February 20, 2020

How Tree Trimming Services Can Keep Your Branches Buoyant | Dallas Fort Worth Area

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One thing that everyone who lives in the Dallas Fort Worth area has in common is a pride in where they live. We love nothing more than having a hearty BBQ with our loved ones, and the beautiful hot weather allows us to spend plenty of time in our yards. This means taking care of the outdoors is just as important as keeping indoors neat and tidy. Maintaining the walls, flower beds, lawn, pond, hedges and trees is a lot of work, even for a big family. A tree trimming service takes a weight off your shoulders and leaves you free to focus on the details.

If it’s something you’ve been doing without putting much thought into, it’s time to rethink your strategy. There’s a lot more to tree trimming than you might think. Here’s a handy guide on how important trimming is, and the reasons why it’s usually best left to the experts.

What Are the Different Types of Tree Trimming?

Too many keen gardeners indiscriminately hack away at their trees without knowing how sensitive those big green and brown beauties are. You need to trim your trees carefully and in distinct ways to achieve the effect you want. Some of the ways you can cut trees and how they’re affected include:


Pollarding is a method of pruning that stops the tree from growing bigger than you want it to. Lots of people are curious about the difference between trimming and pruning. While some people have unique definitions, its generally accepted that pruning affects the health of the tree while trimming is more about the way it looks.

You should only start pollarding a tree or shrub once it’s big enough, and when it’s ready, you’ll need to pollard it on an annual basis to keep it at your desired height.

Crown Thinning

This type of trimming is where you remove the smaller, weaker branches to open up the canopy. As well as taking the weight off the larger structural branches, it allows more light and air to circulate through the crown of the plant. It also gives the tree a more refined appearance. When thinning the crown, it’s essential to stick to the edges. If you thin the central branches of the tree, you could negatively impact the structure.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a tree trimming service that is best deployed for younger trees. It involves minimizing the overall mass of the tree by reducing the size of larger unnecessary branches that could be diverting sunlight and nutrients away from the main trunk. In an older tree, we would recommend removing entire limbs instead of cutting them back. This type of trim should only be carried out by someone who understands trees from a structural perspective. It helps your tree to grow the way you’d like it to, as well as preventing pruning-induced decay.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is when you remove branches from the lower part of the tree to allow your tree to fit in better with the surrounding landscape. Trimming larger branches at the bottom can help to clear pathways and roads, as well as including cutting back branches to better suit your house structure. Once your tree is mature, crown lifting should be done with extreme care to avoid leaving wounds on the tree.

Dead Pruning

Dead pruning, or crown cleaning, involves understanding which branches are dead or dying and carefully removing them. Dead wood is guaranteed to fall and can be a major hazard. With the hot weather of the Dallas Fort Worth Area, branches die off quicker. Employing an experienced tree service company can help you to minimize any risk of injury or damage to property.

Benefits of a Using a Tree Trimming Service

Let the Sunlight In

The sun really is a tree’s best friend – and we’ve got plenty of it in the Dallas Fort Worth area. A healthy, happy tree’s leaves have access to as much light as possible. A tree trimming service provider in Dallas Fort Worth can locate the best branches to trim to ensure optimum photosynthesis.

Counterbalance Root Loss

Root loss happens naturally as a tree matures, keeping the foliage trimmed helps the entire entity to stay balanced. It also keeps your garden looking the way you want it.

Improve Productivity and Fruit Quality

If you’re keeping the number of branches a tree has in check, the remaining essential branches get more nutrients. The benefit of this is more abundant, juicier, tastier fruits when it comes to harvest time.

Detect Disease Before It’s a Problem

Any tree trimming service provider will be able to detect diseases during the pruning or cutting process. Early detection is essential to prevent the problem from spreading, so we’d recommend having a professional take care of your trees once in the spring and once in the fall.

Ensure the Tree Looks Its Best

Expert tree trimming services understand the different structures of each species of tree and how to cut it back, so it always looks its best. If you neglect to trim your trees for a year, you’ll see a significant difference in its appearance, so don’t let it get to that stage!

Prevent Unnecessary Damage

When trees are close to the fascia or front of the house, your pool or garage, falling branches are at risk of causing severe damage. Untrimmed branches could also fall and hurt people on your property, potentially risking costly repairs or lawsuits.

Curb Appeal Is Important in the Dallas Fort Worth Area

If your trees are unkempt, your entire property won’t be looking its best. When you work hard for the roof over your head and environment around you, appearance value is a valuable commodity.

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