July 20, 2018

Maintaining and Caring for Your Trees | Tree Maintenance Service in Dallas Fort Worth, TX

Identify what your tree needs

In order to look after and maintain your trees properly, it is important to identify what your tree really needs so that you know how to take care of the tree on your property. Find out about the species of trees that you have on your property and determine the amount of water the tree needs, whether the tree is susceptible to damage from storms, droughts or other natural calamities, and the type of soil that works best for normal development of your tree. In case you are unable to determine the needs of your tree, it is better to call a professional tree maintenance service in Dallas Fort Worth Area to examine the tree.

Why is pruning important?

If you want to maintain healthy growth of your trees, it is vital to prune them from time to ensure their stability and survival. However, this is not a do-it-yourself task. It is better to contact a tree maintenance service in Dallas Fort Worth Area to save time, costs, and prevent risks of serious injuries. Furthermore, if done the wrong way, it could completely damage the look of your landscape, greenery and cause fungal growth that could be hazardous to the health of residents.

There are signs that you should look out for that indicate when you should prune your tree. Some situations in which you should prune your tree are when the tree is leaning and causing an obstruction, the branches are cracked, or when the tree is heavy at the top or base.

You should also know that it is easier to prune and maintain a growing tree than a mature tree. Many problems can be rectified if a tree is pruned properly with the help of a tree maintenance service in Dallas Fort Worth Area. A certified professional would know the right time to prune trees and the right tools that should be used.

Reduce tree stress by mulching

Mulching helps prevent tree stress, however, it is better to hire a tree maintenance service in Dallas Fort Worth Area to avoid harming or damaging the tree. A tree expert is bound to know the right techniques and tools to mulch a tree, and will be able to do so without any problems.

The mulching process involves placing organic matter on the surrounding soil of the tree to keep it cool during unusually warm months and remove weeds – which absorb most of the water and nutrients. Since mulching involves a lot of work for best results, it is better to hire a tree maintenance service in Dallas Fort Worth Area for proper mulching.

It is also important to note that mulch needs to be replaced every once in a while because organic matter diminishes over time and needs to be renewed.

Take care of the roots

In order to maintain stability of a tree, you need to take care of the roots first. You cannot expect a tree to remain healthy if the roots are dying. In order to keep trees healthy, they need healthy roots and healthy roots needs healthy soil. Have a tree professional examine your landscape and make sure that the soil is not compact. Compacted soil prevents water and oxygen from seeping deep into the roots. The roots of trees need to be watered effectively for healthy growth and stability. You need to ensure that your tree is receiving the right amount of water and sunlight. Watering the right way is vital in maintaining the landscape of your property. Trees need to be watered deep at the roots.

Prevent fungal growth and insect infestation

In order to ensure lasting and healthy growth of a tree, it is important to fertilize trees in the right quantity to prevent trees from being infested. Some trees can tolerate a certain amount of fungal growth or insect infestation. However, if insects or pests gather in large amounts, the tree is prone to damage. You wouldn’t notice the infestation until it has built up in a large amount. In this case, you will need to hire a tree maintenance service in Dallas Fort Worth Area to inspect the tree at the bark, stem and leaves for signs of infestation or unusual appearance of the tree.

Rather than using insecticides or pesticides, which could damage the biology of your tree, it is better to consult experts or arborists for maintenance. This is because these skilled professionals will be able to take the right measures in controlling or eliminating the infestation. Tree infestations are not immediately visible; they build up over time due to fungal or bacterial growth. You need a certified professional to examine the signs and symptoms.


You need to make sure that the trees are receiving appropriate amounts of nutrients. Trees in natural landscapes receive nutrients naturally since they are available in the soil. However, in urban areas, trees need fertilizers for healthy development. For this, you should consult a professional to determine the right amount because less or more fertilization than necessary could damage tree roots. Mature trees have a stable root system to absorb nutrients.

Furthermore, fertilizers may need to be applied only when the tree is showing signs of nutrient deficiency. An expert would use the correct amount of fertilizer to ensure survival of the tree and would know the right time to add nutrients to the soil.

Avoid topping trees!

This is a destructive, age-old process that involving cutting branches, which is actually damaging to the biology of the tree. Tipping a tree destroys its natural form including its shape, structure and appearance. In the long run, it could even cause the tree to lose its natural elements and die. Tipped trees are more prone to fungal or bacterial growth, insect infestation and storm damage. You should never hire a service that promotes or carries out tree tipping. Topping damages tree tissues and reduces the trees’ capacity to absorb nutrients, letting pests and fungus take control. Tipping also shortens the tree’s lifespan.

Therefore, for correct measures to care for and maintain your tree, it is better to consult a tree maintenance service in Dallas Fort Worth Area. This way, you would be better off saving money in the long run and be able to understand how professional tree maintenance works.

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