more traditional methods. In this case, a professional crane tree removal service will be able to reach the highest part of the tree to start the removal procedure, making it more efficient, streamlined, and safe. Keep in mind that the safety of the crane tree removal service method, in cases where a tree is too large, is essential to preventing any damages to your home’s structure and that of any surrounding buildings, even though the tree might not be growing too close to any of them. Using a crane tree removal service for a tree that is too large is also a way to guarantee the safety of the arborists tasked with cutting down the tree. It can prevent unexpected falls, shifts, and other conditions which could pose a danger to all of the people involved in the process. Because of this, it has become the preferred method when it comes to removing very large trees.

The Tree Is Growing Too Close to Your Home

When a tree is growing too close to your home, a crane tree removal service will be the best method to use in order to avoid damaging your home’s structure. Regardless of the tree’s size, when it has grown too close to your house or other structures, including fences, your neighbor’s property, your shed, or even your pool, A professional crane tree removal service will ensure the branches are removed safely, even when they overhang your home’s roof. Additionally, after the removal of the tree, the arborists can also remove the stump which could damage your home’s foundation, which makes it one of the best ways to cut down a tree that poses a danger to your home’s structure.

The Tree Has Grown Too Close to Power Lines

It is easy to imagine how dangerous a tree growing too close to power lines can be. If a strong wind knocks down a branch, the power lines could leave your home and any neighboring houses without power for days. A downed power line also represents grave danger to anybody in its vicinity, and can damage cars, buildings, and more. This is another good reason to use a crane when removing it. For starters, a crane will keep arborists at a safe distance from the power lines, but will allow them to work efficiently at removing the tree’s branches. The crane will also help the removal team lower the branches to the ground, so they don’t touch the power lines as they fall, which could lead to an even more dangerous situation. No matter how you look at it, removing a tree that has grown too close to power lines requires additional safety measures that only a crane can provide.

The Tree is Dead or Weak

One of the biggest problems with weakened or dead trees is that they may have become brittle enough to break apart when cut down with traditional methods. This can pose grave danger to both your home and other adjacent structures, as well as to the removal team. Think of it this way, nobody wants branches falling all around them when they start cutting down a tree. Using a crane for the procedure will allow the removal technicians to select which areas of the top of the tree should be removed first. This means that they can remove the most fragile branches first, lowering them to the ground safely, in order to avoid any potentially dangerous situations. Additionally, by using a crane, it is easier to cut down larger sections of a tree, or, if necessary, do the work one branch at a time.

Hiring a crane removal service will work to your advantage in numerous ways. It is not only interesting to watch, but also ensures you and your family are safe from any potentially dangerous situations that could harm them or your home. After all, who really wants falling tree branches on their roof? Even worse, who wants a fallen tree branch going through the roof? A crane allows arborists the freedom of movement they need for overly large trees and those with certain characteristics that could be counterproductive to a more traditional removal method.

At S&P Tree Service we have the experience, knowledge, and training needed for expert crane tree removal service. So, when it’s time for that tree in your home to come down, don’t hesitate to give us a call right away! We will always be very happy to help you in the most professional and efficient way.

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