April 21, 2023
Do You Need Tree Removal Service For Leaning Trees?

Do You Need Tree Removal Service For Leaning Trees?

It’s commonplace to see trees with a slight lean, but leaning trees can be a serious property risk. Trees might lean for many different reasons. How do you know if a leaning tree is dangerous, and if the lean is severe, can the tree be saved or do you need tree removal service? S&P Tree Service is a leading removal and tree preservation company that serves the region. We serve residential and commercial property owners with a full range of tree care solutions. Worried about a leaning tree on your property? Just call us.

Leaning Trees: Cause for Concern

A leaning tree may necessitate fast tree removal service. Leaning trees, especially severely leaning trees, are vulnerable to falling down. They can fall on buildings, homes, vehicles, fences, and other property features. They can also injure people and pets. But what causes a tree to lean and at what points is the lean a concern? Are leaning trees ever safe? Let’s explore.

Why Do Trees Lean?

There are various causes of leaning trees. Often, a tree leans because of its inherent growth habits. Growth habits that can cause a tree to lean include:

Weak Trunk

If a trunk develops poorly, it can become weak and suffer a lean. A tree that has a curving or curling trunk is more likely to lean as is a tree that develops two trunks. Such trees, particularly as they grow, may require a removal before they become too weak to sustain their growth.

Unbalanced Tree Canopy

An unbalanced tree canopy can also cause a tree to lean. An uneven canopy can cause the tree’s weight to be distributed unevenly. The uneven weight puts stress on the tree and, over time, can cause the tree to lean.

It’s important to contact us if you notice that your young tree is developing growth habit problems. Why? Because it’s easier to correct tree problems when the tree is young. Sometimes pruning can correct canopy issues. If a young tree trunk is developing problems, we have tree preservation solutions that may help. If you wait too long and the problem increases in severity, you may not be able to correct the tree growth issues. In these cases, you’re likely to need your tree removed.

Location Problems and Trees

A tree may lean because of certain location issues. Overcrowding is a major cause for tree problems, including leaning. Trees will grow toward sunlight. If the tree canopy prevents adequate sunlight from reaching shorter trees, those trees might grow in strange ways toward the sunlight. The tree may twist and, often, lean in order to get as much sunlight as possible. Flowering trees, that are often shorter in stature than larger trees, are at risk of this problem. With careful pruning and routine maintenance, you can protect shorter trees and ensure that they get the sunlight they need to grow straight. If our certified arborists are able to save your tree in time, we may be able to correct leaning with staking and thinning the tree canopy and prevent the need for tree removal.

Soil Problems

Problems with the soil can cause a tree to lean. Sometimes, for instance, the soil, particularly in relation to the hard ground here in Texas, makes it tough for tree roots to penetrate deeply enough to develop a strong root system to ensure the tree’s stability. Sandy soil is often a major cause for tree leaning because its structure isn’t conducive to strong tree root growth.

Tree Damage

Damage to trees can cause leaning. Wind and rain storms can cause problems for the trees on your property. Heavy rains can cause problems for roots. They can destabilize the soil, making it hard for trees to remain anchored in place. Heavily waterlogged soil also leaves tree roots vulnerable to root rot. If your tree develops root rot, it may begin to lean as the disease takes hold. In these situations, tree removal service will likely be needed.

When storm damage and flash flooding causes a tree to lean, it may not fall down–this time. However, the next storm or several storms later may knock the tree down. A tree that leans 40% or more is at increased risk of falling. Sometimes, all it takes is a strong wind to cause a leaning tree to topple over.

Removal of Leaning Trees

Sometimes it’s obvious that a tree needs tree removal service because its lean is so pronounced. However, if you aren’t sure if a slightly leaning tree is sound, you should let our certified arborists check it out. We have experience with different types of trees and tree problems. We routinely inspect leaning trees and can identify if yours is a candidate for fast removal.

If your tree can be saved by pruning, staking, and other tree preservation solutions, we’ll let you know. We can tackle all of your tree care needs whether you need one removed or saved.

Removing Leaning Trees

Our company has all the necessary equipment needed to safely and efficiently remove trees. For instance, we have tree cranes that are ideal for removing tall trees in hard-to-access locations. Our tree technicians will visit your property to inspect the tree and determine the safest means for removal. Then, we’ll schedule the date for the removal and take care of the process from start to finish.

Call us if you have a leaning tree problem so we can inspect the tree and help you determine the best course of action.

