February 29, 2020

When Do You Need an Emergency Tree Services? | Fort Worth, TX

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There are a number of different issues that could lead to you needing emergency tree services. Perhaps you’ve put off calling a professional about a diseased tree and now the situation has worsened, or maybe a big storm has made a tree fall onto your property. When these situations arise, it’s important to call emergency tree service professionals in the Fort Worth, TX area to help. If you try and cut down a tree yourself without the right tools and knowledge, you could damage your property, injure yourself and others, and miss the signs of disease or damage in the tree network.

Disease Remediation

In order to keep a healthy garden, it’s important to make sure that your trees are protected against disease and insect infestation. If one tree becomes infected, it can easily spread and lead to the death of all of your plants, so it’s important to take action early. The use of appropriate tree trimming and pruning gives your tree the necessary remediation to restore full health and to stop the spread of disease. If you’re unsure about whether a tree has become diseased, be sure to get an arborist in to check it.

Fallen Trees

One of the most severe emergency situations can be when trees have fallen, particularly if they’ve fallen onto your property. It’s a good idea to keep trees trimmed appropriately to prevent trees falling, but sometimes there’s nothing you can do to avoid a tree falling. A fallen tree can pose significant risk to your home and to anyone inside, so it’s important to deal with it in the right way. Don’t put off getting emergency tree services in the Fort Worth, TX area. Call the professionals, and ensure your property is safe.

Emergency Tree Pruning

If your tree has some damaged branches that are posing a threat to your home or making it unsafe to be in the garden, then it’s probably time to bring in the professionals. Our emergency tree service team will make sure that your trees are expertly pruned to eliminate any threat and make sure your home and family are safe.

Damage from a Storm

Fort Worth, TX, can experience storms that can damage even the sturdiest of trees. There are many different elements in a storm that can cause damage to your trees. High winds can cause trees to be uprooted from the soil, a phenomenon known as a ‘wind throw’. Excess rain and flooding can also cause damage by exposing the roots and ultimately weakening the anchor of the tree, leading to it falling over. In addition, heavy snowfall can cause tree branches to fall off if they can’t handle the weight. Finally, lightening can cause burning of the wood and roots and even big branches to be sliced off. If you experience a storm and you think your tree has been damaged, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our emergency tree service experts.

Lifeless Trees

Sometimes trees can appear very dull and look as if they are dead. This is often due to fungi, viruses and pest infections within the tree. It’s important not to try and cut down the tree yourself as it can be very dangerous. Get one of our trained emergency tree service experts to assess the tree or trees and decide whether it is necessary to remove them.

Leaning Trees

If there is a tree in your yard that is leaning, don’t hesitate to call an emergency tree service immediately, as it could be at high risk of falling and damaging your property or injuring someone. Our team of experts will carefully assess whether it is likely to fall or whether it’s possible to adjust it to save the tree.

Warning Signs That Your Tree Could Be About to Fall

It is important to be aware of what warning signs to look out for, so you can get your tree removed before it falls.

The Tree Is Suddenly Leaning

It is not to say that every leaning tree is at risk of falling, but if one of your trees has suddenly started leaning then this could be a sign that it is about to fall.

Mushrooms Start to Grow Under the Tree

Although there are some types of mushrooms that are not dangerous to the trees at all, there are other types which are extremely pathogenic and can digest the wood and cause the tree to become very weak and fall. An emergency tree service expert will be able to tell you whether the mushrooms are hazardous to the tree or not and assess any damage.

Nearby Trees Have Fallen

If some of the trees nearby have recently fallen, this could be an indicator that there could be a large network of fungus, pests, or pathogens in the soil, which could lead to all of the trees in the area falling.

The Tree Has Multiple Trunks

Trees that have multiple trunks are at high risk of splitting in the middle where all of the trunks attach because they aren’t very strongly attached. You should get in an expert to assess how stable the tree is and decide whether it can be supported by braces or cables, or whether it’s at too high a risk of falling and needs to be removed.

If you are concerned about any of the trees on your property, you should call our emergency tree service in Fort Worth, TX. Our experienced team of arborists at S&P Tree Service are properly equipped to maintain the health and growth of your trees. For more information visit our website or call us at 469-789-6775 today.