August 26, 2022

How Does A Routine Tree Trimming Service Help Protect Your Home? | Weatherford, TX

There are plenty of reasons to cut corners at this time when gas and grocery prices are setting expensive records, but tree trimming is something you want to keep on your to-do list. The simple truth is that tree trimming can protect your home in a number of ways. For the best tree trimming service in Weatherford, TX, residential and commercial property owners choose S&P Tree Service. We feature tree trimming performed by trained arborists, tree removal, and stump grinding solutions for the region. We also offer tree care and tree preservation services, helping customers protect their trees and their properties.

How Tree Trimming Protects Homes

Scheduling tree trimming service annually or as needed is an important part of routine tree care and property maintenance. And, yes, tree trimming can protect your home. Here’s how:

Roof Damage

If you have tall trees that tower above your home, it could leave your roof vulnerable to damage. When tree limbs become damaged, which can occur for various reasons like storm damage and wildlife damage, they are more likely to break off from the tree during storms or periods of strong winds. The dead limbs can fall onto your house, damaging shingles or even causing leaks.

Window Damage

If tree branches are located close to your home’s upper or lower story windows, they can also become property threats during storms and high winds. S&P Tree Service features arborists who understand how to trim trees in a manner that preserves tree health. With our tree trimming service, you can more effectively protect your home’s features like windows from the threat of falling tree limbs.

Gutter Problems

The gutters of your house can become clogged with leaves, twigs, and branches. You can reduce this potential mess by having your trees trimmed back so that less debris winds up in your gutter system. When it rains, it’s important that your gutters flow freely; that debris can cause gutter blockages. You’ll spend less time having to clean out your gutters when you hire our tree trimming service to remove nearby branches.

Pest Damage

Tree limbs that are close to your roof also act like bridges to your home structure. Outdoor critters like squirrels, raccoons, and even bugs like termites can easily move from the nearby limb to your rooftop where they can not only scamper about but get the idea to build a nest there. Local Weatherford, TX, wildlife can damage your roof, which is a good reason to consider having tree trimming service performed on overgrown tree limbs.

Electrical Line Damage

If you have trees growing near power lines that connect your home to the grid, you may want to have them trimmed if they become entangled in the lines. During a storm or period of strong winds, the tree limbs could snap and pull the line down, causing power outages as well as a serious hazard in the form of downed live wires. You can reduce the risk of a tree-related power incident by keeping your trees trimmed and in good health.

Protects Landscape Health

The plants and landscaping around your home enhance its curb appeal. When tree branches become unruly and begin to create a canopy above your landscape, it can affect air circulation for plants and prevent sunlight from adequately reaching them. By scheduling tree trimming service, you can protect your landscape’s health.

Protect Home Value

If you’re concerned about protecting your property investment, you’ll want to trim your trees. An unkempt and unhealthy landscape can detract from your property value. In fact, healthy trees can be a valuable asset. Tree trimming supports the health of your trees. If you’re thinking about selling your home, you’ll want to give your curb appeal a hefty boost with professional tree trimming service and landscaping.

Reduce ‘Total Loss’ Risk

Did you know that your trees with their heavy limbs and wide sections of foliage can act like a sail during powerful storms? If you have a tree that’s in less than optimum health with weak or even shallow roots, powerful winds can catch those tree ‘sails’ and literally knock the tree down. While a single fallen tree limb can do extensive damage to a house, an entire tree falling onto a home can destroy it–and pose a risk to the occupants inside of the home. Neat and tidy trees that are well groomed by our tree trimming service can reduce the risk of a total loss or extensive home damage situation.

S&P Tree Service for Expert Tree Trimming Solutions

The highly trained arborists who work for our company specialize in tree trimming and tree care. We have the skills and equipment to trim trees in a manner that supports tree health and tree appearance while ensuring that risks that the trees pose to the property are reduced. Our tree trimming pros can perform annual tree trimming, post-storm tree trimming (when trees may become damaged from wind or lightning strikes), or tree trimming as needed.

Keep in mind that our company also performs tree inspections. If you are concerned about the health of any trees on your landscape, simply contact us and we’ll visit to thoroughly inspect your trees. We can recommend what solutions are best for your trees to preserve their health. If you have severely unhealthy trees or dead trees, we can also perform tree removal services. We feature both traditional tree removal and crane tree removal services for residential and commercial property owners.

Tree trimming protects your home and property in numerous ways. When you need experienced tree trimming service in or near Weatherford, TX, you can rely on S&P Tree Service. We also offer emergency tree services like tree removal. Let us help you care for your landscape with our tree care solutions.

Photo By Robert Kneschke at Shutterstock