August 28, 2022

Non-Invasive Crane Tree Removal Service Can Really Improve Your Home’s Yard | Fort Worth, TX

Are you searching for a tree removal company in Fort Worth, TX? Depending on the location and condition of your tree or trees, you may need crane tree removal service. Cranes allow tree companies like S&P Tree Service to achieve “no impact” tree removals. What does this mean? It means that we can safely remove the tree piece by piece. Unlike chainsaw-only methods to fell trees, parts of the tree aren’t able to fall onto buildings or vehicles because they’re tethered safely to a crane. With crane tree removal service, you can enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing that your property will not be negatively impacted by the tree’s removal.

How Is Crane Tree Removal Service Performed?

If you need to remove a tree or trees from your property, you may find the crane tree removal service is your best option for a safe removal that does not impact surrounding structures or valuable assets like your driveway, vehicle, or deck. When you contact S&P Tree Service for removal, we’ll perform the following services:


First, our technicians will visit your property to inspect the tree and its immediate surroundings. We’ll need to assess the condition of the tree; for instance, is it leaning or in very poor health? In some cases, it may be dangerous for climbers. Where is it located? Is it situated between two homes? During our evaluation, we’ll be scouting the property to determine the best place for setting up our crane. Level ground, of course, is an important concern. After determining the nature of the job, we can make our removal plans and schedule the removal date.

Preliminaries: Set-Up Process

On the day of the removal, our technicians will arrive at your property with our crane and everything needed to tackle the job safely and efficiently. After placing the crane in an optimal location for the removal, we’ll be sure that it’s completely level. The leveling process generally takes about 30 minutes. We’ll go over our plans together one more time before deciding where our climber will make the first cut. Then, we’ll get started.

Crane Removal

Crane tree removals begin near the top of the tree. Our crane will lift our technician and cutting tools into place. Once situated, the climber will fasten crane cables to the portion of the tree that will be cut away first. The cables will hold this tree section firmly in place so that it cannot fall away onto people or structures below. This is what we mean by “no impact tree removal.”

After the cut is made, the crane hoists the section away and carefully sets it down onto an area we’ve designated to be the drop zone. The crane will set the tree limb or section down and other crew members can go to work cutting it down to size even further. We’ll continue to remove the tree using the same process, cutting away section by section until it’s removed.

Clean Up

Many of our Fort Worth, TX, customers prefer us to remove the downed tree completely from their landscape. In cases where the tree isn’t diseased or infested by wood, some owners might prefer to cut up the tree themselves and use it for firewood or some other use. Our crews can, of course, remove each section of tree before packing up our crane.

Stump Grinding

S&P Tree Service features stump grinding service, which is important to consider, especially if your tree was in very bad health. Stumps, as they decay, can attract pests and fungal infections, which aren’t conducive to the health of your landscape in general. We have stump grinding equipment and can efficiently remove your stump, helping you get rid of all visible traces of the tree. In time, the tree’s roots will decay underground. If you are planning to build in the area of the removed tree, you may need excavation services to get rid of the remaining roots.

Why Might You Need Crane Tree Removal Service?

Many people in the region might choose to fell their own trees. If the tree isn’t large and they’re handy with a chainsaw, they might have experience cutting down trees. Of course, tree removal experience is crucial in these cases, even if the tree is isolated in a field somewhere. On the other hand, in areas where trees are growing close to buildings, crane tree removal service is often the safest option.

Reasons to choose crane tree removal service:

  • The tree is leaning
  • The tree is infested with pests or is severely ill with a disease
  • Tree is dead
  • The tree is precariously close to structures or other property assets
  • The tree is in a confined space
  • Access to the tree is limited
  • The tree is located near power lines
  • The Tree has weak wood or several dead limbs

In these cases, crane tree removal is the preferred and sometimes only safe method of tree removal. If you are unsure about your tree’s removal, you can contact our trained arborists to inspect the tree and recommend the ideal removal method.

Some tree removals are extremely complex, so you don’t want to trust just any tree removal service. Our company has an excellent record for safety. Our technicians are highly trained and have years of experience removing trees from all types of settings, inducing difficult ones. Don’t attempt a DIY removal or contract with a business that isn’t licensed or insured. Instead, trust all your tree care and removal needs to our experts.

For reliable and safe crane tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX, contact S&P Tree Service. We feature a wide range of tree care solutions, including crane tree removal service as well as tree trimming and tree preservation solutions.

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