March 04, 2023
Problems That Require A Call To An Emergency Tree Service | Fort Worth, TX

Problems That Require A Call To An Emergency Tree Service | Fort Worth, TX

The trees on your property provide curb appeal, protect your home from the elements, and provide shade so you can sit outside on a hot, sunny day without getting too hot. Because the trees are so important, the last thing you want to do is cut one down. Unfortunately, your trees can develop issues that pose a risk to your home, family, or a neighbor’s house and need to come down.

If a tree on your property experiences any of the following problems, it’s best to call an emergency tree service immediately.

Severe Storm Damage

Severe weather can damage trees, and there are several ways the weather can affect the tree, including:

  • Strong winds can uproot or twist the tree, and if the tree was weak before the storm, the trunk could snap, causing the tree to die.
  • Heavy rains can cause flooding that will wash away the soil, exposing the roots and causing them to weaken.
  • Heavy snowfall and ice buildup can cause a branch to break off or spit the tree.
  • A lightning strike burns the wood and roots, boils the water in the tree’s cells, slices off the branches, or splits the tree in half.

Severe weather can weaken the tree considerably, causing the tree to fall. You can’t control the direction the tree falls, and it could land on your house, vehicle, or a family member. An emergency tree service can remove the tree safely and quickly to prevent damage or injury.

Tree Disease

Trees can get sick as most living things can, and the disease can weaken the tree and branches, creating a safety risk to your home and family. Also, the disease can spread to the other trees on your property and affect every tree in the neighborhood if the problem isn’t addressed quickly.

The common signs of tree disease include:

  • Holes in the bark or leaves
  • Dead branches
  • Hollow pits
  • Round, lumpy growths on the tree
  • Wilted, burned, yellow, or spotted leaves
  • Dusty white mildew
  • Clusters of new shoots

If a tree on your property exhibits any of the symptoms listed above, it’s best to call an emergency tree service. They will send a tree expert to inspect the tree to determine if the disease can be treated or if it’s affected the tree too severely, and the tree must come down. The tree experts will remove the tree before it falls on its own, causing significant damage to your property or severe injuries to anyone standing below.

The Roots or Branches Put Your Home At Risk

If a large branch is hanging over your house or driveway, a strong gust of wind can damage the roof, windows, or a large section of the house, depending on the size of the branch. This is the last thing you want to happen, so hiring a tree service is best. A tree expert can safely remove potentially dangerous branches, and you can be sure your house will be safe on a windy day.

Unfortunately, you can’t control the direction the tree roots grow, and they can be damaging if the roots grow too close to your house. The strong roots can lift the driveway, walkway, and burrow under your home’s foundation, causing severe damage that will cost a fortune to repair. The roots can also dig up the underground pipes, creating a plumbing nightmare, so it’s best to hire an emergency tree service immediately. The tree expert won’t be able to move the roots, so removing the tree is the best way to eliminate the risk.

The Tree Is Growing Dangerously Close to the Power Lines

You can’t control the way a tree’s roots grow, and you can’t control the direction the branches grow either. If a tree on your property grows dangerously close to the power lines, it’s best to call an emergency tree service. If the problem isn’t addressed immediately, a strong gust of wind will cause the tree to take down the power lines and knock out the power to your house. Also, the live wires in the yard will be hazardous, so something must be done before this happens.

A tree expert can safely remove the branches growing too close to the power lines. If multiple branches are growing too close, the tree expert may suggest removing the tree.

A Significant Lean

Many trees lean slightly to one side, which isn’t a cause for concern. However, if a tree on your property develops a significant lean, you should call an emergency tree service to have it checked out. They will look for signs of uprooting or cracks in the trunk that could cause the tree to fall. If the arborist worries that the tree will continue to lean and fall over, it should come down immediately.

Call S&P Tree Service Today

If a tree on your property puts your home or family at risk and you need help from an emergency tree service, look no further than S&P Tree Service. We’re a reputable tree company, a member of the International Society of Arboriculture, and we provide various services, including:

  • Tree trimming
  • Crown thinning
  • Tree removal
  • Crane tree service
  • Stump grinding
  • Emergency tree service
  • Storm cleanup
  • Installation of large and small trees
  • Landscaping services upon request

Our crew is fully trained, bonded, licensed, and insured, and they have the knowledge and skill to handle any residential or commercial project. They have the education, knowledge, and training to maintain the health of your trees, allowing them to thrive. They are also trained to detect tree disease and issues that can put your home, family, or the other trees on your property at risk.

When you schedule an appointment for tree service, our crew members will arrive at your house on time to inspect the tree. They will give you a written estimate before starting the job, so there are no unpleasant surprises when it comes time to pay the bill.

Call S&P Tree Service today to schedule an appointment for emergency tree service or any other service we provide.

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