November 19, 2022

Tree Removal Service: Risks Of DIY Tree Removal To Homeowners | Aledo, TX

Removing a tree is not a task that an average homeowner in Aledo, TX can tackle. It’s a dangerous endeavor that can lead to injuries, death, and property damage. In fact, the fatality rate among tree professionals is 15 times more compared to other industries.

Cutting a tree is more than using a saw or an ax to hack the branches or the trunk. It involves considering technical aspects such as proximity to power lines, closeness to structures, and bystanders’ safety.

When felling a tree, a lot is at stake; you should seek professional tree removal services from experienced arborists or tree surgeons. Not yet convinced? Continue reading why the DIY approach is hazardous.

Lack of Appropriate Equipment

Various tools, such as axes, saws, and pruners, are involved during tree removal. Using the wrong tools can result in accidents. Tree removal professionals are trained to use all these tools.

You should put on safety gear such as a safety glove and glasses, a hard hat, and chainsaw pants if you are cutting trees to protect yourself against injuries.

If you take the DIY approach, you must buy all this equipment and gear to safely and successfully remove trees. To avoid this hassle, you can opt for professional tree removal services.


After cutting down the tree, you cannot control where it falls. You might misjudge where the tree will land even if you try to change the direction using careful cutting techniques.

The branch or tree may end up falling on your property or neighbors, causing massive damage or even falling on you, resulting in severe injuries.

Decaying Wood

Decaying trees are unpredictable. It can take time to estimate where the center of gravity or direction of the fall is. Even for tree specialists, it’s challenging; that’s why they use cranes.

Contact a professional tree removal service provider if you note any decaying patches on your tree. The tree specialist will cut it down before it falls without warning.

Dangerous Branches and Debris

As the tree falls, some branches will drop too. If you do not take precautions, the debris and limbs may fall on you and anyone else or damage your property. This risk is more common in older and decaying trees.

Chainsaw Safety

When it comes to the chainsaw, you have to be careful. It is wise for homeowners not familiar with this machine to seek professional tree removal services.

Cutting a tree down with a chainsaw needs practice. If not handled properly, chainsaws can be unpredictable and dangerous, causing severe injuries.

Sometimes chainsaws can suddenly or forcefully recoil upon hitting a hard surface, for instance, a tree causing them to kick back and even harm the person operating them.


If your tree is near a power line, it is advisable to contact a tree surgeon in your area. When cutting the tree, its branches may fall on a power line, causing a blackout in your neighborhood. In worse cases, you may end up electrocuting yourself.

Research shows that the significant causes of death among tree trimmers are electrocution and falls. Electrocution leads with 36 percent, while fatalities due to falls comprise 32 percent. Removing a branch or tree near a power line requires a lot of experience and expertise.

Unnecessary Removal

In some cases, you may end up removing trees that do not need to be removed. Unless you are an arborist, it is hard to assess your tree’s health properly.

You might end up cutting the healthy tree and leaving the damaged ones. A professional arborist will know the trees in your compound that need to stay.


Some homeowners do not know that you need approval from municipal authorities to cut down some trees, even if they are on your private property. Failure to seek permission from the authority may result in hefty fines.

Sometimes a part of the tree may extend onto your neighbor’s property; thus, you need to seek consent before taking down the tree. Professional tree removal services expert knows the regulations related to your trees and the necessary steps.

Messy Cleanup

You will need to cut your tree in sections to ease the after-cleanup and transportation. If the tree is large, removing it on your own could take weeks to cut every piece of the tree. But hiring professional tree removal service specialists would save you time as they will day-to-complete the task in a day.

Accident to Others

Falling trees also risk your family, friends, and neighbors. They may be injured in the process. Seek tree removal services from a specialist who’ll secure a safety zone based on calculations and keep individuals away from the tree removal area.

Lack of Knowledge and Expertise

Taking down a tree is more challenging than you may think. It requires an expert to cut it down while minimizing damages.

Tree removal service professionals can recognize hazardous branches and cut them off before the rest of the tree comes down and calculate where the tree will fall. Without training, tree removal can be dangerous; you might end up with a tree on top of your property or even your neighbor’s property.

Fire Hazards

Cutting down trees, especially pine trees, may cause them to become dry and brittle. This dryness causes it to be a fire hazard. It is wise that after cutting down your pine tree, haul it close to the ground and let it lay on the ground for some time before carrying it. To be safe, you should consult a licensed tree removal service company in Aledo, TX.

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