September 20, 2019

6 Essential Traits of a Tree Service | Dallas

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Tree service is essential to maintain the environment and give a neat look to the surroundings of your house. The question of how frequently a tree requires service depends on its proximity to other houses and the power lines. Sometimes it also depends on the condition of the leaves of a specific tree.

Some trees need to be removed regardless of how old they are or the aesthetic value that they add to your property. And naturally you need to get in touch with a professional to assist you with it. Matters can quickly go from bad to worse if a trained tree service specialist is not hired. An arborist needs to be equipped with 8 necessary skills to resolve your issue satisfactorily.

1.  Horticultural Assessment

An experienced arborist will carry out thorough assessment of how much work is required to maintain or remove a tree. They will also never ignore the monetary value associated with the procedure.

An initial assessment for tree service is important because it help determine a client estimate the total cost, effects on the neighborhood and the duration to complete the work. A good arborist will also give the client an expert opinion on whether the tree is maintainable or if it should be removed immediately.

The more detailed the pre-assessment is, the more refined the maintenance will be.

2.  Evaluation for Pest Control

Expert arborist will also take the right measures to overcome the issue of pests around the tree and to prevent the spread of the disease as it can also affect other trees and plants in your backyard.

A good arborist will also be able to get to the root-cause of the issue and advise remedial measures to effectively dealing with them. For instance, sometimes it is not the leaves or other parts of the tree but the soil that’s causing the issues.

The second important aspect to take care of for tree maintenanceis to avoid hazards of an infected tree as it can multiply into a complex situation. Trained specialists are also aware of proper methods to clean off debris from the house after the servicing task has been completed.

If left unattended, this debris can cause major hazards for you and those around you.

3.  Adherence to Safety

A good tree specialist doing the tree trimming service will always adhere to safety measures and has a good hold over the complex situations. They exercise special caution when dealing with tools such as pole saws pruners or those that use electricity.

An expert arborist will never begin work until the people around are in a safe spot. The tree trimming especially requires safety expertise and skills to avoid a threatening situation. Trained arborists will also never use a pole saw meant to prune tree limbs, to cut plants, bushes or shrubs. Trained tree specialists also have special tools and the strategy to contain a situation related to bee hives or termites.

They also carry basic medicines and bandages to administer any first aid in case of an unexpected injury or mishap.

4.  Use of Advanced Tools

An arborist needs to be equipped with a ladder for scaling the tree, advanced power tools to avoid any short circuit or voltage shock and appropriate safety helmets and gloves to avoid contact with an infection.

A specialist for tree service will be well equipped with general tools such as ropes, hand saw, gas powered chain saw, pruners and wood chippers. Expert arborists also carry sprays to be able to deal with a pest control situation.

5.  Professional Experience

An experienced arborist will be able to overcome any unexpected or potentially dangerous situation. Their skill set allows them to make decision as per the given situation. For instance, they are well aware of the sensitivity of trimming the tree limbs and when they can turn dangerous. A good tree specialist has a firm footing as they prune the branches or limbs. Their expertise is also reflected in the way they balance themselves, especially when trimming a delicate tree.

6.  Certified and Insured

A professional arborist will also have required certifications, such as from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). It is a proven fact that licenses and insured arborists are professional and proactive in their work.

Furthermore, insured arborists have plenty of coverage against an expected mishap, injury or an accident. It is also important to hire a specialist for tree service in the Dallas area who offers a general liability. This means that only the company that administered the service will be responsible for any consequential damage.

For instance, a branch that fell off the tree after the service was completed. Be advised that uninsured companies would expect the clients to cover the cost of any accident on the worksite, such as falls, abrasions and concussions.

Seeking Professional Services

While taking care of your plants and trimming the bushes are not major tasks, maintain and removing your tree is. Tree trimming service in the Dallas area carries safety risks and it can seriously undermine the environment. Hence, it is mandatory to seek the services of professional arborists.

The Texas-based S&P Tree Service provides affordable and qualified tree service with the assistance of trained, certified and insured specialists. The company has offices in Frisco, Plano, Fort Worth, Arlington and several other cities and offers a 24/7 emergency service.


Regular tree service in the Dallas area is necessary to avert a danger in time and give your house and its surroundings a neat look. Doing so goes a long way in maintaining a healthy atmosphere in your neighborhood. Both the pruning and maintenance require that we hire professional arborists for the job. The S&P Tree Service is just one call away!