November 20, 2022

Our Crane Tree Removal Service And Experienced Technicians | Aledo, TX

Not all tree removal companies have a crane for the safe removal of trees in or near Aledo, TX. Many contractors that offer crane tree removal service actually rent the crane from another business and may not be experts in its use. S&P Tree Service features crane tree removal service and our own equipment that we expertly maintain. Each of our crane operators and crew members is meticulously trained and committed to employing the safest and best practices for removing trees from residential and commercial landscapes. We’ve developed tried-and-true practices that make our tree removal service the safe service you can count on.

What Makes Our Company Safety Experts?

S&P Tree Service offers safe tree removal service. While we frequently point to our safety record as evidence of our safe service, we can also explain exactly how we go about removing trees safely with the use of a crane.


When we show up to your property to perform tree removal service, you’ll probably notice our headsets or other connective devices. We prioritize communication between our crane operator, climber/cutter, and ground crew because this type of work is dynamic. Our crews have to be flexible to address any obstacles that might arise. Good communication also begins with a sound removal plan. Each of our team members will become familiar with the custom plan for your tree’s safe crane tree removal service.

Choosing the Right Equipment

There are different types of cables and slings that we might use for removing trees and tree limbs as they’re cut away by our climber. This is where our intensive training comes into play. We have the proper training to identify the right tools for each aspect of the job. Whether it’s choosing the right harness or saw, our crew members will make the right choice of equipment.

Cutting Tree Sections

Our climbers/cutters have years of experience performing tree removals and crane tree removal service. They have to because once up in the tree top, it can be awkward. They have the skills needed to make difficult cuts safely. They are trained to properly harness themselves to our crane and harness the sections of the tree before making any cuts.

What Is the Crane Removal Process Like?

Crane tree removal service is generally a streamlined process. However, we always adapt the process to each individual tree. Large trees have different growth habits. Our approach to their safe removal must, necessarily, take each specific tree element into account. To begin a removal job, our arborist / technicians will visit your Aledo, TX property to assess the tree that you want us to remove. The condition of the tree is important to note. It must be in stable condition in order for our cutter/climber to work on it.

After evaluating the tree, we’ll take time to assess the site itself. The crane has to operate on flat ground. So, we’ll be looking for the best place to set it up for the tree’s removal. Many sites are difficult to access. However, that’s why a crane makes removing hard-to-access trees possible. After examining the tree and site, we’ll be able to develop a thorough plan for the removal job.

On the day of the removal, we will bring the crane, crews, and other equipment needed for the job. S&P Tree Service has the crane and all the equipment needed to perform our crane tree removal service. The first step is to revisit our plan to make sure that nothing has changed as far as the tree’s condition is concerned. We’ll also inspect the site to make sure that there are no cars or other features in the vicinity of the job site that might be damaged.

Next, we will set up the crane. Our technicians have to be certain the crane is level for its safe use. An unlevel crane is dangerous. That’s why it is so important to hire a tree removal company that is experienced with crane tree removal service. Once the crane is level and we’ve designated a drop zone, we can get to work.

The first phase of the removal involves lifting our climber/cutter into the tree. The crane operator will drop them near the place where they can make the first cut. Before they can cut the top section or limb away, they have to carefully harness it using a sling or cables to the crane. When it’s safely harnessed, they will make the cut. The crane then lifts off the section and drops it carefully in the drop zone. Our ground crews cut the tree section down to size for easy hauling.

We repeat this process for each tree section. This is why crane tree removal service has a reputation for safe, streamlined removal. The process is safe and efficient. Once the tree is cut down and we are able to load up our trucks with the tree wood, we can haul it away. The last step in the process is typically stump grinding, a service we also offer.

If you have a large tree that needs to be removed from your Aledo, TX, residential or commercial property, you can trust S&P Tree Service. We have all the skills and safety measures needed to be your first choice in crane tree removal service. Our company also provides other tree care services. We offer tree trimming and tree pruning. We also inspect trees and provide tree preservation services.

Contact us if you have a tree that needs an emergency removal or to schedule an inspection. S&P Tree Service is licensed, insured, and experienced. Plus, we’re committed to providing customers with fair, upfront rates for all of our solutions.

Photo By ArturHenryk at Shutterstock