September 30, 2019

8 Signs That You Need to Immediately Remove Your Tree | Tips from Your Fort Worth Tree Removal Service Company

Photo By Maleo at Shutterstock

Trees offer countless environmental benefits and create the right balance in the ecosystem. They also give a scenic look and add to the aesthetic value of your house as well as the neighborhood.

But there are certain times when the removal of a tree becomes necessary or else it turns into environmental and/or biological hazard. Such trees should be removed especially before a tropical storm situation flattens the trees and cause irreversible damage.

Listed below are some clear signs indicating that you should hire tree removal service in the Fort Worth area.Let’s analyze them one by one.

1.  Root Decay

Inarguably, the roots of a plant or a tree are of the biggest indicators that it should be removed. A tree’s roots could be both decaying or damaged and need an urgent measure in both the cases.

Moreover, if the roots appear to be severed or the ground around them appears lifted, then these are also clear signs that you should call up a tree removal service in the Fort Worth area. The overall health of your tree is also a general and strong indicator that the roots are not healthy and that they will affect the tree’s condition in the long run.

2.  Leaning or Overhanging Branches

A tree changing its form and structure should be taken as a warning sign that calls for its removal. It is also important to carefully note if your tree is leaning gradually leaning to one side.

Ignoring a branch or a tree limb that is leaning towards the driveway, backyard or towards the main entrance of your house can cause unexpected and major damage. Sometimes you can tell if your tree will start to lean on one side just by looking at the state of the trunk.

3.  Hollow Trunk

A trunk that is hollow has cavities or is on the decay is a clear sign that your tree is losing its health and that one of its branches can fall. Such trunks are specific indicators of dying trees because the cavity is usually produced when a branch has fallen off. Also, never ignore cracks that may appear in the trunk as this is a visible sign that the decline of your tree has begun.

4.  Bark’s Health

Bark is the outermost layer of the tree stems that overlays the wood and it can be termed the skin of the tree. If the bark is chipped or peeling or if the underneath layer is brown or dry, then the tree is definitely on a decline.

The ‘scratch test’ should be carried out on multiple spots because examining only one spot might not necessarily mean that the tree is healthy. Moreover, the cracks in the bark are known as ‘cankers’, and could be a starting point of the tree’s split.

5.  Branches without Buds

A branch that breaks suddenly poses serious danger for you and those around you. However, it is possible to catch signs that your branches are decaying and they can fall.

If you spot limbs in your tree that are lacking buds, your tree could be dying. Another strong indicator of decaying buds is that these are brittle and easily breakable. Regular inspection of the buds can help you spot a disease and cease it before it reaches the trunk. That’s when a tree removal or trimmingservice in the Fort Worth area becomes necessary.

6.  Leaf Discoloration

If the leaves are losing color or are deforming then it is indeed a sign that the tree has a disease. Another smart way to be aware of the tree’s changing condition is to study its leaf fall cycle.

Understandably, trees shed the leaves in fall remain barren until the spring arrives. The change in the pattern of re-growth of leaves indicates that the tree isn’t healthy anymore. Moreover, a tree missing leaves on a certain area could also signal its falling health.

7.  Odd or Unwanted Growth

Odd growth is sometimes overlooked as an indicator of a tree’s state of health. However, the growth of an unknown plant, fungi or even a mushroom is a signal of an infection.

Infestation of insects around the roots, the trunk or anywhere else around the tree can be a signal that the tree has a disease. A healthy tree that’s resulting into unwanted growth or is blocking the view to your property requires to be removed.

8.  Excretion of Seeds

Last but not least, a tree that is excreting seeds or needle-like material is also in need of removal. Such yellowish material can be spotted around the roots of a sick tree and should be taken as a warning sign.

Professional Tree Removal

A tree that is decaying or has a disease needs removal on an urgent basis. But this is not possible without having the assistance of a professional tree removal service in the Fort Worth area. S&P Tree Service has trained arborists to cater to all of your tree removal needs.

The company provides 24/7 emergency service to deal with an unexpected situation, such as a sudden tree collapse. S&P Tree Service has years of professional experience and skills to resolve your issue.

Final Words

A diseased or weak tree poses a constant threat and requires that an urgent inspection is carried out. A tree’s condition should regularly be monitored to be able to spot a disease in time. It is mandatory to choose the right company to remove an unwanted tree or else it might result into a fatal and irreparable loss. Smart decision-making for your tree removal can help you rid of an unwanted situation and maintain a visually appealing look of your house.