May 21, 2023
Is Crane Tree Removal Service The Best Way To Remove Trees?

Is Crane Tree Removal Service The Best Way To Remove Trees?

There’s no doubt that cranes make tree removals easier, but are they the best way to take down trees? Each removal conducted by S&P Tree Service begins with an inspection. It’s during the inspection that our experienced arborists and technicians determine which method is best for the tree’s removal. We carefully inspect the tree to evaluate its condition. Severely unstable trees often require staking or cabling as they’re being removed. Cranes are often the ideal method for taking down very large trees or in areas that are difficult to access. There are lots of benefits associated with cranes, which is why we’ve invested in our own.

Improved Access

When a tree dies or becomes severely diseased or damaged, it needs to be removed. However, access can be challenging when trees are located between buildings or near other property features. The risk for property damage escalates. Crane tree removal service improves access to hard-to-reach trees. If the tree is large and difficult to climb, it’s no problem. The crane operator uses the crane to set the climber (who is also the cutter) near the tree’s top. If you have a tree located in a challenging location, we’re likely to recommend the use of cranes for its removal.


Crane tree removal service can improve safety. Removing a tree with a crane is a top-down process. That means that cutters don’t allow the tree or its limbs to fall to the ground. In fact, there’s no falling involved at all. Every part of the removal is deliberate. The cutter attaches each section of the tree to the crane before cutting it away. The crane then lifts and gently sets the removed section to the ground. This is a safer process than simply cutting away tree limbs where they might fall onto property such as the house or a vehicle.

Improved Time Management

Using a crane to remove a tree tends to be a more efficient process than removing trees by traditional methods. Felling a tree by traditional means can take days. With a crane, that time is cut down to a day–or even a few hours. There’s no doubt that crane tree removal service makes tree removals a more efficient process.

Large Trees

Large trees can be unruly as well as dangerous to remove. Cranes allow cutters to remove large trees with greater ease. If you have a large tree on your property, the best way to get rid of it is with the use of a tree crane. Our technicians specialize in the use of cranes for large tree removals.

Why Us for Tree Removal Service?

Our company owns our own tree cranes and features highly trained crane operators and crews. In addition to our certified arborists, our technicians have years of experience providing tree trimming and removal solutions. Trees may need to be removed for all sorts of reasons, including:

  • Tree is dead.
  • Tree is severely diseased.
  • Tree is infested with pests.
  • Tree has substantial storm damage.
  • Owner wants to use the land for alternative purposes.
  • Tree is growing too close to the home or commercial structure.

Whatever the reason may be, we can carefully, safely, and efficiently remove unwanted trees from your residential or commercial landscape using cranes or other methods that are best suited to the job.

What Is Our Crane Removal Process?

Not all trees require the use of a crane, but many trees do. That’s why we begin any removal job with an inspection of the tree. We will visit your home to inspect your tree. Our evaluation helps us determine if crane tree removal service is required or if another option is best for the job. The tree’s location, size, and condition are among the factors we use to identify the best removal process.

We will also evaluate the nearby landscape to determine where to set up our crane and a drop zone. During this initial visit, we will begin to develop our removal plan. We’ll schedule the date and then line up our crews and equipment.

When the removal date arrives, our technicians will show up with everything needed to take down your tree, including our crane, saws, and other needed equipment. The first step of the removal process is to set up the crane. We set it up carefully, ensuring that it’s perfectly level. The crane must be level in order to safely operate. As mentioned above, safety is our top priority.

Once the crane is ready, we can begin. The crane operator lifts our cutter into the tree near its top, which is where the first cut will be made. The cutter first attaches the harnesses and cables to the section set for removal. Only when the section is secure to the crane can the first cut be made. After the cutter makes this cut, the crane lifts the section down to the ground, placing it in the drop zone.

We repeat this harnessing and cutting process until the removal is complete. In the drop zone area, our crews cut the wood down to a manageable size. We can stack if it’s meant to be used for firewood or we can haul the wood away.

Our company also offers stump grinding service. It’s a good idea to remove the stump. A rotting stump can attract pests and disease. As you can see, we take care of the whole removal process from beginning to end.

Contact us if you would like to have a tree removed from your commercial or residential property.

We use cranes as well as traditional methods to take down unwanted trees. We’ll determine the ideal removal method for your trees and landscape. At, S&P Tree Service, we also offer tree trimming and tree preservation solutions. Get in touch to learn more.

