August 10, 2018

4 Methods to Safely Remove a Tree Stump | Tree Removal Service in Dallas, TX

Trees once planted are there for almost a lifetime. They grow large and strong and provide ample benefits to its surrounding environment in multiple ways. But there are times when these trees, if not taken care of or due to some epidemic, start to suffer from diseases that are incurable. During such times it is usually decided to cut down the tree.

Once the tree is cut down it is obvious that the remainder of the portion that is above or below the ground which includes the tree trunk and roots will eventually die. After this, they would start to decay but the decaying process takes a very long time. According to expert tree removal service in Dallas, TX, it is better if you get the tree stump removed as early as possible. If you wait for the tree parts to decay completely, it would take a lot of time.

One thing, however, that needs to be kept in mind is that removal of a tree stump is not an easy task. Although it can be done on your own with the help of necessary equipment and safety items sometimes there might be a need to call for a tree removal service in Dallas, TX that can help you with it.

Here in this article, we have mentioned 4 basic methods that can be used at your own convenience or with the assistance of a tree service in Dallas, TX to remove the stumps from the ground.

Use of a Tree Stump Grinder

If you use a tree stump grinder to remove the stump then it means that you are opting for a mechanical removal. Stump grinding tree service in Dallas, TX that can help you with the process. They give you the basic instructions required to remove the tree either manually or with heavy machinery. It is extremely important that you wear proper safety gear while you attempt to remove the stump. This includes wearing long sleeves, long pants, steel toe boots, eye protection, and hearing protection.

The stump grinder itself is made up of a toothed circular cutting blade. This blade grinds or chops away the stump and breaks it into several small pieces. It is recommended by many tree service in Dallas, TX that prior to using the stump grinder on the stump remove any sort of debris that has formed on the stump or any rocks near it as it could slow down the removal process or even damage the teeth on the cutting wheel. Next, use a chainsaw that helps removes any bulk of the stump or the trunk so that it becomes close to the ground.

The grinder works in a side to side motion as it keeps cutting every 3 inches of the stump at every attempt.

Use of Chemicals

Many home garden centers have the necessary chemicals available that can be used for the removal of the stump by speeding up the decaying process of the stump. These chemicals are mostly made up of potassium nitrate that helps to expedite the decomposition process. Nitrogen is also used in high quantity in chemical fertilizers that facilitate the decaying process as it produces more bacteria. This assists in removing the stump more easily.

Holes are drilled in the stump and chemicals, mixed with water, are poured into it. These holes are of large diameter and the chemicals poured into them are usually left for weeks so that they are able to do their work. When using chemicals for the removal of a stump it is advised by tree removal service in Dallas, TX to make sure that the stump has become soft and kids or pets do not enter this area.

Use of Fire

One method that is commonly used for eliminating the presence of large tree stumps is to burn them out. For this method also you need to drill large diameter holes into the stump and fill them with fuel or kerosene oil. Remember to never use gasoline as it will cause more harm as per the emergency tree service in Dallas, TX. After the holes have been filled with oil wait for a week or two or until the oil has been completely soaked. Now lit a matchstick and put them in each of the drilled holes.

Now wait for a few days and you will notice that the stump starts to burn and finally you would be left with a charred hole. This method is useful for stumps that are small or have been left behind after using any of the other methods.

Be sure to check that there are no children and pets around this area while the stump has been left for smoldering and that your areas fire codes and rules allow you to follow this procedure.

Manual Removal

If the stump is not too big and is applied on trees with shallow root systems then according to tree removal service in Dallas, TX you can dig it out manually.

You need to first dig a perimeter around the stump and make sure that it is wider as it will allow you more space for maneuverability. This will also expose many major roots that could then be cut with a circular saw or an ax. A pickaxe can be used to further loosen the soil and loosening the stump from all sides until it is finally free.


These methods can be used to remove the stump easily and with minimum effort. Tree service in Dallas, TX is also available there for the help and assistance of any sort that is required by any household during the removal process.

If you too live in Dallas, TX and are finding someone who can help you with the removal of the stump then contact S&P Tree Services right away. Their team of experts is well versed to deal with any kind of plant or tree issues and can even provide you with valuable advice for the same.