July 25, 2017

Does Your Tree Need Trimming?

Having trees on your properties in Dallas, TX involves a responsibility far greater than what is normally perceived. Trees require proper maintenance and care that helps them to survive and grow better in their surroundings.

Rearing healthy trees is a constant effort that requires considerable time and effort. Unfortunately, most people tend to overlook the basic things necessary for good tree health. Trimming of trees is one of them. Trimming trees is important for reasons that include:

  • Home aesthetics
  • Optimal tree health
  • Outdoor safety

Most of you might already be familiar with the whole “why is it important to trim and prune trees.” However, when it comes to deciding when to call the tree trimming service in Dallas and Fort Worth area, a lot of you wouldn’t be so sure about it.

That’s why we’re here. Here are 5 tell tale signs that you need to get your trees trimmed. As soon as you see any of these signs, call us at 469-789-6775. We, at S & P Tree Service, are your one-stop tree maintenance service in Dallas and Fort Worth regions.

Let’s check out the signs now.

The Growth

Your tree is constantly growing, unless it is dwarfed by a disease or abnormality. While a tree that grows well is something to be ecstatic about, you can’t just overlook their wayward growth. When trees grow too large, their branches begin invading privacy and obstructing visibility of those around it. That’s not a good thing – we mean, you don’t want your neighbors complaining about your tree crowding over on their side of the fence, blocking the sunlight of their vegetable patch planted alongside it!

It is always better to timely get your tree trimmed before it grows too much and too big. When you go on to remove a properly grown tree removing big healthy branches – it stresses the tree and may even make it susceptible to diseases or further damage.  

Abnormal Growth or Damage

If you take the time to notice, each tree has a specific way it grows. Some trees have their branches growing upwards, while other have their hanging low. But when a tree with upward growing branches has one particular branch growing downwards or abnormally, it’s a sign that you need your tree trimming service in Dallas and Fort Worth to take care of the problem.

Now, it’s normal for trees to get damaged. It could be because of an accident, harsh weather conditions, or an animal that stresses the tree enough to cause damage – but that doesn’t mean you overlook it. This damage can grow in impact and prove to be lethal for the tree. A wise solution is to get the damaged part of the tree trimmed properly.


Sometimes, the trees become diseased or infected and you need to remove the affected parts quickly before it spreads to the rest of the tree. This is a good time to call a tree trimming service like us in Dallas and Fort Worth area. Make it a routine to regularly check your trees for any signs of:

  • Fungal growth
  • Discoloration
  • Premature falling
  • Unusual spots or blisters
  • Decaying branches

Fungal growth, infections, and other diseases block the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the affected part of the tree. This weakens the tree and makes it brittle. Weak branches often fall off. At some occasions the disease is lethal enough to kill your trees too. The condition is dangerous for the tree in addition to being a safety concern for you and your property too.

After a Storm

Storms are destructive. The harsh winds and extreme moisture can cause considerable damage to the trees. Even if you’ve just got your trees inspected (or done so yourself), always make it a point to inspect the trees again to assess the damage done. Most of the storm’s impact would be outwardly apparent in the form of broken and/or dangling branches. However, there are other problems like the possible spread of a disease or flooded roots that might require an expert eye to identify.

This is a good time to get your trees trimmed, especially the smaller branches sprouting out from the bigger ones as they are most susceptible to diseases. There will also be times where the storm is just too harsh for the tree to withstand. In such cases, either the damage is too great or the tree is uprooted. Don’t wait around too long at this time; get help from a tree removal service like us in Dallas and Fort Worth area.

Annual Inspection

Ideally, it is best to get your trees inspected and trimmed at least once in a year. You just need to be regular with the maintenance to ensure proper growth of your trees. Sometimes trees get sick and/or damaged. Just like a sick person, trees too begin to weaken from the inside, which makes it difficult for an amateur set of eyes to determine what’s wrong with the tree. This is where experts like us come in.

When you call us in for tree inspection, we assess the tree’s health, trim them properly, identify the problems (if any) with it, and provide you with a well-rounded set of solutions to nurture your tree back to health.

Now that you know when is the best time to call your tree trimming service in Dallas and Fort Worth area, here are a few handy tips to help you determine when you might require emergency tree services for immediate trimming.

  • In case your tree grows big enough to obstruct the way or visibility for vehicles and/or pedestrians.
  • In case there’s a storm that causes the tree limbs and branches to break and fall on the power lines – in this case, don’t try to handle the matter yourself. Nearness to power lines can be dangerous. Hence, immediately get hold of us at S & P Tree Service for our 24/7 emergency tree services provided across the Dallas and Fort Worth region.
  • The tree is growing in a way that can cause substantial damage to your home and/or property. Sometimes, simple trimming at the right time can save bigger expenses. So get in touch with us right away!

We at S & P Tree Service are dedicated to helping residents of Dallas and Fort Worth region maintain healthier trees that grow and flourish properly. Our comprehensive range of tree maintenance services provides you a hassle free solution for the upkeep of your trees.