August 16, 2022

What Trees Can Benefit The Most From A Fall Season Tree Trimming Service? | Prosper, TX

As summer winds down, many property owners in Prosper, TX, are making plans for their fall maintenance projects. Tree trimming is a common property chore performed in autumn, but what trees are best suited for fall trimming? S&P Tree Service specializes in tree trimming service and tree removal. We employ trained arborists who have extensive training and skills to care for our customers’ trees and landscapes. Some trees are better trimmed during the fall than at other times of the year. Here, we’ll discuss which trees you should have trimmed this fall season.

Dogwood, Maple, Oak? Which Trees Need Fall Trimming and Pruning?

Simply put, property owners should trim any trees that need it. What does this mean? It means that if you have dead or dying tree limbs, you should invite our tree trimming service to trim them. Typically the best time to trim most trees is between late fall and late winter. At this time, your trees are less susceptible to tree diseases and infection–not immune–but less vulnerable. By pruning your trees and trimming away diseased or dead limbs, you can promote the tree’s growth by the time spring rolls around.

On the other hand, there are some trees that appear to ‘prefer’ early fall or late fall/winter pruning. These include juniper trees, firs, spruces, cedar trees, and oak trees. Again, it’s important to trim other trees on your landscape if conditions such as their health demand it.

What Are the Benefits of Tree Trimming?

Like many property owners, you may have lots of chores to keep you busy during the fall season. Is tree trimming really that important? Here are the main reasons you should hire a tree trimming service to trim your trees in fall:

Encourage Tree Growth

As mentioned, trimming trees in the fall or winter can encourage their growth in the spring. Of course, it’s important to trim trees strategically. The trained arborists of S&P Tree Service understand the best ways to trim all types of trees. When you hire us for our tree trimming service, we’ll bring all the equipment needed to safely and efficiently trim your landscape’s trees.

Enhance Tree Healthy

Trimming or pruning away the dead growth is a good way to maintain your trees’ health. When trees become overgrown and overridden with dying or dead limbs, they’re more vulnerable. During periods of strong winds, those dying limbs can crack off, leaving the tree in much worse condition. It’s best to make a strategic cut in order to remove all of the tree wood that needs removing.

Remove Injured Limbs

It’s not uncommon for trees to become damaged during powerful thunderstorms as they sweep across Texas. Removing these limbs is important because they can become magnets for pests and diseases. Damaged limbs are also a property hazard. A dead tree limb is more likely to snap off during a storm or high winds and fall onto a home, car, or even a person. A tree trimming service can reduce those property liabilities and help you to create a safer setting for your home’s occupants and guests.

Prevent Friction

When trees get overgrown, the limbs can rub up against each other whenever the wind blows. The friction can lead to tree limb damage. When the limbs become damaged, they become more susceptible to tree diseases and tree pests.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Keeping your Prosper, TX, property neat and trim will support your home’s curb appeal. While you might tackle most of your landscaping chores like mowing and pruning small shrubs, it’s important to hire a professional tree trimming service to properly trim your landscape’s trees. Our company’s arborists have the expertise needed to safely trim the trees on your residential or business landscape.

Eliminate Potential Problems

As mentioned, trimming off diseased or damaged tree limbs helps you to protect your property. But perfectly healthy tree limbs may be growing where you don’t want them to grow. For instance, you should let our tree trimming service remove any tree limbs that are touching or too close to your home’s roof. Tree limbs make a convenient bridge for pests to climb and access your roof. When tree limbs rub against your roof’s shingles during windy days, they can loosen or even damage shingles.

Additionally, you should hire our service to trim away branches that are too close to your power or cable lines. In fact, if there are tree limbs anywhere where it’s inconvenient for them to be, our arborists can trim them back while safely ensuring the health of your trees.

Protect Your Assets

Did you know that trees can enhance the value of your home? A new tree may seem expensive to plant, but as your trees age and elevate the beauty of the property, they support its value. Allowing a professional tree trimming service to maintain your trees is the ideal way to keep them healthy. Plus, during tree trimming sessions, our arborists can inspect your tree. Catching small problems early is the best way to prevent them from becoming more challenging problems. The trained arborists of S&P Tree Service can take the necessary measures to preserve your trees and maintain their good health.

Let S&P Tree Service help you maintain the trees of your Prosper, TX, landscape. You can rely on our tree trimming service and experienced arborists any time of year. However, if you want to line up your fall tree trimming appointment, be sure to call and schedule it with us soon. In addition, feel free to contact us if you suspect that any of your landscape’s trees have a pest problem or disease. We also specialize in tree preservation and can recommend the ideal solution for these situations.

Photo By Vladimir Pankov at Shutterstock