December 15, 2021

The Easy Way Out: Crane Tree Removal Service | Dallas, TX

Photo By Peterfactors at istock

There’s Paul Bunyan and then there’s S&P Tree Service. Sure, you can fell a tree with axes and saws, but that could take a while–and cause sore muscles, aching back, torn tendons, etc…At S&P Tree Service, we prefer crane tree removal service and have invested heavily in state-of-the-art cranes and related machinery to more quickly and safely remove trees from our customers’ property. We have to believe that if that famous lumberjack Paul Bunyan had access to cranes, he’d take the easy way out too!

Crane Tree Removal Service: The Best Way to Remove Trees

Crane tree removal service is the best method for tree removal today. Labor-intensive tree removal with electric or gas-powered saws is still a time-consuming process. Using a crane, on the other hand, allows our tree removal technicians a more effective way to efficiently and safely deliver our tree removal solutions. Unfortunately, not all Dallas tree service contractors have access to cranes.

S&P Tree Services has invested in cranes and training for our technicians so that they can operate them safely. Using cranes to remove trees requires attention to machine safety. We have a track record of safe and efficient tree removals all over the Dallas region. For safe and painless tree removal, a crane tree removal service is best.

What Is the Process for Crane Tree Removal Service?

Here is how we typically proceed with crane tree removal service for our Dallas, TX, customers:

Inspection of Site

If you have a dead or diseased tree that requires removal, S&P Tree Service arborists will visit your home or commercial property to inspect the job. This is an important part of our work as it allows us to determine where precisely to set up our crane. We take many factors into consideration such as any obstacles that may be present as well as elevation and grade changes. Every tree’s removal is a bit different because every tree is different. That’s why we customize our plan to suit your tree’s removal and terrain.

Move the Crane into Place

On the day of the removal, we’ll move our crane into place per our early plan. We will place it in the agreed-upon work zone and then ensure that it is level. The cranes we use feature stabilizers and outriggers for enhanced safety. Consequently, we will carefully set up the crane to ensure its safe and efficient operation. Our set-up process typically lasts about 30 minutes depending on the complexity of the landscape.

Preparing for the Removal Process

Once the crane is on the scene, our technicians will finalize their removal plan. We carefully plan each cut and crane lift to ensure your tree’s safe and efficient removal. There are various factors that affect this part of our plan. For instance, we want to carefully estimate the weight of each tree part that we cut away. Plus, different tree types and their growth habits can affect our rigging and lifting methods. Once this of our process is completed, we can begin the actual removal.

Cutting the Tree Down

Because we are very thorough about our crane tree removal service plans, our projects tend to run very smoothly. Once we have our plan finalized, we will begin the removal. Our crane operator will lift the tree technician to the site of the first cut. The technician will make the appropriate attachments so that the crane can lift the tree section that’s been cut by the technician. Once the piece has been completely cut away, the crane will remove it to our designated drop zone. We’ll continue to cut the tree down using this method until the removal is complete.

A Safer Way to Remove Trees

Because our technicians are harnessed with lifelines as are the tree’s various removed sections, we’re able to achieve an advanced degree of safety. There are not large falling limbs or trunk parts to worry about. Our cranes carefully and strategically lift these pieces to a designated drop area. Once the tree is removed, we can then contend with the pieces on the ground. Our ground crew team often cuts larger tree pieces down to size. Smaller pieces can be fed into a wood chipper.

Choose Crane Tree Removal Service from S&P Tree Service

If you live in or around Dallas, you should consider S&P Tree Service and our crane tree removal solutions. Cranes are incredibly helpful for allowing our technicians to more easily and safely remove tall trees. In many situations, cranes allow us to access areas that would be inaccessible without them. We find that while crane service allows us to complete these removals more quickly, it’s really the enhanced safety that makes them a must for our business.

By using our cranes, we are able to ensure our technician’s safety with more certainty and provide a more eco-friendly way to remove trees. Crane removals disturb the environment less than traditional removals do. Remember that many trees that are targeted for removal are unstable because they’ve been damaged from storms or are suffering from a serious tree disease like root rot. Using a crane allows us greater control over the removal. As a result, we feel safer and have an easier time conquering even the most complex tree removals.


If you need an experienced crane tree removal service in Dallas, TX, contact S&P Tree Service to schedule your tree’s removal. We’ll set a date to visit your property and inspect the job. On the day of the removal, you can expect us to bring everything needed to safely remove your unwanted tree(s). Call us to learn more about all of our tree trimming and removal services. We’re happy to answer all of your questions.