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When To Call About An Emergency Tree Service

When To Call About An Emergency Tree Service

Many homeowners enjoy the beauty and privacy trees can add to their property. You might have fond memories of cooling down under your favorite red oak in the summer or picking pecans with your family to make your annual holiday pecan pie. However, sometimes trees can require immediate removal for the safety of you and your family. In the case of an emergency tree service scenario, it’s a good idea to call the experts, and the crews at S&P Tree Service are always ready to help you.

What Is Considered an Emergency?

There are several different situations that require an emergency service. One of the most common emergency scenarios that we encounter are after severe weather events. Excessive wind or unexpected cold snaps can put quite a lot of pressure on trees, and can sometimes result in a loss of tree limbs or occasionally even the toppling of an entire tree. Downed trees and branches can be incredibly disruptive and block streets, sidewalks, and even end up on top of cars and homes. In such cases, it’s important to have the tree and any debris removed as soon as possible.

Another scenario that calls for emergency tree service is when a tree on your property is damaged or dying, and could potentially be dangerous to you if allowed to remain standing. Damage to a tree is not always obvious, which is why it’s also important to get regular tree inspections.

Another common reason is when your municipality or insurance company requires the removal of a tree on your property. This might be for reasons such as a tree’s proximity to power lines or because a tree could potentially damage your home in the event of a storm.

While you might not necessarily view it as an emergency, these services can also be provided when you are only home for a short period of time. While you might be tempted to put a tree service off, it’s always best to deal with it as quickly as possible, to avoid unfortunate situations.

Can I Just Do It Myself?

Dealing with a damaged or fallen tree requires specific tools and expertise. The team at S&P Tree Service have spent cumulative decades honing their skills to be able to provide you with fast, efficient and expert service. Plus, emergency tree service also handles the clean-up and removal of all branches and debris that are involved in a job. This is why it’s always best to call an expert when dealing with any fallen or damaged trees on your property.

In fact, it’s important that you keep you and your family away from any downed or damaged trees until an expert can assess the situation. It often happens that if one branch falls then another will quickly follow, so you want to be sure to stay out of harm’s way. In the situation where a tree has fallen on your house or any other structures on your property, you’ll want to immediately call your insurance company as well as S&P to ensure all claims are handled appropriately.

In several situations, 911 or your power company might also be a necessary call to make. If any live wires are present then the power will need to be shut off until the wires can be safely dealt with. Interaction with a live wire can have fatal consequences, so make sure to contact experts to ensure every tree emergency is handled safely.

But I Love the Tree That Fell

We understand the affection that can develop for a beautiful tree on your property. After all, we’re in this business because we love trees! Unfortunately, as stated above, there are some situations where the removal of a tree is inevitable. But thankfully, there is additional work that can be done after an emergency tree service.

If the tree in question is large, then we are proud to offer a stump grinding service that can grind a stump down to several inches below the service of the soil or even remove the stump and roots entirely. This not only beautifies your property and removes the reminder of the damaged tree, but it also reduces the chance of stump-loving pests from entering your home. These types of pests might include ants, rodents and cockroaches! Yikes! That’s why you want to get rid of that stump as soon as possible.

We are also very happy to provide tree installation services if you wish to replace the tree that was removed. We can work with you to determine the appropriate size and type of tree for your property in the hopes of providing you with a tree that will have a smaller chance of doing any damage in the future, while also giving you something you can enjoy for a lifetime.

How Soon Should I Call?

As soon as a tree has fallen or you notice any damage to a tree on your property, that is the right time to call. You don’t ever want to wait. Instead, get to a safe place and inform S&P Tree Service and any other necessary providers as soon as possible. We love helping members of our community and there is no job too small for us.

If you are concerned about an old or damaged tree on your property, or a tree has fallen or lost branches, then make sure to call S&P Tree Service right away. We provide 24-hour emergency service so we can be there to help you anytime you need. Remember, you never want to put you or your family at risk, so let the experts take care of all your emergency needs. Contact S&P Tree Service today with any questions or concerns.

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Our Crane Tree Removal Service Explained

Our Crane Tree Removal Service Explained

Some tree care companies continue to rely on traditional methods of removing trees. However, new crane technology not only makes the removal process more efficient, but also safer. S&P Tree Service features a team of certified arborists and highly trained technicians and crews. We specialize in tree care that includes tree preservation, tree trimming, and tree removals. We invested in tree cranes because this type of equipment allows us to safely remove large trees or hard-to-access trees. The next time you need to have a tree removed from your residential or commercial landscape, be sure to choose us for our expertise and experience.

