February 10, 2020

S&P Tree Service: Big Trees Happen Here | Dallas, TX

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S&P Tree Service is a family-owned, full service business in Dallas, TX offering numerous tree maintenance and removal services. S&P is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company with highly trained professionals who receive ongoing arboricultural education to stay abreast of industry standards and practices. This article offers an overview of the company’s services along with a checklist of what to expect from during a service appointment with S&P.

Tree Trimming

S&P Tree Service provides tree trimming as a maintenance and preservative option that benefits the overall health of trees. Trimming helps to prevent such issues as root decay and overgrowth that leave a tree vulnerable to storm damage. Also, a well-maintained tree can help properties maintain their aesthetic appeal and overall value.

Stump Removal

Another of S&P’s services is tree stump removal. Stumps are the result of the tree removal process and are cut as close to the ground as possible. But over time, stumps can cause their own sets of problems such as becoming a hazard to a landscape through decay, for example. When tree stumps decay, they become a breeding ground for pests, including termites that can, in turn, threaten one’s home or property. Also, stumps often disrupt lawn care when they are obscured by grass, flowers, or weeds. In this instance, they cause damage to lawn equipment such as mowers when struck during lawn care. Another problem with stumps is re-sprouting, which occurs when another tree begins to grow within a stump, causing an eyesore and potentially property-damaging root growth. Grinding is an effective and inexpensive solution to these issues. After a stump is ground away, tree service providers can mulch the stump site and cover it with grass and soil, restoring the look and landscaping of your lawn.

Tree Removal

S&P strives to preserve trees whenever possible but there are instances when a tree must be removed including instances of a tree being diseased or dead. Trees that pose a hazard to home and property–namely, trees that are dangerously close to power lines, leaning trees, trees with damaged or hollow trunks–should be removed, also. Another reason for tree removal is for thinning dense tree growth in wooded areas; this measure preserves the health of surrounding trees as it diminishes competition for space and sunlight among trees in such areas. Finally, in places as populous as Dallas TX, new construction is a fact of life that often requires trees to be cleared away.

When it comes to removing trees, it’s always best to hire a professional for the task. Proper tree removal is a complex and dangerous task requiring skill and training to undertake safely. S&P Tree Service are experts in this field as they have the experience, the industry knowledge, and the professional equipment to do a thorough job. They are organized and conscientious in their work, able to complete the task while minimizing any impact on surrounding trees, and cleaning up after the process is complete.

Tree Services

In addition to the aforementioned skills, S&P provides the Dallas TX area with 24-hour emergency tree services in the event of storm-damaged or otherwise hazardous trees posing a risk to safety or property. They are quick to respond during an emergency, offering trimming, stump grinding, and removal assistance of problem trees and limbs. Also, S&P removes brush and debris after a damaging weather.

The company addresses tree emergencies unrelated to storms including trees or fallen limbs that have on roofs or are causing other obstruction to property. S&P removes partially uprooted, cracked, or splitting trees that pose a risk of collapsing on home or property, as well as servicing removal orders prompted by insurance companies or municipal representatives.

What to Expect During a Tree Service Appointment

Once a customer has contacted S&P for assistance, there are a number of things to know and things to do in preparation for service. Depending on the scope of the service request, the company may send out an arborist (or, tree maintenance specialist), the business owner, or an evaluator to assess the situation. It’s important to allow for time to consult with SP professionals about the service request, which gives the customer the space to expound on the issue and helps SP make an informed determination on the best solution. After the consultation, it’s time to schedule an appointment for service. Prior to the service appointment, the customer will need to make the following preparations for the appointment.

  • The customer should allot sufficient parking for crew and their vehicles–usually about three cars.
  • It’s vital to prepare the property with a brief clean sweep, removing belongings that can be damaged during yard work, such as furniture, lawn ornaments, and potted plants. Also, be sure to remove animal waste to avoid damage to power cords, cables, and crew members’ shoes (excessive animal waste may result in cancellation of service).
  • Verify that the tree service has been insured with a liability policy worth at least a million dollars.

Service will not intrude on the customer’s daily schedule (i.e. it won’t be necessary to cancel or shift or shift your work or errands). But it will likely take multiple sessions over the course of a week. In this time, separate crews will likely be involved in the process: a tree removal crew, wood removal, stump grinding, and replacement trees if desired. After the process is complete, the customer may want to consider investing in regular tree maintenance with trimming and pruning, which helps control issues such as dead or diseased wood before they become a hazard.

Customers are giving S&P Tree Services raving reviews, remarking on their professional, efficient, courteous, and exceptional work. If you’re in need of tree care, give them a call at 469-789-6775.