We have the experienced crews needed to take down your unwanted trees, haul them away, and even grind down the stumps. Explore our services and contact S&P Tree Service if you have questions or would like to place a service appointment.

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Signs You Should Call An Emergency Tree Service

Signs You Should Call An Emergency Tree Service

The trees in your yard give it a unique look and can boost your home’s curb appeal. Also, the trees provide shade during the summer and protect your home from the elements. Although your trees serve many purposes, certain problems can put your home and family at risk.

If your trees exhibit any of the following signs, call an emergency service.

Overhanging Branches

Unfortunately, you can’t control the direction your trees grow, and if large branches start to spread over the house roofline, you should call a tree service immediately. The overhanging branches can fall if it gets very windy or if ice causes the branch to break and will cause significant damage to your house.

A tree service will send a tech to remove the overhanging branches, ensuring your home’s safety.

The Branches Are Growing Toward the Power Lines

As mentioned above, you can’t control the direction your trees grow, and if the tree starts growing toward the power lines, it can cause a serious problem. A strong gust of wind can knock down the power lines, causing a power outage. Also, live wires on the ground create serious safety and fire hazards.

An emergency tree service can determine if trimming the tree will keep the branches from growing into the power lines or if removing the tree is the safest option.

Large Dead Branches

Dead branches won’t stay on the tree forever, and something as simple as a strong gust of wind or heavy rain can bring the dead branch down, causing damage or injury to anyone and anything underneath.

You can tell if a branch is dead if there are no leaves or if they are dead. Missing bark is another sign that the branch is dead. Removing the dead branch yourself isn’t a good idea because you could hurt yourself or cause damage to anything under the tree. Also, the branch must be removed correctly to prevent damaging the rest of the tree.

Allowing the dead branch to remain on the tree isn’t a good idea because it can affect its health. The nutrients the tree needs to thrive will keep going to the dead branches, which won’t benefit the tree. If the dead branch is removed, the nutrients will go to branches that can benefit.

An emergency tree service will send a tech to remove the dead branches, ensuring your home and family’s safety as well as the tree’s.

A Sudden Lean

All trees lean to a certain degree, making the trees unique and improving your home’s curb appeal. However, you should call a tree service if a tree on your property experiences a sudden, significant lean because it may not be safe for the tree to remain standing.

A few issues can cause a sudden lean, such as damaged roots, an imbalanced crown, and severe wind. A tree expert can inspect the tree to determine if the lean is so severe that the tree could fall, damaging anything in its path. If the lean will put your home or family at risk, they’ll remove the tree.

Decaying or Damaged Tree Roots

Are there mushrooms growing around the bottom of a tree on your property? Do the roots appear to be lifting up from the ground? If you said yes to either of these, the roots are decaying or damaged. The roots anchor the tree into the ground, and if they’re damaged or decayed, the tree can come down during severe weather.

A tree expert will inspect the tree and roots to determine if the damage or decay has gone so far that it isn’t safe to allow it to remain standing. If so, the tech will remove the tree to ensure your home and family are safe.

Problems with the Trunk

The tree trunk provides stability and allows the tree to stand. If there are large pieces of missing bark, or cracks and cavities, you should call an emergency tree service right away.

A tree expert will inspect the trunk to determine if the damage is too severe for the tree to remain standing safely, and they’ll remove it immediately if necessary.

Hollow Trunk

A hollow tree trunk is cute in the cartoons because it’s where the woodland critter lives. In real life, a hollow trunk creates a falling hazard that could damage your home or injure anyone standing underneath. When the trunk hollows, the tree won’t have the stability it needs to remain standing, and you should call a tree company for emergency service.

A tree expert will inspect the trunk to determine if it’s hollowed enough that it must be removed or if it can remain standing longer.

Severe Damage

If a tree on your property sustained significant damage due to severe weather, call a tree service. They’ll send a tree expert to inspect the tree and assess the damage to determine if it’s safe for the tree to remain standing. In most cases, if 50 percent of the tree has been damaged, the safest option is to remove it.

Small Sprouts or Branches Growing from the Trunk

Are there tiny sprouts or branches growing from the trunk of a tree on your property? If so, you should call a tree service right away. These are responses to severe stress, and if the problem isn’t addressed, the tree’s health will worsen, causing it to fall.

A tree expert may be able to do something to prevent the problem from getting worse, so the tree can remain standing longer.

