November 16, 2022

Techniques Used By Tree Removal Service Professionals To Remove Trees At Homes | Weatherford, TX

As much as trees beautify your home, provide a lovely summer shade for relaxation, and add value to your property, they can sometimes be dangerous to structures or people.

Situations that can compel you to eliminate a tree from your home include bending trees about to fall, tree roots close to plumbing and sewer pipes, pest-infested trees, and the need for more space for building.

Removing a tree from your compound requires tree removal service professionals to ensure the process is safe and effective for you and your loved ones. The experts can determine the best way to eliminate the diseased or damaged tree from your residential property.

Tree Assessment

Before describing the numerous tree elimination techniques, it’s essential to know how tree specialists analyze a tree before removing it. The arborists determine the tree’s size, height, and location. They also factor in aspects such as closeness to the roads, buildings, utility lines, and landscaping.

A professional arborist can help decide the direction in which the tree should fall and the method to use for removal. The experts must also be careful to prevent numerous accidents, such as falling objects.

Tree Removal Techniques

Some of the techniques the tree removal service professional might propose and use include:

Crane-Assisted Method

Removing trees in Texas urban or suburban homes can be challenging due to proximity to structures, busy pathways, and electric power lines. Using crane-assisted tree removal is one of the best techniques arborists use to eliminate the tree and preserve the beauty of your home. It is a method most homeowners with lawns, gardens, driveways, decks, fences, and other trees prefer because of the less damage it creates afterward.

Tree specialists can also recommend the crane-assisted method for large trees in tight places because it is more effective and safe than all the other methods. They use the crane to vertically lift unwanted, hazardous, or dead trees from your property to another safe zone.

Once they get to a clear field, the tree removal service contractors in Weatherford, TX use their specialized and advanced tree-cutting tools to cut the wood into small pieces for easy transportation. They also turn the branches into mulch by passing them through a chipper. Homeowners with crops can take advantage of the mulch for their vegetation.

Pros of the Crane-Assisted Technique

  • Using crane-assisted tree removal is safe and effective.
  • It reduces risks and accidents in and around your home during tree removal.
  • Significantly mitigates risks of pest infestations and diseases if the tree has a pest infestation.
  • Crane-assisted tree removal service is a less invasive strategy because they do not disturb the surrounding landscapes, gardens, or lawns.
  • The method is fast as it can take less time compared to power saw and other tree elimination techniques.
  • Its powerful machine can uproot an entire tree with all its roots.

Cons of Crane-Assisted Method

  • Using the machines in the crane requires experts.
  • The process is more expensive than the traditional ways of tree removal.


Professional tree removal service companies, including S&P Tree Service, can also use the climbing technique to remove unwanted, dead, damaged, pest-infested, leaning, and dangerous trees from residential and commercial properties in and around Texas. The experts use tree climbing spurs for safe and firm attachment to boots, a saddle, and rope to climb the tree.

They also use a power saw or chainsaw to cut down branches and segments of the stem as they descend the tree. Unlike the crane method, which involves uprooting an entire tree, the climbing technique needs removal contractors to assess the health and stability of the tree before ascending to avoid preventable accidents.

The tree removal service specialists also determine where the cut branches will fall safely without causing destruction or disturbances to your structures. They use the rope to tie the chopped trunks and lower them safely down to the crew at the ground to untie and pile them in one place. The climbing technique can lead to mild structural damage in your Weatherford, TX home as the branches fall.

Pros of the Climbing Method

  • The tree removal process is more cost-effective than the crane-assisted method.
  • The technique gives the climber more control of the process.

Cons of Climbing Tree Removal Technique

  • Increased risk of damaging plants, landscaping, and structures if the arborists drop the branches down.
  • It is time-consuming and requires energetic, skilled, and experienced tree removal service providers
  • The method is not the best option for large trees.

Bucket Tree Removal Service

In addition to crane and climbing techniques, tree specialists can use the bucket method to eliminate a hazardous or unwanted tree in your home. It is an appropriate technique in cases where the tree is weak or unsafe to climb.

Arborists use a bucket truck lift to get to the highest parts of the tree. They cut the branches and the trunk in segments from the top sections downwards. The tree specialist on top of the lift truck requires an expert crew member to adjust the lift as the tree removal process continues.

Pros of the Bucket Lift

  • Better than climbing in terms of safety, especially during stormy days.
  • It is cheaper than the crane method.

Drawbacks of the Bucket Lift Method

  • It is cumbersome as the tree expert has to cut the tree into sections using a power saw.
  • The bucket method is not for trees in limited spaces.

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