Removing Unwanted Trees: Our Process

When you contact us to remove a tree or several trees from your property, we’ll begin our process by visiting your landscape. Our technicians and arborists first inspect the site in order to evaluate the tree’s condition, access to the tree, and other factors that might impact the removal process. Upon our assessment, we can decide which type of removal process is ideal for your tree’s removal.

If crane tree removal service is the best method for removing your tree, we’ll also locate a site on your property where we can set up our crane and designate a drop zone. Then, we can schedule your removal date and continue to develop our plan for taking down your tree. We will line up our crew, including our crane operator and climber/cutter so that we’re ready with everything needed for your tree’s removal on the scheduled date.

On the day of the removal, we’ll arrive with all the equipment needed to perform our crane tree removal service. In addition to the crane, we’ll have other tools, rigging apparatus, and various vehicles used to haul away the tree once it’s taken down. Unlike other removal methods, the use of a crane means the job can be performed in a day. Traditional tree removals, particularly for large trees, can take a couple days.

What Are the Removal Steps?

When our crews arrive at your property, we’ll begin the job by setting up our crane. In order to operate, the crane must be level. If your land isn’t quite flat, we have materials to place under the crane in order to make sure it’s operating on leveled ground. This part of the process usually takes about a half hour. In addition to setting up the crane, our crews will also map out the drop zone where the crane will place each section of the tree as it’s removed. They’ll get their chainsaws ready to saw up these large sections into moveable batches of wood.

With the crane ready, our crane operator will place the climber/cutter near the tree top to the site where the first tree cut will be made. Crane tree removal service involves a top-down removal process. We cut away a section at a time. Before making the first cut, the cutter will attach harnesses and cables to the section to be removed. These cables are attached to the crane. Once the attachments are secure, the cutter makes the initial cut. The crane then lifts away the section and places it in the drop zone where our crew members are waiting to cut it down to manageable size.

Then, we repeat the harnessing and cutting-away process over and over again until the tree is cut down one section at a time. Our cutter is an expert–and has to be. The section that’s cut cannot be too heavy for the crane. A section that’s too heavy can unbalance the crane, which is why it’s crucial to hire an experienced and licensed tree care/removal company like ours. Our climber and crane operator communicate throughout the removal process to ensure their steps are precisely coordinated.

The last stage of the process is the removal of the wood, unless the customer wants to keep the wood. We can cut sections into firewood so they can be stacked. Or, we can simply haul the tree away. We also offer stump grinding, which can be performed after the tree’s removal.

Cranes Are Ideal for Hard-to-Access Trees

Lots of trees are difficult to access. They may be situated in crowded areas where there are many buildings or other property features. These trees require careful removal because one falling limb can do significant damage to property features or structures. You can count on our crews to handle these precarious removals professionally and safely.

Safe Tree Removals

Our crane tree removal service crew prioritizes safety from start to finish. The use of a crane for removing trees is often the safest way to take down a tree, especially one located in a neighborhood or crowded area of town. What also makes our removal process a safe one is our certified arborists. We carefully inspect the tree before its removal to ensure it’s stable. A pest-infested or diseased tree can be extremely unstable. In such cases, additional steps may be needed such as staking to ensure that the tree is safe for any type of removal process.

It’s always important to hire a tree removal company that features highly trained and experienced crews. Some companies rent cranes in order to remove large trees, but these services might not have the experience and know-how that our crews do. We own our cranes and maintain them to perfection. Safe tree removals are a hallmark of our service.

Contact us if you need tree removal or any other type of tree-related service like trimming or tree preservation.

We serve residential and commercial property owners throughout the region. If you are concerned about a tree’s condition, call us for an inspection. At S&P Tree Service, our arborists can recommend the ideal course of action, and advise you whether your tree is likely to recover or needs removal.

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Mistakes Contributing To The Increased Need For Tree Removal Services On Your Property

Mistakes Contributing To The Increased Need For Tree Removal Services On Your Property

Having trees on your property can be a great asset – they provide beauty and shade, work to increase the value of your home, and offer homes for wildlife. That said if you’re not taking care of them properly (or something else has gone wrong), that same asset can become a serious liability requiring removal services. Here are some common mistakes that can increase the need for tree removal services.

Poor Tree Selection

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is selecting the wrong type of tree for their property. Multiple factors can cause poor tree selection. Sometimes, people fall in love with a tree without realizing its growth habits or mature size. Others may choose a tree because it’s on sale without checking if it fits their landscape. Whatever the reason, poor tree selection can lead to problems and create a need for tree removal services.