Call S&P Tree Service

If you’re worried about the health of a tree on your property and need help from an emergency tree service, look no further than S&P Tree Service. We are a reputable tree company that has been serving customers in the DFW area for years and are a member of the International Society of Arboriculture.

We provide several tree services, including tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, and crane tree services. We also offer landscaping services upon request.

If you need to schedule an appointment for tree service, give us a call today.

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Getting Rid Of Unwanted Trees Is Safer With Crane Tree Removal Service

Getting Rid Of Unwanted Trees Is Safer With Crane Tree Removal Service

An unwanted tree might be a nuisance, but it might even be a safety hazard. Removing these trees quickly might be in the best interest of your property. That’s why S&P Tree Service features cranes for removing unwanted trees. Although we also rely on many traditional solutions, crane removals might be preferable. Cranes make removals safer and more efficient. For trees located in hard-to-access areas, they might be the only safe method for removing an unwanted tree. If you need to have a tree removed, you can rely on our skilled technicians for professional removal service.

How Do Cranes Make Removing Trees Safer?

A key benefit of crane tree removal service is enhanced safety. These types of removals tend to be safer for climbers as well as property owners and their properties. Traditional removal methods can be more unpredictable. Trees could fall in the wrong direction than cutters intend; they could land on a home, building, patio furniture, vehicles, or other property features.

Cranes allow for a more systematic take down of trees. Cutters remove manageable portions of the from the top down a little at the time. The cutter fastens sections of the tree to the crane. Once these pieces are securely in place, the climber cuts them away and the crane safely lifts them away and sets them down on the ground in a designated drop zone. Crane tree removal service is a safe option in areas with lots of buildings or traffic.

Efficient Removal of Trees

Our company often favors the use of cranes for felling trees because the take-down process is efficient. Cutting off branches and limbs without a crane can take technicians a couple days of work rather than a single day. The systematic process of crane removals makes the takedown more efficient. The climber, crews, and crane operator perform the same steps until each section of the tree has been carefully removed.

As the crane operator drops tree sections in the drop zone, other crew members cut these wood portions down to size, making them easy to stack (if the property owner wants) or to haul away. As part of our service offerings, we haul away removed trees. If you want to have your unwanted tree removed in a single day, crane tree removal service is your best option.

Reduce the Mess

Our customers often prefer crane removals because there’s less mess with this type of process. If you fell a tree the old-fashioned way, it can destroy other plants or landscape features. Once the tree falls, its limbs and branches can break away, causing a lot of unruly debris. The systematic process of crane removals allows crews to deal with the mess little by little as the tree is removed.

Access Hard-to-Reach Trees

Many trees are difficult to reach in order to remove them. Cranes allow for improved access. If you want to remove a tree that’s located between buildings, for example, a crane can drop the climber right into place near the treetop. The crane then lifts away tree sections from the top. If you need trees removed from your property, our certified arborists can tell you if crane use is the best access method for the removal.

Problem Trees

Some trees are candidates for crane removals because of certain factors associated with the tree. For instance, an overly large tree is a good candidate for crane removal. If the tree is tall, a climber doesn’t have to scale it or use ladders. The crane simply drops the climber into place where the first cut needs to be made.

Trees Near Power Lines

Trees that are located close to power lines require extra special care. Our technicians are highly experienced. They will ensure that lines are not disturbed during the crane tree removal service process. We take care to exercise every safety precaution during our work.

Are Cranes Always the Best Option?

Although we certainly prefer to use our cranes in many situations, a crane isn’t always the best option. Small trees may be more easily removed without the use of cranes. Also, it’s never wise to hire a service that doesn’t own its own cranes. Be sure that any technician you hire is an experienced crane operator and the tree service is a licensed and insured one like ours.

Remove Your Unwanted Trees

If you need any tree removed on your property, you can rely on our experienced technicians. There are many situations when the safest course is to remove a tree. It may be diseased or infested with pests. It may already be dead or severely damaged after a storm. Sometimes customers need trees removed because they have other plans for their property such as the installation of a swimming pool.

Whatever the reason, when you contact us to remove your unwanted tree, we’ll visit your property to evaluate it. This allows us to decide on the best method for its removal. If it’s a candidate for our crane removal, we’ll get started on a plan, including choosing an area where our crane can be set up.

