August 01, 2017

What You Need To Know About Pruning & Planting Trees

The good people of Dallas, TX love to have trees and vegetation in their front yard as well as back yards. In fact, the greenery and tree service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area contribute to the overall beauty of the city to a significant degree. Trees are of instrumental use to us; not only do we like to plant them here in Dallas, TX because of the natural scenic beauty they bring, but also for many other underlying benefits that we may or may not be aware of. The bright Dallas, TX sun reflects well on green vegetation and can also be blocked by the trees to provide shade. It has been said that looking at the green color has a soothing effect on our eyes, preventing them from strain.

Let’s go through some of the reasons why planting trees is a good idea to promote and maintain the greenery in Dallas, TX.

  • Trees reduce the temperature of the environment by providing shade around the region it’s planted in and also through transpiration. Transpiration is a process in which leaves release water through tiny pores on their membrane called the stomata. The water then evaporates off the surface, and cools down the tree and environment by absorbing heat along the way.
  • A quick hack that the residents of Dallas, TX ought to be aware of is planting a tree near their heat pump because the shade from the tree will surely improve the heat pump’s efficiency.
  • Trees are natural air conditioners for the environment, and the evaporation from one tree roughly equates to the cooling that 10 room size air conditioners would produce if they operate 20 hours every day. Trees don’t need electricity either!
  • Deciduous trees are handy for winter as well as summer season due to their ability to allow sunlight to reach and warm up our homes in the cold winter. But, in summer, they gain back their leaves and block out the sun again to our convenience.
  • Trees increase your real estate value. You can increase your property’s value as much as 15% with the right trees.
  • The rate of wind flow influences the amount of heat transfer. The faster the wind blows, the quicker the heat is dissipated from your homes. Densely located evergreen trees reduce the wind speed to decrease heat loss from your home by 10% – 15%.
  • The falling leaves are an integral part of the ecosystem and have a niche of their own. In fact, decaying leaves improve soil health by releasing its nutrient content and promoting the growth of microorganisms. They also reduce the loss of moisture from the soil.
  • Trees purify air and filter it, literally. They trap pollen, dust and even smoke, making the air cleaner. This is why the level of dust in the air on the sheltered side of the tree is 75% lesser than that on the windward side.
  • Trees protect us from natural catastrophes like Hurricane Harvey that’s gotten everyone stirred up. Trees reduce surface water runoff and decrease soil erosion because their roots hold the soil together. Plus, trees also replenish the ground water stores.
  • Here’s one that we’ve been studying since school. They reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and increase oxygen. Something we direly need with growing concerns of global warming. In fact, one big tree can produce a day’s supply of oxygen for four people!

People often assume that in order to let a tree grow to its maximum size, it should not be trimmed. This is not true. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Pruning and trimming actually stimulate growth in trees which makes tree service in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth Area very important. Additionally, trimming also make the tree look pretty, well-kept and neat. Furthermore, pruning out the dead branches and awkward shoots also reduce the risk of a fire hazard for the good people of Dallas, TX.

Let’s go through some reasons why tree service in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth Area is essential for the residents:

  • Storms like hurricane Harvey can damage houses through the branches that are too close to the house. Additionally, by removing dead tree limbs and excessive growth, you can increase the scenic beauty of the place and protect it from storms.
  • Branch overgrowth can often block the sidewalk, making walking or biking difficult in Dallas, TX. Pruning ensures that your property does not become a reason to deter someone’s outing.
  • Unattended and overgrown branches can extend out in front of the traffic signs, making it hard for the drivers to read what the signs say which needless to say, is a serious hazard. Tree service in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth Area ensures there’s no traffic disruption from your end.
  • Pruning tends to the tree by removing any diseased branches, thereby keeping your tree healthy. Additionally, it eliminates the safety hazard for anyone passing under or around, by removing diseased or damaged branches.
  • Horticulture enthusiasts love pruning because it increases the airflow through the tree’s canopy,  thereby reducing the risk of leaf disease.
  • Lower plants such as grass, plants or even the tree’s own lower branch may not receive adequate sunlight if the unattended overgrown tree blocks out sunlight before it reaches them. Trimming ensures that the grass and shrubs receive their share of rain and sunlight without any hindrance from the tree.
  • Unattended branches can also get tangled up with overhead electricity cable wires, absorbing some of the carried electricity. In fact, trees growing near power lines account for approximately 30% of all power outages.

The reasons to keep your plant and prune trees are plenty, but once you decide to do it, it’s best that you hire professional tree service in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth Area because they are aware of all the does and don’t concerning it. Deciding to prune your tree yourself may damage the tree if you use the wrong technique.