December 12, 2021

Emergency Tree Service Removals: Do This, Not That | Fort Worth, TX

Photo By bearsky23 at Shutterstock

If you have diseased or damaged trees on your Fort Worth, TX, property, you may need to consider their removal if the trees cannot be saved. There are safe and unsafe ways to remove trees. At S&P Tree Service, we prioritize safety as a matter of course. However, not all contractors have the training or commitment to safety that we do. If you have a tree that you suspect requires emergency tree service removal, it’s important to keep the following suggestions in mind.

When It Comes to Tree Removal, Do This

Get an Inspection from a Trained Arborist

How do you know that your tree is beyond saving? In many cases, advanced disease or serious damage makes the decision to take down a tree an obvious one. But what if you aren’t sure? Leaving a diseased or damaged tree in place can be a liability. These trees are more vulnerable to falling down during severe Fort Worth storms. Even during high winds, severely diseased and damaged trees are at increased risk for falling. If they fall, they can damage property or even cause injuries to people and pets.

If you’re unsure about the condition of your tree, consult with one of the tree experts at S&P Tree Service. If we recommend emergency tree service, we can provide you with a detailed report of our findings. Or, we can recommend the ideal care to save your tree. In many cases, trees can be saved. They may need advanced tree care or strategic pruning. Our tree experts will advise you based on the condition of your tree.

Hire a Professional Emergency Tree Service

There are lots of contractors around Fort Worth who may offer to take down your tree or trim your trees for a ‘great deal.’ However, how do you know they are licensed, bonded, and insured? What if they’re inexperienced and injure themselves seriously while removing your tree? Are you prepared for the legal consequences of hiring an uninsured and unlicensed operator? S&P Tree Service is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured business; our technicians are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Additionally, our crews continually train to learn the latest arboriculture techniques. When you need emergency tree service, always opt for a professional tree service like our company.

Clear the Area

If you have concerns about a tree and are awaiting emergency tree service removal, be sure to keep the area clear. Don’t allow kids to play near the tree. Keep pets away too. If the tree is located near your driveway, park your cars elsewhere until the situation is dealt with. Avoid taking any unnecessary risks. Once S&P Tree Service arrives, they will work efficiently and safely to remove problem trees.

Use the Right Tools

Do you know that trees shouldn’t be cut down while on a ladder? Of course, most Fort Worth property owners don’t have a crane to properly cut down trees. Luckily, S&P Tree Service does. It’s crucial to use the right equipment when it comes to tree removals. Safety gear like gloves and goggles are a must. We carefully maintain all of our equipment from our cranes to our saws to ensure that it’s ready in the event that we’re called on to provide emergency tree service to a Fort Worth customer. Never attempt to remove your trees without having the right safety and tree removal equipment. Moreover, it’s not only the tools that are important. The operators of the tools must have the training to use them effectively and safely.

When It Comes to Tree Removal, Don’t Do That

Do It Yourself

You might decide to save yourself some expense by cutting down trees on your property. You’ve got a chainsaw and ladder, right? Wrong! This is such a dangerous situation that we wish there was legislation against it! Every year, more than 36,000 people are injured by chainsaws. Wobbly ladders or loss of balance while standing on a ladder are serious risks themselves, but adding a chainsaw to the mix only heightens the risk. We hope you never take that risk. Our crews are highly trained and have all the safety skills and equipment needed to take down trees without risking injury to themselves or others.

Don’t Cut Down Trees Near Utility Lines

In many cases, if problem trees are located near utility lines, you may want to consult your power company as well as your tree service. Never attempt to trim these trees or remove them yourself. Falling limbs can knock out power lines and lead to incredibly dangerous live wire situations. If you have a tree near your home but it’s located on public land, contact the city for more information. They may remove the tree or consult with the power company themselves.

Don’t Ignore Damaged Trees

Many property owners in Fort Worth don’t take much notice of the trees on their property. However, it’s important to inspect your trees for signs of damage and poor health. If you notice that branches are losing their foliage or the foliage is wilting, you should suspect a problem. If you notice the presence of tree trunk damage or your tree has been struck by lightning, you should definitely not ignore the tree. It may require emergency tree service removal.

If you need emergency tree service in or near Fort Worth, TX, you can rely on the experienced tree technicians and trained arborists at S&P Tree Service. We are known for our fair pricing and safety record. While we do tackle emergency tree service removals on a routine basis, we also provide related services such as seasonal tree trimming, stump grinding, and crane tree services. Let us help you maintain your landscape with our reliable tree care solutions.