March 02, 2023
Is Crane Tree Removal Service Right For My Tree Care Needs? | Dallas, TX

Is Crane Tree Removal Service Right For My Tree Care Needs? | Dallas, TX

While we’d like to think that the large and ornamental trees that add beauty, provide shade and attract wildlife to our landscaping will be with us forever, there’s always a chance that intense weather, untreatable disease or uncontrollable infestation will result in a tree needing to be removed from your property. If you’re in Dallas, TX, and you’re not sure if your tree’s condition or damage is treatable, call the arborists at S&P Tree Service for an onsite consultation. Our team of experts can assess the health of trees in your landscape and determine an appropriate plan of action. If we are unable to save your tree and it must be cut down, ask about crane tree removal service as it is the fastest, most affordable and safest form of clearing a damaged or dying tree from your property.

How Is a Crane Used to Remove Trees?

S&P Tree Service is equipped with the latest in tools and machinery, including a telescoping crane. This isn’t just any crane, but rather a crane specifically designed and built for arboriculture, or tree care. In addition, tree removal by crane-assisted methods can be completed where it is not possible for wood chippers and trucks to get close to the tree being removed. A skilled operator maneuvers the crane from a distance while highly trained climbers and cutters work directly with the tree attaching it either all at once or section at a time to the crane, which then lifts it away.

Can a Tree Be Removed from My Small or Enclosed Yard?

While climbers and cutters will still need to directly work with your tree, using a crane tree removal service eliminates the need to bring large equipment like wood chippers or trucks into your small or enclosed property. Before your tree removal job starts, we will park the crane and other required vehicles, like larger trucks for hauling away big branches and pieces that cannot be mulched, in a safe space. We will ensure that the crane is stable and that it can not only reach the tree to be removed but also do so without the threat of hitting other trees or buildings as it lifts pieces from your yard to a decided-upon drop zone. S&P Tree Service is proud to offer crane tree removal service because it’s ideal for servicing Dallas, TX neighborhoods where homes are closely spaced. It’s also beneficial for removing trees from green spaces that are surrounded by gates or walls.

What Can I Expect on the Day of My Tree-Removal Service?

Preparation for the crane tree removal service can take some time because planning is key to ensuring the tree removal is safe, efficient and completed correctly. Once, however, planning and personnel are in place, the experts at S&P Tree Service make the removal look easy. You might even find the experience enjoyable to watch from a safe distance. Climbers and cutters skillfully cut large sections of branches and trunk and attach them to the crane and, piece by piece, the tree is lifted up in the air and far away from landscaping, fences, houses and automobiles. The streamlined process of crane tree removal service makes it much faster than other methods. Because of this, nearby neighbors will appreciate the job being completed quickly and with as little disruption to their day as possible. If you are in need of removing a dead, dying or damaged tree from your small Dallas, TX property, there are options.

Is Additional Stump Grinding Required?

During your onsite consultation prior to your tree removal, a certified arborist from S&P Tree Service will provide the best recommendations for the safest and most efficient tree removal. If crane tree removal service is suggested, know that cranes are, in fact, capable of extracting a tree’s stump and its root system from the ground. In this case, a stump grinder will not be necessary for removing the unsightly remains of your tree from your yard. Because there’s no need to wait for additional stump-grinding service after crane tree removal service, you are immediately free to start planning your new landscape or planting a new tree to replace the one you had removed.

Can Crane Technology Help with Other Tree Care Needs?

Because crane tree removal service can lift an entire tree, roots and all, from the ground it is possible to keep a tree alive while removing it. If you love your tree but wish it was in a different place in your yard, depending on the size, health and location of your tree, the experts at S&P Tree Service can offer crane tree removal service to help you transplant it. Trees are a vital part of our home and neighborhood landscapes. They can be expensive and they can take a long time to get to the perfect size and height to provide adequate shade or privacy in your yard. Rather than start over with a smaller tree, see if crane-assisted tree removal methods can help you save your beloved tree by moving it to another section of your property.

Can I Get a Free Estimate Before Having a Tree Removed?

Just like with all of our tree care services and solutions, S&P Tree Service offers free in-person evaluations and consultations as well as estimates for customers in the Dallas area. Do you need a severely damaged tree removed from your property but are afraid of harming other trees or outbuildings? Crane-assisted tree removal can help as it is the least intrusive method of clearing trees from any property, no matter how small or confined. Are you finally ready to remove an invasive species and replace it with a healthy tree that will beautify your yard and attract pollinators? Contact S&P Tree Service needs today and get a head start clearing your garden so you can jump on outdoor projects this spring. We can assist with landscaping needs and plant new trees, too!

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