December 18, 2021

Crane Tree Removal Service: A Safer Tree Removal Alternative | Fort Worth, TX

Photo By Melissa E Dockstader at Shutterstock

Hiring a contract to remove trees on your property is convenient but it’s also a matter of safety. Tree removal service providers feature skilled arborists who do this type of task for a living. But when it comes to safety, a crane tree removal service is actually a better, safer solution for getting rid of unwanted trees that may be dead or in poor health. S&P Tree Service operates cranes to remove trees from Fort Worth, TX residential and commercial properties. Not all tree-cutting businesses feature crane tree removal services. However, because of the enhanced safety and convenience of cranes, we’ve invested in cranes and are able to provide this solution to our customers.

When Trees Are Hazards

Sometimes Fort Worth customers request us to remove perfectly healthy trees because they’re simply in the way. On the other hand, we’re frequently contacted to remove dead trees or trees that are suffering from a tree disease such as root rot. Removing these trees can be challenging, particularly when the trees are quite large. Because of their poor health, they are structurally unsound. In such cases, they pose a real safety threat to people and property.

The best way to remove hazardous trees is with a crane tree removal service. Trees that are diseased or infested with pests are unsafe for climbing. In fact, as these trees are cut down, they can unexpectedly crumble, putting the climber in a very risky situation. The best way to remove unsound trees is with the use of a crane. Crane tree removal is safer for climbers because they are braced with a harness connected to the crane. Even so, cutting down diseased trees is a painstaking job. Cranes allow arborists to perform this work more safely.

Cranes Improve Accessibility

Many trees are challenging to take down simply because of their location. Trying to access such trees often poses a safety risk in itself. Also, felling a tree in a heavily populated area isn’t like chopping one down in the forest. If heavy limbs fall where they aren’t meant to, they can harm property or people. In many cases, cranes make removing tree limbs entangled in wires a safer process too.

Using a crane means that as the tree is cut down, portions of it are lifted and set in a safe drop zone. The portion being removed is harnessed and the cable carries them away once the climber completes the cut. In some cases, it simply wouldn’t be possible to cut down a tree safely any other way. That’s why S&P Tree Service offers crane tree removal service to our Fort Worth, TX customers.

Removing Fallen Trees

While many people opt for crane tree removal services to safely take down tall or hard-to-access trees, it’s common practice to use cranes when trees have fallen on structures such as homes, garages, or other types of buildings. These are serious situations and hazardous. Removing huge, heavy fallen limbs requires climbers to access unstable areas. It’s much safer to use a crane to remove portions of the tree at a time rather than attempting to cut it down and allow tree parts to fall where they can cause more damage or decrease the stability of the wreckage area.

About Our Crane Tree Removal Service

S&P Tree Service favors the use of cranes for these types of situations. Safety is our top priority and we have a track record for our crane tree removal service safety. Our technicians and crane operators train extensively to safely operate all of our equipment, including our cranes. Setting up a crane, for instance, requires immense know-how. Our operators must inspect the ground. If it’s too soft, it will affect the crane’s stability.

Consequently, each setup process involves ensuring crane stabilization. Sometimes we must level the ground using wood blocks. Cranes must operate on level ground or they can become unbalanced when lifting heavy sections of the tree. Our technicians are well aware of the risks and know how to mitigate them in order to provide a safe crane tree removal service.

In addition, our climbers have also trained extensively in order to master their part of the crane removal process. They must be able to estimate tree weight so that each tree portion can be safely lifted and carried away by the crane. Some pieces of trees can weigh in excess of a thousand pounds. Operators always need to be aware of the crane’s maximum load so that it is never exceeded.

Cranes for Tree Maintenance

Of course, S&P Tree Service doesn’t only remove trees. We also help Fort Worth property owners maintain their trees. Tall, hard-to-access trees need to be trimmed periodically too. Storms frequently blow through town and damage heavy limbs. These damaged limbs pose a serious safety risk should they fall during the next storm that comes along. We’re able to use our cranes to remove these dangerous limbs or diseased portions of trees. Cranes make our job safer and more efficient.

Contact S&P Tree Service for All Your Tree Removal and Maintenance Needs

Fort Worth, TX property owners choose S&P Tree Service because we have the experience and expertise needed to maintain and remove all types of trees. Not every area tree service has invested in cranes. We not only offer crane tree removal service, but we invest in continued training for our arborists and other high-quality equipment needed to perform our work safely and quickly. Never trust an unlicensed operator to remove trees on your property; it’s a serious liability. Instead, call the tree experts at S&P Tree Service. We can inspect your tree and come up with a safe plan for its removal.