If you choose a tree unsuitable for your environment, the tree may not meet its needs, become diseased, or die prematurely. You may have to remove it before it gets too big and causes damage to your property. For example, trees with invasive root systems or ones that grow too big for their location can cause extensive damage to sidewalks and foundations. Therefore, it is essential to consult with a certified arborist to help you choose a tree species that is right for your property. They can also help you with proper planting and maintenance techniques to ensure your tree thrives for many years.

Lack of Pruning

Another mistake that can lead to an increased need for tree removal is improper pruning. Pruning is an essential practice that involves cutting off dead or damaged branches, shaping the tree, and removing obstructions. When trees are not pruned regularly, branches may become overgrown and entangled, making them susceptible to breakage, insects, and diseases. This, in turn, could lead to potential hazards such as falling branches or trunks. When running is neglected for too long, the tree may become too large and unbalanced to be saved, requiring you to remove it. You can avoid this by having a certified arborist pruning your trees regularly.

Regular pruning protects the health and beauty of your trees and helps prevent costly and hazardous situations. Remember, being proactive with tree care can save you time, money, and headaches in the long run.

Improper Tree Planting

As much as planting a tree may seem like an easy task if done incorrectly, it can lead to problems down the line. A tree planted too deep or shallow can quickly become stressed, making it vulnerable to diseases or pests. Moreover, improper planting can stunt the tree’s growth or kill it outright. Not only does this leave an unattractive mark on your property, but it also eliminates the benefits the tree could have provided. Therefore, you will be forced to invest in tree removal services.

In addition to the hassle and expense of removing trees that were planted incorrectly, there is also the danger of damaging your property and your neighbors’ with falling branches. To avoid these problems, it’s best to seek help from an experienced arborist. They can advise you on the best practices for planting and help ensure that your trees get off to a healthy start.

Neglecting Tree Health

Trees, like any living organism, require care and attention to thrive. A lack of proper maintenance can lead to diseases, insect infestations, or physical damage to the tree. Over time, the tree may become weak and pose safety hazards to your property, eventually leading to the need for tree removal services. Neglecting tree health can come in various forms, such as failing to water the tree regularly, trimming the branches improperly, or using the wrong fertilizer. In the long run, this neglect can result in costly bills from removal services and a loss of the natural beauty and benefits that trees provide to our surroundings. Therefore, it is vital to prioritize the health of your trees and ensure they receive proper care to avoid the potential problems and expenses that can come with neglect.

Ignoring Early Signs of Trouble

It’s easy to overlook the small signs when it comes to the health of our trees. After all, trees are resilient and can withstand a lot. However, ignoring these early signs of trouble could be a costly mistake in the long run. Early detection and swift action can save you a lot of time and money. If you notice any signs of distress in your trees, such as dead branches, discolored leaves, or fungi growth, it’s best to consult an arborist immediately. They can help diagnose the issue and recommend a course of treatment that will restore your tree’s health. Ignoring the issue can lead to irreversible damage and an eventual need for tree removal.

Avoiding these common mistakes can reduce your overall tree removal rate, save money, and protect your property. Proper tree selection, pruning, planting, health care, and hazard identification can mitigate the chances of having to remove trees on your property. If you need help managing your trees, don’t hesitate to contact a licensed professional arborist to provide recommendations tailored to your specific needs. Trees are a valuable asset to any home, and by following these tips, you can enjoy their benefits for years to come.

Need Help Removing or Taking Care of Trees?

If you need tree removal or other tree care services, contact the experts at S&P Tree Service. Our team of licensed professionals has the experience and expertise to provide you with top-notch service that meets all your needs. Our highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to quickly and safely remove any trees that may pose a hazard on your property. We also specialize in tree trimming and pruning, stump removal, and many more services. Contact us now for all your tree care needs!

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From Grinding To Digging: How Tree Removal Service Companies Tackle Stubborn Stumps In Residential Properties

From Grinding To Digging: How Tree Removal Service Companies Tackle Stubborn Stumps In Residential Properties

After cutting down trees in your residential property, you will still have to deal with the remaining stumps. Having tree stumps in your compound can give your home a cluttering look hence the need to clear them. They can also make your beautiful landscape look untidy and less aesthetic. In addition, stubs can be a hindrance to lawn maintenance, attract pests like termites, and take up a lot of space in your home.

Naturally, root balls are supposed to decompose over time without interventions, which can take the longest time. If the stumps have become a terrible eyesore and a painful clutter in your property, you should call a professional tree removal service to eliminate it.

