November 20, 2018

What are Emergency Tree Services and When Do You Need Them? | Emergency Tree Services in Fort Worth, TX

Having a backyard or front yard with big, verdant tress is a part of many homeowners’ dreams. These picturesque trees add a degree of beauty to their homes. However, sometimes, these beautiful trees can be the source of disaster for a home as well. Different circumstances can occur which can damage your home, your property and the trees.

When it comes to emergency tree services in Fort Worth, TX, many people often assume that they will never need them. There’s also confusion regarding what counts as a tree emergency as well. These services are usually reserved for scenarios where tree removal, trimming or pruning is a necessity since it poses a danger to the lives of others.

Making use of emergency tree services in Fort Worth, TX means that you get a faster response and a solution that diffuses the danger you and your loved ones are in. Knowing when you need emergency tree services can also allow you to make the right decision at the right time.

The following are some scenarios which can make it necessary for you to make use of emergency tree services:

After a Storm

A heavy storm or rainfall can often be accompanied with strong gusts and gales of wind. These are often too strong for trees to withstand. Once the storm clears, your trees might have broken branches or bent trunks which can pose a danger to you or to others. Structural damage to surrounding property or washed away topsoil can also make it more likely for the tree to fall over.

Removing them properly can be difficult and problematic; particularly if you can’t find the right tools to trim or cut down the damaged branches. The confusion of recovering from a storm can also mean that the trees are among the last things that you pay attention to. For such cases, emergency tree services in Fort Worth, TX are necessary to minimize the damage and contain the potential for injury that these trees have.

Fallen Trees

Sometimes, after a storm with strong gusts of winds, you might see that the trees in your property have been uprooted and thrown about. These might end up on your roof, your car, shed or more. Uprooted trees need to be properly removed and disposed of as quickly as possible. Additionally, trees can fall because they are so old or the soil has loosened.

Top heavy trees are more likely to fall over at any time due to this. Emergency tree services in Fort Worth, TX are designed to help with this scenario. When a tree starts leaning at an odd angle, you should consider it as a sign. If emergency services are not initiated, the tree could fall over and cause damage to your property and other plants nearby.

Diseased Tree Removals

What do you do when your suddenly healthy tree appears to have caught a disease? Get emergency tree services in Fort Worth, TX. Many trees have diseases that are highly contagious such as the Dutch elm disease. While this disease can be limited to a certain type of tree, it can quickly decimate a grove of trees within a few weeks.

For such tree diseases, removal and containment are two important steps. You will have to remove the diseased tree in order to contain it. In this scenario getting emergency tree services is the right option as the experts know how to handle diseased trees properly. Improper handling could spread the disease further since even your tools can become carriers. By getting emergency tree services in Fort Worth, TX, you can ensure that your trees stay healthy and happy.

Property Damage to Others

When your tree causes damage to your property, it can be an irksome scenario but still bearable. However, when your neighbors have to face damage due to it, the problem can become a very irritable one and have legal implications for you as well. As a good neighbor, it is completely your responsibility to ensure that your trees are not causing any damage to your neighbor’s property.

In such cases, you can also be liable to cover the damages being caused to their property. To resolve the issue quickly and without any hard feelings, it is a good idea to make use of emergency tree services in Fort Worth, TX. With their prompt services and knowledgeable professionals, these emergency services can ensure that the trees are removed as quickly as possible and the issue is resolved without any negative legal action.

Avoid DIY

If you see a tree which needs immediate attention, the best response is to get in touch with professionals for emergency tree services in Fort Worth, TX. These are designed to handle any scenario with ease. Never try to DIY tree removal or trimming, particularly if you aren’t knowledgeable about it. Improper removal can not only cost you more in the long run but it also has a lot of risks.

Around 200 injuries, particularly ladder falls related to trees, occur each year in the U.S alone. Falling from a tree can also be deadly and a person could end up causing serious damage to their spine. Save yourself time, money and a lot of trouble by opting for professional emergency tree services in Forth Worth, TX.

Work with the Right Professionals

Not all tree professionals offer emergency tree services in Forth Worth, TX so take some time to find the right professionals. If you’re not having any luck, get in touch with S&P Tree Services. A full service, tree maintenance company, they offer you the best options, particularly for when you are experiencing tree emergencies.

If you have any questions or queries, information about their services, you can get in touch with them. The expertise of their team means that you can get the answers to all the questions you might have. With their help, a safer, greener yard is just a call away!