On the day of your tree’s removal, our crews will arrive, bringing all the necessary equipment needed for the job. We take some time to carefully set up our crane and ensure it’s level. Once it is, we can get to work. Our climber will move into place and the work can begin.

Contact us if you need to have a tree removed from your landscape. We can provide the best removal process for your needs.

S&P Tree Service offers a full range of professional tree care services, including removals, tree trimming, stump grinding, and tree preservation solutions. Keep in mind that we also offer emergency tree care services. If your tree is leaning or recently damaged by a storm, you can call us right away to assess its condition and to recommend the ideal solution.

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The Benefits Of Tree Trimming Service

The Benefits Of Tree Trimming Service

When was the last time you had a professional tree trimming service come to your property, inspect your trees, and trim them appropriately? It is not uncommon for people to put off this service, especially if they are unsure if they need it. Yet, trimming trees is a big part of maintaining them and their health. Like any other part of your home’s landscaping, the more time you put into them, the easier they are to maintain and the more valuable they are to your home. They can also flourish and add value to your property. There are many benefits to calling in a professional service for this need.

Ensure Safety

The most important reason to use a tree trimming service is that doing so will protect your family, neighbors, and others. Tree branches can become damaged for many reasons, including animal destruction, termite, disease, or weather events. You may not notice that damage at first, but if you do not have the trees trimmed routinely, these damaged areas could fall off and strike someone or someone’s property. That puts you at risk.

By having routine trimming service, you can ensure that any risk present is eliminated on a consistent basis. If you already see damage present, do not put off getting help from a professional to inspect and properly trim back the trees to minimize future damage.

Trimming Protects the Tree’s Health

Many people do not know that trimming away damaged or diseased areas of a tree is good for it. When you remove those branches, you allow the tree to focus instead on its overall healthy growth and development instead of trying to fix the underlying damage from the damaged area. If the tree tries to repair that damage instead, it is putting too much energy towards the wrong thing, and that will ultimately cause further damage to the tree.

More so, when you have trees trimmed consistently on a routine basis, this can help to keep them healthy over the long term. The initial damaged or diseased area can be removed before it spreads and becomes more of a problem. Trees with routine trimming simply grow more effectively and are likely to hold the shape you desire more consistently.

Stronger Development

Proper trimming also helps to encourage your tree to develop a stronger core. The core of the tree is what helps it to maintain its strength in a storm and grow year after year. Without a doubt, by trimming away branches that are not contributing to the tree’s overall health and development, you are able to encourage a stronger development of core health. The stronger the tree’s core is, the better it will be able to fight off storms and recover from damage.

Even if you do not care about preserving the tree long term, maintaining its core like this helps to minimize the need for costly tree removal down the road. That keeps more money in your pocket.

Improve the Tree’s Look

The trees around your home should frame it, helping to add beauty to it. When you invest in professional tree trimming service, you can be confident that this is going to happen. You certainly want to maintain the way the tree looks for aesthetics overall. Just as you would trim and shape your home’s bushes or flowers, you need to do the same thing with trees.

This ultimately helps the tree add more beauty to the home, but it also adds value to your property. If you decide to sell the home later, you will find beautiful trees that are well cared for and actually add value to it and may help encourage the sale of the home.

Trimming the Canopy Can Help Minimize Disease

Trees know to grow. They continue to grow and push upwards to reach the sunlight as other trees and branches crowd around them. Over time, the branches grow to create a very solid canopy. That dense canopy can make a tree seem very healthy to you, but it is actually at a higher risk of health problems. That dense canopy will make it hard for light and air to move through it. As a result, that means the tree is at a higher risk of damage.

By working to thin it out, with tree branch trimming, it is possible to improve the overall condition of the trees, allowing more light to move into the center and allowing air to move into it, reducing the risk of moisture buildup as well. Ultimately, the right amount of branches and proper placement enables the tree to develop and grow in a healthier manner.

Another reason this is so important is that it helps to eliminate crossing branches. When branches cross each other, wind can cause them to rub against each other. This can damage the branches and increase the risk of disease developing.

Limited Growth Where You Do Not Want It

Proper tree trimming also helps to minimize the damage the tree could do to your property. For example, by trimming back branches that are growing toward the home, you can eliminate the risk of the tree damaging the roofing. If you want to plant a garden, you don’t want the branches to grow so densely that it is impossible for the light to get through.

The key here is controlled and careful trimming. You need to trim back tree branches and improve the overall function of the tree, but you have to do so in such a way as it does not damage the health of the tree. Leaving the work to a professional is the best decision, then.

