November 10, 2018

Common Tree Problems Caused by External Factors | Tree Maintenance in Dallas Fort Worth Area

If changes in the physical appearance and an obstructed growth of your trees are the problems that have compelled you to surf the internet, you have landed on the right page.

Trees are the ultimate source of beauty and comfort in your home, and it is your duty to return to them what you are being provided. The favor can be returned by properly caring for your trees, knowing the problems, and getting timely tree maintenance in Dallas Fort Worth Area.

Here are some common tree problems that are caused by external factors. These include human errors and others that occur due to pest infestation or diseases.

Common Tree Problems That Occur Due to Human Errors

Let us first take a look at the common tree problems except those that the pests and diseases bring. Remember, you should only trust a certified tree service in Dallas Fort Worth Area when it comes to identifying and properly fixing these problems.

  • Over-thinning or over-topping: Excessive removal of shrubbery and/or unnecessary/undue decrease in the overall height of your trees can result in lasting damages to them. These mistakes even have the tendency to result in the untimely death of the beautifully blooming trees in your yard. The key is to either have enough knowledge or hire a professional tree trimming service in Dallas Fort Worth Area.
  • Overwatering: Everything that you feed your trees should be fed in optimal quantities, and the same goes for water. Too much water supplied to the roots can result in suffocation and death of the roots. This will ultimately result in tree and death.


  • Lack of water: As mentioned above, scarcity of water is just as bad as over watering the trees. Talk to a professional tree service in Dallas Fort Worth Area to know how much water your trees need based on their type.
  • Timely removal of stakes: As soon as your trees are able to stand on their own, the stake or supports should be removed. This will set the trees free, so they will grow stronger and in a better shape. The odds of root damage will also be minimized with the removal of the support gear.
  • Failing to get a soil analysis before fertilization: The majority of the people tend to apply fertilizers without having a soil analysis conducted. A soil analysis is important to know about the types of essentials your trees need, are lacking, or have in abundance. Just like water, both the scarcity and abundance of nutrients can cause tree problems.
  • Improper guidance: Sadly so, one of the biggest reasons trees die before time is the negligence in hiring a professional, certified tree trimming service in Dallas Fort Worth Area or trusting local service providers to get advice from. If you don’t want to see your tree dying, ensure you only talk to a trusted, well-reputed provider with a decent tenure in the industry.
  • Carefree purchases: A lot of us tend to buy trees from where we are offered low prices. This approach is entirely wrong, especially when you are expecting the tree to beautify your lawn for a long time. Plants sold at low-cost are often sold in a root-bound condition, and this causes them to die just when they are young.
  • Root pruning: The loss of root tissue has a direct effect on the overall wellbeing of the trees. It also negatively impacts the stability of the trees you have. For this reason and more, make sure you get the trees inspected by the professional providers of routine and emergency tree service in Dallas Fort Worth Area. This is strongly advised because root pruning is usually not evident for years unless inspected thoroughly.
  • Wrong spots: Putting the “right tree in the right place” is the key to your trees’ health and long life. Consider everything including the environment, the spatial aspect, and the maintenance needed in a particular location when planting trees. Of course, the best choice is to hire an expert for tree maintenance in Dallas Fort Worth Area.

Top Tree Pest and Disease Problems

  • Wood-boring insects: Wood tissues often act as the breeding home for certain insects. Some insects in the adult or larval stages bore in the tree wood and nurture there. These insects can result in the decline of your trees because they tend to weaken the trunk and the limbs. Some common types of these creepy-crawlies include pine bark beetles, oak bark beetles, eucalyptus long-horned borer, and shot-hole borer in citrus. This is another reason you should schedule regular maintenance visits with a reliable tree service in Dallas Fort Worth Area to identify and treat such problems because your trees die of the damage.


  • Psyllid’s: A type of insect that sucks out the juices from tree leaves. These insects cause tree defoliation and result in a massive decline often followed by death.
  • Scale insects: These type of insects cause immobile bumps on the stems of your trees and plants, and they are tiny in size. They too suck out the juice from tree branches and the branches that are heavily infested die.
  • Whiteflies: These are more like psyllids and not the actual flies. Heavy infestation of whiteflies can result in yellow leaves that dry up and drop too early.
  • Anthracnose: If your trees have leaves with unequal dead areas, it is fungus anthracnose that is to be blamed.
  • Sooty Mold: Sooty mold is a type of fungi that is dark and grows on the surface of trees and plants that are covered with insect honeydew. These are generally harmless but can cause damages if sunlight exposure is obstructed due to the abundance of fungi.
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch: While this disease is mainly found in oleander plants, it can affect others including ash, elm, mulberry, sycamore, liquidambar, and olive trees. The leaves of the plants that are infected turn yellow or brown at the tips and get dried up to eventually die.

Do you suspect any of the above-given problems in your trees? Are you unaware of the right type of fertilizer or the optimal quantity of water your trees need? S&P Tree Service in Dallas Fort Worth Area can help you out. Connect with the experts today!