November 30, 2018

Tree Care and Why it Matters | Tree Service in Dallas, TX

Tree care is the cultivation, beautification, and overall management of trees through processes like pruning, trimming and thinning to make sure that they stay beautifully shaped and don’t intrude on civilian structures. Landscape architecture and urban forestry also fall into these categories. You may need these services for a variety of aesthetic reasons like beautifying your garden or your backyard, or you may need them for strictly practical purposes like getting rid of excess vegetation that is blocking your windows or doors or intruding upon your property or displacing your walls etc. Tree care is also widely used to clear roads and get rid of dead wood.

Whenever you do feel the need for tree care you should try to call a great Tree Service in Dallas, TX in order to save money and to get the job done quickly. There are myriad reasons for this including the well-being of the trees involved, the cost involved and the damage involved. Homeowner’s associations and property caregivers usually don’t have the expertise that a professional Tree Removal Service in Dallas, TX has.

Trimming and Cutting Trees

For instance, a string line weed trimmer can cause a lot of harm to a tree and constant use of the trimmer can cause trunk wounds which leave the tree open to attacks from pathogens and insects etc. A Tree care service would usually use mulch instead.

Planting Trees

If you’re looking to plant trees and not trim them down, a Tree Service in Dallas, TX will make sure that they take a great deal of care in choosing the best place to plant it. They will take in to consideration that trees end up competing for space, sunlight and water when they’re grouped together and depending on the size of maturity, one tree wins out among the others. Hence, placement is the key to a tree reaching its full potential.

What’s more is that Tree planting services will look at what goes on underneath the ground when planting trees as well, since roots compete for water. The majority of water absorbing tree and roots occur in the top six inches of the soil. Hence, the grass roots absorb most of the water and the mineral salts present in the soil. This is true of the soil around newly planted trees, resulting in that tree competing for water and nutrients. With established trees that provide a lot of shade, grass growth is discouraged, which assists the trees in getting their fair share of water and nutrients.

As far assisting plant growth in other ways, a Tree Service in Dallas, TX will also use mulching to lay a layer of wood chips and bark as well as other organic materials around trees. This will allow the soil to retain most of its moisture; it will reduce the growth of grass and weeds and will improve the overall soil fertility and structure due to aeration and moisture.

As a result, the entire aesthetic look of your lawn will improve.

Tree Removal

Sometimes it’s the only option to solve a big problem. When you’re about to do this, we strongly recommend you call a Tree Removal Service in Dallas, TX, so that the process is as smooth and simple as possible.

Trees fall all the time, in fact they fall so many times in the forest and around neighborhoods that the expression “If a tree falls in the forest…” sort of irrelevant. There are certain instances like storms and typhoons and hurricanes as well as drilling and construction that make trees fall, but most often, it’s just that due to natural wear and tear and age, a tree has reached the end of its life.

Tree specialists have the tools to take care of the situation and make sure that a tree that has fallen on your property is removed quickly and safely.

The entire process involves trimming and removal of any trees that have suffered damage, hazardous tree and limb removals, stump grinding, brush removal, debris removal etc.

As part of the removal process a Tree Removal Service in Dallas, TX, will leave the stump as close to the ground as possible, however, if you would like stump removal, you should opt for it. It can be a hazard to a landscape and is an eyesore for most people. Hence, we encourage that you let the Tree Removal Service in Dallas, TX, fully remove the stump.

Precautions for you

You should not be near the area where a tree has fallen and where it is being removed from. You should stay in a location that is far away from the affected area and not try to remove any valuables from the area.  Let the Tree Removal Service in Dallas, TX, do its job without any intrusions or interruptions and you should be fine.

This is because fallen trees tend to collapse further or break further, causing further damage to your property or to you. Any heavy limbs can break off, any nests made in the trees or any ants crawling on them and any hives on them can cause a lot of damage to you if you’re not careful. The trained professionals employed in the Tree Removal Service in Dallas, TX, have dealt with all this hundreds of times so they’re prepared for every eventuality.

While all of this is being done you are encouraged to call your insurance agency and your local emergency services at 911 if the tree has fallen on your home or if a family member or a friend or someone in the neighborhood has been trapped due to the falling of a tree.

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