March 01, 2023
Knowing When You Need A Tree Trimming Service | Fort Worth, TX

Knowing When You Need A Tree Trimming Service | Fort Worth, TX

Trees are beautiful and majestic, but when they start growing too much, and their branches threaten to damage your Fort Worth, TX home or public power lines, it may be a good time to start thinking about contacting a tree trimming service. Even when this is not your case, there are numerous benefits you can receive from having a professional tree trimming service work on the trees growing on your property, including improved health, better tree growth, and more. In this article, we will touch on these benefits, as well as the signs you should look for in order to know when to call a tree trimming service in Fort Worth, TX. Let’s take a look.

One of the first things people think of when they learn that their trees require the help of a tree trimming service even when their branches don’t pose a risk to their home or any structure is the fact that trees growing in a forest never get trimmed, and yet they grow beautiful and healthy. Well, even though it’s true that trees growing in the wild don’t require a tree trimming service, mostly because falling branches won’t be too much of a problem, the ones growing on your property do, for even more reasons than just preventing their branches from causing damage. So, let’s talk about the signs that will let you know it’s time for your trees to get a trim.

Your Tree’s Branches Are Weak or Showing Signs of Disease

If the branches of your trees have started showing signs of weakness or disease in the area in which they are joined to the trunk, they will have to be trimmed in order to avoid any accidents or injuries they could cause by falling. When a branch becomes weakened, it can fall as a result of its own weight. When this happens, there will usually be no warning, and they can, quite literally, fall on top of anybody that is located in the vicinity of the tree. Even worse, if a diseased branch is not trimmed, the problem could spread to the rest of the tree, which could end up killing it, requiring its complete removal.

You Find Small, Brittle Branches Falling Out of Your Tree

One of the most important reasons for calling a tree trimming service is when one or more of your tree’s branches start dying. This process will start with smaller branches, which will become brittle and fall off on their own when dead. The problem resides in the fact that these smaller branches can accumulate in the tree itself, which leads to further damage and branch death. Once you start seeing small branches on the ground surrounding your trees, it’s best to call for a professional evaluation and trim. The problem can be compounded when dead branches are allowed to remain on the tree, because a strong wind or storm can send them flying, causing damage to your property and any nearby structures.

Trees Can Grow Into Weird Shapes

When allowed to grow without any intervention, tree branches can grow into crooked and weird shapes. By trimming them, you can guide their growth and help them become as beautiful as you ever wanted them to be. Having your trees trimmed regularly can also prevent them from getting too big, which can then lead to them becoming a danger to your property and any nearby power lines. A tree that is too big can also prevent necessary sunlight from getting to other branches, which can result in disease and the total loss of the tree. A tree that is too large can also stop sunlight from entering your home, which will result in darker rooms and an increase in your use of artificial lighting during the day, which can impact your power bill negatively.

You May Not Be Able to See Certain Problems from the Ground

Oftentimes, a tree’s most serious problems aren’t immediately visible from the ground, especially when they are located deep in its crown. This means that they might go unnoticed until something happens and you end up with branches strewn around your yard, and damage to your home. By having your tree trimmed regularly, you can detect these problems early on, and take action to prevent their spread and any potentially dangerous conditions.

When Is a Good Time to Tend to Your Trees?

Even though tree trimming is something that should be done on an as-needed basis, which can be once or twice a year, the best time for doing it is in late winter, when trees have lost all or most of their leaves, but the weather isn’t too cold anymore. This can help arborists easily detect any areas in which there may be any trouble brewing and direct their actions accordingly. Trimming your trees in late winter will also promote healthier and stronger growth during the spring, which can prevent any new problems from appearing. Another good time to have your trees professionally trimmed is in the spring. This is a good time for trees that will flower during the summer. Even so, no matter when you choose to have your trees trimmed, make sure you never do it during the fall. This is because the exposed sections of their branches will then have to suffer through the cold months of winter, which can damage your trees so badly they can die and require removal.

The trees growing on your Fort Worth, TX property provide your family with cool shade on the hottest days, fresh air to breathe, and even a place for your kids to play. But trees can sometimes require a little human intervention in the form of a professional tree trimming service, in order to continue growing as healthy and strong as possible, so they can keep working for you and your family for many years to come. When you are in need of an experienced tree trimming service to provide adequate care for your trees, S&P Tree Service has everything you require, including expertise, knowledge, and all the necessary tools. So, don’t hesitate to give us a call for the best tree trimming service in town!

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