The tree contractors use several stump removal methods to do away with the stumps as effectively as possible. Here are some of the techniques used to remove stumps.

Stump Grinding Technique

Tree experts can use stump grinding to remove stumps with deep roots. The technique uses a heavy-duty machine to grind the stub to a few inches under the soil, leaving the underground part to decay. It is the best for tree stumps that seem stubborn or hard to remove. Homeowners with large stumps should get tree removers to get rid of them to clear their landscape or lawn.

The grinding machinery leaves behind mulch from the ground tree for aesthetics and to create a safety zone around growing trees and plants. The hired professionals should possess the perfect skills to operate the heavy grinding machine to grind the stump.

The stump grinding process requires tree removal service experts who understand what they are doing and all the safety measures to take. Considering the stump grinder is heavy equipment, it is crucial to maximize safety.

Pros of Stump Grinding

  • The process is affordable.
  • It is a faster method of removing or reducing the stamps to ground level.
  • Requires only one skilled and experienced contractor to operate the machinery for effective removal of the stumps.
  • There is no need for extensive manual labor.
  • Stump grinding does not create a large hole to fill after the process.
  • It is one of the best techniques to remove tree stumps of whichever size.
  • The process is environmentally friendly because it does not pollute your immediate surroundings.
  • After removing the stump, you can use the created space to plant plants, grass, or other preferred trees.
  • Stump grinding is also cleaner because it leaves little or no mess in your landscape or land.

Cons of Stump Grinding

  • Grinding stump creates mulch that can be an issue if there is no use for it.
  • The roots left to decay below the ground have a higher risk of sprouting.
  • They can decompose and start growing fungus.
  • Operating the grinding machinery can be noisy.

Use of Chemicals for Stump Removal

In addition to stump grinding, chemical stump removal is a method most tree service experts use to eliminate stumps left behind after cutting down trees. The professionals start the procedure by drilling holes in the root ball. They then fill the drilled holes with chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide, to facilitate the stump removal process.

The most common chemical solution is a mixture of water and sodium hydroxide, which works best for small stumps. For wide root balls or tree stumps, the tree removal service specialists can use a mixture of magnesium sulfate with water or potassium nitrate solution.

Whichever chemical you use, it will facilitate decomposing or decaying of the stumps. Since chemicals are harmful, tree service specialists use different protective tools, gears, and materials for maximized safety.

Advantages of Chemical Stump Removal

  • The procedure is simple.
  • Using chemicals to remove stumps is cheap and affordable.
  • It does not require heavy tools or machinery to get the stump out.

Disadvantages of Chemicals in Stump Removal

  • Chemicals can negatively affect the environment.
  • They can harm your skin or eyes, hence the need for safety measures and protective gear. The specialist needs safety glasses, gloves, and respiratory masks. They should perform the task when people are at a safe distance to prevent the effects of the poisonous chemicals.
  • It will take time for the stump to completely decompose after pouring the chemicals on it.

Excavation of Stumps

Another stump removal technique in homes and commercial and industrial properties is excavation. It is a process that entails the use of earth-moving machinery, which is faster and less cumbersome than typical manual digging.

The stump removal method involves removing the whole stump with its roots from the ground. Tree removal companies using earth-moving machines carry a backhoe and loader on a tractor to extract stumps.

Pros of Excavation Removal with an Earth Mover

  • The machinery removes the stump and its roots entirely.
  • You can use the space for planting plants or other trees.
  • Using earth movers can be more costly than grinding and chemical methods.

Cons of Excavation Tree Removal

  • The task leaves behind a large hole, depending on the size of the removed stump.
  • It is time-consuming to ensure the stump is out entirely.
  • The process is not environmentally friendly.

Call Us Today for Fast and Reliable Tree Services!

If you want to get an unwanted tree or stump on your residential property, do not hesitate to call S&P Tree Service for quality services. We are a family-owned corporation offering multiple tree services, including pruning, crown thinning, installation of large and small trees, landscaping, and removal of dangerous trees.

Our highly trained, licensed, and insured tree removal service professionals use advanced tools and equipment in their residential and commercial tree projects.

In Summary

Getting rid of stumps is a task that restores the beauty of lawns, landscaping, and compounds. Removing the cluttering stumps is a process that requires professionals to handle.

The experts use different stump removal methods, such as stump grinding, excavation, chemicals, and manual digging, to eliminate the root balls. Each technique has pros and cons, which you should consider before settling on one.

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