March 28, 2023
When Your Tree Care Needs Might Require Emergency Tree Service | Aledo, TX

When Your Tree Care Needs Might Require Emergency Tree Service | Aledo, TX

It’s a good idea to plan regular trimming, pruning and other professional tree-care services for the trees on your property, whether they are huge oaks, delicate flowering ornamentals, or beautiful fruit trees. However, there are many situations where regularly scheduled expert yard care and landscaping services aren’t enough. If you notice that your tree has an unsightly dead limb that might break and fall at any time, don’t wait until your scheduled tree-trimming appointment to have it taken care of. Similarly, if you observe your tree’s branches interfering with electrical lines, this isn’t something that should be ignored or addressed when it’s more convenient to do so. Emergency tree service isn’t limited to tree cutting or complete tree removal following high winds, severe ice or any other destructive weather or natural disaster. If you observe anything wrong with your tree that might, if not taken care of, result in further problems — whether it’s more damage to your tree or injury to your home, property or neighboring homes or businesses — call the experts at S&P Tree Service right away. You might have a tree care emergency that needs to be handled right away.

Don’t Let Broken Limbs Threaten the Health of Your Tree or Your Safety

When your trees’ branches are bare during the cold-weather months, it’s a good time to look at their limbs. Do any of them look dead, dying, cracked or broken? You might have a tree-care emergency on your hands. While you might think that limb removal can wait until your regularly-scheduled tree care appointment in the spring or fall, a broken limb can be a hazardous situation in the works. If left alone, a broken or diseased limb can cause more damage to an otherwise healthy tree. Emergency tree service can not only prevent damage to the rest of your tree in the event that a problematic limb breaks but also lessen any risks posed by possible disease or infestation. Don’t wait for a windstorm to take care of the limb for you. If you do this, you could be risking the health of your tree and the safety of your property or even your family. Contact the experts at S&P Tree Service today to have the limb cut off and hauled away. During your emergency tree service call, we can also make recommendations for the continued health of your tree as well as the safety of your property.

Clear Your Tree’s Growth from Your Home

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your trees pruned, you might risk long branches interfering with power lines or growing dangerously close to your home. Just as a dead or damaged limb can pose a threat in the case of a windstorm or inclement weather, this excess growth, while seemingly healthy, can damage your roof or windows or take out utilities. While it’s always best to schedule regular trimming and pruning to prevent this from happening in the first place, emergency tree service is available for these situations. Furthermore, if you are a new homeowner and find that the trees on your property threaten your investment, call S&P Tree Service today. Prioritize emergency tree service outside of your home while you work on renovations inside. Emergency tree service offered by S&P Tree Service is especially helpful for homeowners on a tight schedule. If you need to prune or trim a tree quickly as you get ready to put your house on the market, call S&P Tree Service today.

Remove and Haul Away Fallen Limbs Now!

In the case that a tree’s limb falls, whether it was provoked by severe storms or happened unexpectedly, get it removed right away with emergency tree service. S&P Tree Service is available to haul away fallen limbs and branches that are obstructing access to your property or your neighbor’s property or creating a dangerous situation on the ground. However, we are also equipped to safely and efficiently address more serious situations where limbs have fallen onto your roof or vehicle. Don’t risk further damage to your home or property or your own safety by tackling this work yourself. Call today for emergency tree service and keep yourself, your home and your family safe. If unsightly and dangerous limbs are left for too long, this can result in your local government threatening fines if they are not taken care of. To prevent this from happening to you, we are available 24/7 to help.

Restore Safety to Your Property Following a Storm

Emergency tree service is most often associated with clean-up efforts following severe storms, and S&P Tree Service is available for all of your storm clean-up needs. No matter the severity of damage caused by a storm, we are equipped to help you restore both the safety and beauty of your property. Call 24 hours for any of our emergency services in Aledo, Texas, including:

  • Complete removal of trees
  • Cutting of storm-related damage to your trees
  • Inspections of trees that may have been impacted by high winds or ice
  • Cleaning and hauling away of debris

Furthermore, in the event that your storm clean-up requires that a tree must be removed, S&P Tree Service is also there to help you choose and plant a replacement tree should you want to do so. We can make recommendations based on factors such as size, soil type, location, sun exposure and weather patterns.

While S&P Tree Service does provide expert tree care and complete tree removal services in the event of hazardous weather events, we also offer our emergency services in a variety of other situations in Aledo, Texas. Our licensed and insured tree care specialists are equipped and experienced in handling all tree-related emergencies, both large and small, whether a dead limb is threatening your home or if an already-fallen limb or entire tree needs to be cleaned up and hauled away quickly. Take immediate action in the case that you suspect that a tree on your property is posing a threat to your home or your safety. Call S&P Tree Service today.

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