February 28, 2023
Is Crane Tree Removal Service Safer Than Traditional Methods? | Weatherford, TX

Is Crane Tree Removal Service Safer Than Traditional Methods? | Weatherford, TX

If you have trees on your residential property, you no doubt appreciate their beauty, shade, and elegance. Trees can live for decades or even centuries. However, if a tree becomes diseased, irreparably damaged, or stands in the way of utility services, tree removal is unavoidable. S&P Tree Service understands the importance of saving trees and keeping them healthy and strong. However, we can also provide removal services when necessary. In some cases, traditional methods are not sufficient to safely remove large trees. Fortunately, crane tree removal service provides a safe alternative for tree maintenance in Weatherford, TX.

What Is Crane Tree Removal?

Sometimes, removing a tree with chainsaws and ladders would present undue safety concerns for the arborist, passersby or the property owner. In these cases, we recommend crane tree removal service. The crane supports branches and logs, which are lifted away from the area and temporarily stored in a drop zone. This allows the team to cut down the wood into the appropriate sizes for the chipper or transport. Our team also cleans up branches, leaves, and sawdust, leaving your property in pristine condition.

When Does Tree Removal Make the Most Sense?

Every property and tree removal has unique circumstances. That’s why we need to see the tree before making a final recommendation and providing a quote. However, in general, crane tree removal service makes the most sense in the following circumstances:

  • Large trees
  • Safety hazard
  • Trees near power lines
  • Storm-damaged trees
  • Trees in confined spaces
  • Dead or dying trees
  • Foundation damage due to roots

S&P Tree Service provides free estimates and recommendations on the best and most affordable way to safely remove trees from your property.

Removing Trees from Difficult Areas

Tree removal isn’t just something that happens in the woods. When removing trees from residential areas, our technicians must comply with local regulations and maintain the highest safety standards. While we still might use chainsaws and ladders just like lumberjacks, tree removal often has many complications when you move the work site to someone’s front or our backyard.

When traditional methods won’t work, we bring in a crane specifically designed for tree removal in tight or difficult areas. This might include trees that grow in courtyards or near several buildings. The more obstacles in the area, the more crane tree removal service makes sense.

Cranes Are Helpful in Hazardous Situations

If your tree has suffered storm damage, disease, or major pest infestation, it may have structural damage. In this case, cutting it down and removing it with a crane can reduce the safety risk. It’s dangerous to climb hazardous trees and they can often follow unpredictable paths, potentially damaging your home or other buildings. To prevent damage to landscaping and structures, consider crane tree removal.

It takes great care and diligence to remove unsound trees. Some companies turn down these jobs to avoid any issues. However, with a crane, it’s easy to safely cut down and remove the tree. How long it takes to get the crane into the ideal position depends on the slope of the ground, soil composition and firmness, and tree size. Stabilizers keep the crane in place and the operator makes sure that the crane remains perfectly balanced prior to adding the weight of the tree.

Our safety-conscious tree care professionals take great precautions to avoid any risk to people or property. For example, a climber still must stabilize and secure each piece cut by a chainsaw. We remove each piece using cables or straps.

You’ll notice that the climber collaborates with the crane operator using a headset and radio. It requires great dexterity and experience to gauge the weight of the wood and secure the cable or straps in preparation for removal. The crane operator has to estimate the weight of each piece to safely remove it — a large branch can weigh thousands of pounds.

Fortunately, our professionals have many years of experience providing crane tree removal service.

New Tree-Cutting Crane Technology

Even with crane tree removal service, there are some built-in risks when it comes to removing trees. That’s why we invest in high-tech crane technology, including remote control capabilities. This allows us to attach a grapple saw to cut through branches and safely remove each piece without injury or equipment damage.

These aren’t the same cranes that you see on the construction site. For crane tree removal services, we use cranes designed for tree care. Construction cranes remain stationary while tree cranes are built into a vehicle, allowing the operator to move deftly in tight spaces.

The extreme mobility of tree care cranes allows us to park on slopes and hills. So, no matter where you live in Weatherford, TX, chances are we can remove troublesome trees from your property. The crane operator remains safely in the cab, using a boom to position the climber in the right portion of the tree. The climber then secures themselves safely to an undamaged portion of the tree before attaching the cables or straps. They then cut away branches to make the removal process easier. Finally, the climber cuts through the branch or trunk so it can be removed by the crane operator.

Do you have difficult trees that seem like a safety hazard? Perhaps you didn’t know about our crane tree removal service? If you have any questions about tree removal on your property, please feel free to reach out for a free consultation. If possible, we’ll save your tree. However, our team is ready to provide removal services when it makes more sense.

We want to hear about your home arbor challenges. How can we help keep your trees healthy and gorgeous?

Contact S&P Tree Service today to schedule crane tree removal service in Weatherford, TX!

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