Get the Professionals You Need to Tackle the Work

At S&P Tree Service, we can provide the professional tree trimming service you need, coming to your location, learning about your needs, and making recommendations for you. Let our professionals offer insight and guidance to you on how to properly maintain your trees.

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Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Tree Removal Service

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Tree Removal Service

Trees have many amazing benefits. If you have some on your property, they definitely add aesthetic value. Unfortunately, there comes a time when you may need to get rid of a tree. For instance, if you want to build a house or any other structure where a tree stands, you will have no choice but to have the tree removed. Similarly, if a tree has been destroyed by a disease or a storm, you may also have to remove it as a safety precaution. However, whatever your reason for removing a tree from your compound might be, you should never be tempted to do it on your own. This is because the job is more difficult and complicated than it seems, and you may not have the necessary skills and equipment to handle it safely. Therefore, you need to seek the assistance of a professional tree removal service every time you need to get a tree removed from your compound. But why exactly is DIY tree removal not recommended? Below is a rundown of the main benefits you can expect by hiring a professional tree service to help you remove a tree instead of doing it on your own.

Stay Safe

Removing a tree can be a life-threatening task. Therefore, doing it on your own is an extremely risky undertaking. For instance, if you decide to remove a tree on your own, you may not have the right skills and equipment to control how it falls. Therefore, the tree might end up falling on you or another person. The good news is that you can prevent such a catastrophe by simply ensuring that the job is done by a professional tree removal service. Professionals have adequate training, experience, and equipment to ensure that the job is done in a way that does not put people in danger. Besides, these professionals are adequately insured, and therefore, even if they accidentally sustain some physical injuries while working on your property, you will not be the one to be held financially liable for their injuries since their insurance will cover them. Therefore, by hiring a professional to help you remove a tree, you can protect yourself and your family from possible injuries and effectively pass the risk of possible accidents to other people.

Prevent Property Damage

Removing a tree will not only put you in danger but also endanger the surrounding buildings and other valuables. Therefore, even if you manage to keep yourself and your family from harm’s way, there is no guarantee that you will effectively prevent property damage. A falling tree is a dead weight that will fall anywhere if it is not controlled correctly. If it falls on a house or a vehicle it can leave you with huge financial losses. The good news is that you can minimize the risk of property damage by simply hiring a professional tree removal service. Professionals will come with the right equipment and adequate manpower to ensure that the job is done in the safest way possible. For instance, if there are buildings nearby, professionals might come with cranes to ensure that the tree is removed without putting the building at risk of getting damaged. In any case, good professional tree services are bonded. This means that any damage they might cause while removing a tree from your property will be covered by their bond company. In a nutshell, hiring a professional tree removal expert will significantly reduce the risk of property damage and effectively shield you from financial losses associated with the property damage the job might lead to.

Save Time and Money

Removing a tree is usually more involved than it seems. Even if you decide to do it on your own, it will cost you some money anyway. For instance, you may need to rent the equipment you need for the job and hire a track to help you handle the waste. Unfortunately, this might end up costing you more time and money than it might cost you to simply hire a professional tree removal service. Indeed, a professional tree removal expert will remove your tree in the most efficient way possible. They will do everything from cutting down the tree to removing the stamp to cleaning up the area. Due to their extensive experience, advanced equipment, and adequate manpower, they will be able to do the job within the shortest time possible. Therefore, if you choose to hire a professional to help you remove a treat instead of doing it on your own, you might save a lot of time and money and avoid the stress associated with handling such a huge task yourself.

Be on the Right Side of the Law

Even if a tree is within your property, the law might require you to get a permit before you can remove it. However, whether you will need a permit or not will depend on where the tree is and how big it is. Unfortunately, unless you are a professional tree removal expert, it may not be easy for you to know what the law requires in any given situation. Therefore, you might end up getting at loggerheads with the authorities if you decide to remove your tree on your own. On the other hand, professional tree removal experts handle such tasks almost every day, and they are conversant with the relevant regulations. Therefore, working with a professional instead of trying to do the job on your own will go a long way in helping you stay on the right side of the law.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, if you want to remove a tree from your property for whatever reason, it is important for you to ensure that the job is done by a professional. If you are looking for a reliable tree removal expert near you, S&P Tree Service is an excellent choice. Feel free to get in touch with us today to learn more about our company.

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