November 17, 2022

Professional Tree Trimming Service: Know The Benefits | Weatherford, TX

With the holidays around the corner, you might not have given the trees on your landscape a second thought at this busy time of year. However, now is a great time to perform landscape maintenance before the seasonal holidays and winter storms. Lining up tree trimming service for your Weatherford, TX residential or commercial property is important for keeping your property safe as well as attractive. S&P Tree Service specializes in tree trimming service as well as tree removals and tree preservation. We feature a team of professional arborists and tree trimming technicians who have a reputation for providing tree care with safety and expertise. Before you put off tree care any longer, be sure you understand the benefits of tree trimming.

Improve Tree Health

Trimming trees is good for the health of your trees. Cutting away certain branches and limbs allows the other parts of the tree to have greater access to nutrients. Unruly branches or diseased limbs should be removed to promote the overall health of your tree. Of course, it can be tough to discern which limbs and branches should be removed. That’s why it’s always best to hire a professional tree trimming service like S&P Tree Service to handle all of your tree care needs.

Promote Tree Growth

Regular tree trimming promotes the healthy growth of your trees. Not only should you get rid of dying or dead tree limbs (that will attract pests that can further harm the health of the tree); you can encourage your tree to grow well. Of course, different trees have different trimming and pruning needs. That’s why customers choose us. Our company features certified arborists who understand each tree’s needs. We always deliver customized services that are tailored to your specific tree and landscape needs.

Improve the Appearance of the Tree and Landscape

A tree that isn’t maintained with routine trimming can grow to be unruly. If large branches are detracting from your home’s curb appeal or the tree looks unkempt, a tree trimming service appointment is in order. Now is a great time to tidy up your yard before the holidays. If you’re planning to list your home on the real estate market, you’ll definitely want to make sure your property looks its best. Well-cared for trees are a property asset. Routine tree trimming keeps them looking their best while also supporting their health.

Improves Safety

Unkempt trees are a property liability. In that light, tree trimming service is a necessity. Dead or dying tree limbs are at great risk of falling during powerful winds and storms. If you already have storm-damaged limbs, it’s important to let a tree trimming service remove them before they fall on your home and damage your roof or garage–or worse, even a person or pet. Plus, it’s much cheaper to be proactive and prevent tree limb damage by removing problematic limbs than it is to repair the damage to your property after they fall.

Inspection Services

When you hire a professional tree trimming service like S&P Tree Service, our technicians are able to inspect the tree to ensure that it’s not suffering from a disease or infested by pests. We can make sure that your tree is in good health when we visit to trim the tree or trees on your Weatherford, TX property.

Allow More Light

Trimming trees is a good idea to safeguard the health of your lawn and other plants. Large trees cast considerable shade. While shade is definitely an attribute in our sunny region of Texas, too much shade means that sun-loving plants can’t get the light they need to thrive. Grass that’s deprived of sunlight will struggle to grow, and a struggling lawn is more vulnerable to weeds and pests.

Are There Certain Types of Tree Trimming Methods?

When you contact us for tree trimming service, we can inspect your trees and landscape to recommend the ideal pruning or trimming solutions. Often, trees simply need to be pruned; we can remove any dead wood and encourage the tree’s healthy growth while improving its appearance. However, in some cases, you may simply need the crown of your tree thinned in order to allow more sunlight to reach the understory of your tree and landscape. You may need a method known as crown lifting that results in the removal of lower branches to give the tree a more pleasing appearance or to prevent low branches from hanging too close to sidewalks or the home.

Our arborists and tree cutting technicians can discuss your tree before trimming it to ensure you get the services you’re looking for. As you may know, your tree is a property asset. Caring for your trees and preserving them can actually add value to your property.

Our Tree Care Services

We bring all the equipment needed to trim your trees. Our crews prioritize safety of our team and your property throughout the process. In some cases, we may use special equipment like a crane if the tree is large and difficult to access. Cranes are ideal for removing large limbs that cannot safely be removed by traditional methods. We offer crane tree removals and tree trimming for our customers. We also offer a full lineup of tree preservation services to keep your trees in excellent health. Our services include stump grinding and tree health inspections too.

Contact S&P Tree Service if you want to schedule tree trimming service for your Weatherford, TX property. After trimming your trees, we can even clean up the debris and haul away those messy or diseased branches. Let our skilled arborists help you create a healthy and attractive landscape to complement your holiday home. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Photo By Virrage Images at Shutterstock