August 10, 2017

All You Should Know About Tree Pruning

Trimming trees in your garden not only keeps them in good shape, but also make your house more attractive. Whether or not you intend to sell off your property, regular trimming of trees is extremely important. You can acquire professional trimming service Dallas and Fort Worth Area to prune trees and keep them safe from insects and diseases. It is quite difficult to determine when your garden needs trimming, but a maintenance contract ensures that the workers do the work, at regular intervals and in an efficient manner.

How Tree Trimming Benefits You:

Many people fail to realize the importance of regular trimming of tree branches. Let’s have a look at all the reasons why you should hire tree trimming service Dallas and Fort Worth Area.


  • Improves Tree Health:


Trimming a tree on a regular basis positively impacts its health. It eliminates dying branches and affected parts of the tree. It ensures that decayed wood does not affect your property or your family. Keeping the tree safe from diseases also assists in enhancing its yield. If the tree produces fruits or flowers, you will notice a significant improvement with proper maintenance.


  • Increases Sun Exposure:


Regular trimming of tree branches ensures that they do not block sunlight. Your house interior stays brighter and air circulation improves through tree maintenance. It improves the health of your family, allowing you a significant intake of Vitamin D through sunlight.

Sunrays eliminate bacteria and insects from your home. Trimming of trees improves general health conditions by reducing the risk of various types of diseases. Moreover, many insects live on trees. Regular pruning of branches ensures that they do not spread any further. These insects are the major reasons behind many common plant diseases. You should hire a professional tree trimming service Dallas and Fort Worth Area to ensure the well-being of your family and to protect environment.


  • Enhances Property Value:


When potential buyers or tenants visit your house, they notice the garden first. The first impression of your house greatly impacts their decision of purchasing the property. You should hire tree trimming service Dallas and Fort Worth Area for trimming trees and plants before inspection. It increases the value of your property and you can sell your house at a much higher value than similar houses in your area.


  • Damage Prevention:


Trimming of trees is extremely important especially if they are present near garage or other structures or installations. Neglecting regular pruning allows their branches and roots to grow in all directions. They can greatly damage your house structure if you do not restrict their growth. Trimming of trees ensures that tree trimming service Dallas and Fort Worth Area remove the damaged parts of the tree. Therefore, you can be at peace knowing that no weak branch will fall down and affect your property.


  • Improves Tree Appearance:


Trimming of trees by a professional tree trimming service Dallas and Fort Worth Area enhances their appearance. Well-cut branches attract people and turn your house into a beautiful natural park. You can enjoy the beauty of nature from the comfort of your house. You can arrange parties in your garden and the guests will surely appreciate your choice. Plant trees in your garden that can grow in your area and maintain them to create a beautiful environment.

Degrees of Tree Pruning:

Pruning refers to the removal of certain parts of trees such as buds, roots and branches. It is the extent to which you can trim a tree. Now that you know about the benefits of having your trees trimmed by a professional tree trimming service Dallas and Fort Worth Area, let’s get an insight into the different degrees of pruning you can choose from.


  • Fine Trimming:


Fine trimming is the most basic type of tree pruning. It involves minor trimming to enhance the tree’s appearance. It ensures that your garden looks fascinating to visitors by cutting out excess leaves and shaping branches.


  • Standard Trimming:


Standard trimming involves improvement of the structure of tree as well as its branches. Unlike fine pruning, you can get branches in shape by acquiring tree trimming service Dallas and Fort Worth Area for standard trimming. Improving branch structure improves the health, appearance and lifespan of trees.


  • Hazard Trimming:


Hazard trimming ensures that the lives of people are not at stake. Large branches with diameter more than 2 inches can cause damages if they fall down. A professional tree trimming service Dallas and Fort Worth Area removes harmful tree parts for safety purpose.


  • Crown Reduction Trimming:


Crown reduction trimming is the advanced form of hazard trimming. It involves trimming of branches that are more prone to damages during storms. In this type of pruning, professional workers cut branches that are weak or are close to power lines. However, it is important that you cut down less than one third of the crown.

Types of Tree Trimming:

Many people confuse degree of tree trimming with its types. Trimming techniques are classified into the following types:


  • Thinning:


In thinning technique, professional workers remove an entire part of the tree such as a limb or a branch from the point of its origin. It helps them eliminate affected or damaged objects. It assists in improved growth of trees. It is also commonly followed in rose plants. It maintains the structure of tree and allows light to reach lower parts.


  • Topping:


Topping method is suitable for younger trees. When you hire a tree trimming service Dallas and Fort Worth Area for topping, they remove all branches and limit the growth of tree to a specific height.


  • Raising:


Raising method is commonly used by government authorities. Large trees at public places often block the path for traffic and pedestrians. The tree removal services cut down lower limbs and offshoots to clear path.


  • Reduction:


Reduction method shrinks the size of a tree. It is suitable for branches that interfere with power lines. Professional workers trim them to reduce their size while maintaining their shape.

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