August 17, 2022

The Complete Guide To Crane Tree Removal Service | Weatherford, TX

Tree removal is never quite a run-of-the-mill type of service. A tree’s growth habit, size, location, and health are all factors that impact how a removal like crane tree removal service is performed. S&P Tree Service is a leading tree care and tree removal company that services property owners in and near Weatherford, TX. It’s simply part of our routine service to tailor our solutions to each tree as a matter of efficiency and safety. If you think you need crane tree removal for any type of tree or trees on your property, you can rely on us.

Making a Plan

When customers contact us to remove a tree from their property, we first inspect the tree and its location. Before we can initiate our crane tree removal service, we need to take proper stock of the situation and develop a plan for the tree’s safe removal. Our arborists/technicians will evaluate the tree’s condition. We’ll be looking to see if it’s leaning, if there are hollow spots in the trunk (which often indicates the tree is dead), how its branches are arranged, if it’s infested with pests, and if it’s safe enough for our climber/tree cutter to work on.

We also need to carefully inspect the location of the tree in terms of access. Crane tree removal is typically the best choice, and sometimes the only choice when there isn’t adequate access to the tree. However, the crane must operate on level ground in order to remove the tree safely. If it doesn’t operate on a level surface, it’s at risk of toppling over. So, during our inspection, we’ll identify the best spot for our crane to be situated for crane tree removal service.

Having a good plan ensures that our team can show up on the day of the removal with all the equipment needed to remove your tree safely. Of course, on the day of the removal, it’s sometimes necessary to make adjustments to the plan, but these changes are often minor as we set up our crane and our crews get to work, carefully removing each limb section by section.

Whittling Your Tree Down to Size

During crane tree removal service, our technicians have to carefully map out how much each section of the tree or limb can be removed at a time. The weight of each section can never exceed the crane’s lifting capacity, or it could lead to a dangerous situation, leaving the crane at risk of falling over. Also, our technicians have to determine how to best rig the crane to each tree limb or tree section. Horizontal and vertical limbs will require different types of rigging so the crane can safely lift them from the tree once our cutter makes the cuts.

S&P Tree Service features highly experienced arborists, tree climbers and cutters, and crane technicians who each have the training to perform this type of work. We can carefully assess the angle of each tree section that will be removed to ensure that we can lift it from the tree safely and place it in a designated drop zone.

Final Removal Process

After our technicians remove the tree limbs and branches from the core of the tree, they can remove the rest piece by piece. Our climber will tether one section after another to the crane, cutting away each portion so that the crane can lift it to the drop zone. After the crane removes a section, our climber will repel down to the next designated cutting spot and tether that section to the crane so it can be removed after the cut is made.

Crane tree removal service becomes a repetitive series of cuts and crane lifts at this point. But as mentioned, every tree is different. The weight of the tree will affect how close together the cuts are made. Heavy trees that are wide in diameter may require our technicians to keep the sections smaller so that they can be safely removed. Weatherford, TX, property owners can rest assured that we don’t take unnecessary risks with our crane tree removal service. We also prioritize safety.

The Benefits of Tree Removal

Crane tree removal service is often the preferred method for a tree’s removal. That’s why S&P Tree Service has invested in state-of-the-art equipment, including cranes so that we can offer this solution to customers. The main benefit of crane tree removal service is increased safety. If the tree to be removed is located close to powerlines, homes, or other structures, it can easily fall onto them during a traditional removal. Crane tree removal is much more precise as each branch or section of the tree is tethered to the crane so that it can be carefully lifted to the ground once cut away.

Efficiency is another advantage of crane tree removals. The removal of a tree section by section is often a very efficient process. Yes, it involves more cuts to the tree than simply using a chainsaw to make a single cut at the tree’s base, but trees in residential or city areas can’t be felled using traditional methods. Moreover, once a whole tree is cut down, it still needs to be cut into sections for removal. By removing the tree piecemeal with the use of a crane, our technicians can cut the tree down to size quickly and safely.

If you need crane tree removal service in Weatherford, TX, you should choose S&P Tree Service for our expertise, experience, and commitment to safety. We offer competitively priced crane tree removal as well as a wide range of related tree care solutions like tree trimming and stump grinding. Call us to learn more about our tree care services.

Photo By Ken Hurst at Shutterstock