July 30, 2018

Signs That It Is Time to Remove Your Tree | Tree Removal Service in the Dallas Fort Worth Area

Cutting down and removing trees for the right reasons is imperative. When you are living in an urban area, there are a few things that could go wrong with your tree, and during these situations you have no other option but to remove it. If your tree is dying for certain reasons, it is time you should remove it.

Now, it is not easy removing trees. There is a lot of hard labor that goes into cutting them down. It becomes harder if the tree holds emotional value for you, for instance if you grew up with the tree and looked after it. You may, however, be compelled to remove it particularly if you have to re-design your garden.

You do not just go around cutting trees ruthlessly every day.  Cutting down trees has a cost for the environment. And it’s not just the environment that deals with the consequences. Trees are a vital source of oxygen for all of us. They essentially ensure your survival. They are there to regulate environmental catastrophes and have the potential to prevent damage if they are situated in the right place. And given the number of natural catastrophes that we have started facing every year, it makes no sense to simply cut them down because we need them. The environment needs them. You can tell that nature has its own way of taking revenge if we mess with it.

Therefore, you need to think twice before removing trees. That also goes for the time when a tree has been struck by lightning. You may think that it needs to be removed but you may need to double-check. Sometimes the tree can be put back in place and grow.

If it is near your home, you have to put safety first. For instance, you can’t have a long branch come through your window, block the entrance, or be an obstruction to the neighbors. You can’t have a tree that jams against the house during storms or strong winds.

Should I remove my tree?

Here are some suitable conditions the justify removing trees:

  • A damaged tree needs to be removed, even if it lives on for several years because its normal growth and development would be inhibited. If the trunks are cracked or there are other visible signs indicating internal damage, the tree should be uprooted. If there are many dead branches that have become obstructions to you, your property or neighbors, it is time to remove them.
  • If the tree is growing close to power lines, it should be removed since there is a risk of injury or death, especially during rainstorms. This is a job that should be left to tree removal services. Doing it yourself could kill you or cause irreparable damage.
  • Some trees may actually be unhealthy and pose health hazards for nearby residents. For instance, a tree should be removed if it is infested or has fungal growth near the roots. Not all trees that have fungal growth are dangerous though. It takes a professional to examine the health of a tree and determine whether it needs to be cut down. To identify an unhealthy tree, look for dead branches, signs of decay, reduced growth of leaves or absence of flowers.

Should I do it myself?

While it is easier to cut down small tress because you just need to snip them, it takes a professional to remove large trees. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into cutting down trees, and you need specialized equipment to handle the task. Before you hire a tree removal service in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, here are the things that you need to take into consideration:

  • Make sure that the service you hire is accredited through International Society of Arboriculture. The organization has a rigorous process for certification and over 25,000 professionals have received accreditation to date.
  • When it comes to cutting down a tree, as mentioned above, a lot of hard work needs to be done on the surrounding landscape. Therefore, it is better that you just leave it to an expert. Hiring a professional for tree removal service in the Dallas Fort Worth Area can save you a lot of trouble and you can feel assured that the job is well done with the right people and the right equipment. Doing so can help save the landscape or surrounding property, and there would be a lower chance of anything going wrong.
  • Tree removal service in the Dallas Fort Worth Area could re-structure your property at a fair price. They have the technical knowledge of caring for, maintaining, and removing trees. A task that takes you days to complete would take professionals only a few hours with the right tools and knowledge. Hiring services could spare you long-term costs or liabilities. Furthermore, when hiring a tree removal service in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, it is important to consult a few organizations and take references of customers who have used their services to determine which organization you should hire. Rates could vary according to what the organization is offering.
  • When you look for a tree removal service in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, choose a service that does not advertise of promote tree tipping.
  • Doing the job yourself is costly, especially if the tree is over 50 feet tall and several decades old. Imagine the amount of remnants that you would need to clear if you do the job yourself. That is more expensive than hiring a tree removal service in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. The job is harder if the tree hangs over your garage or house. Removing a tree is not a job for amateurs. Besides, trees are more dangerous and difficult to remove if they are old and dying. Safety comes first. You could get into a tragic accident or seriously injure someone else. Removing a tree has consequences.

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