July 31, 2023
Expect These Benefits When Hiring Our Tree Trimming Service

Expect These Benefits When Hiring Our Tree Trimming Service

The trees on your property not only help to beautify your landscape, but they can even support its value. To ensure that your trees remain attractive and healthy, it’s important to maintain them. Trimming your trees can not only be a dangerous job for property owners, but without the proper know-how, it can also damage the tree’s health. S&P Tree Service features certified arborists and tree care technicians who offer a broad range of tree care solutions, including trimming and pruning. We bring the tools and equipment needed to trim all types of trees, helping you maintain their health from one year to the next. If you’re getting your landscape into shape for the hot season ahead, be sure to include trimming on your to-do list. There are lots of benefits to keeping your trees well trimmed and neat.

Boost Overall Tree Health

When you strategically trim away some tree branches, you can actually boost your tree’s health. It’s certainly not obvious, but your tree has to make use of available water and nutrients in the soil to grow and keep healthy. As it grows, it needs more of these elements to thrive. By trimming away some of the limbs, you help ensure that the tree has plenty of water and nutrients for its overall health. In other words, it has less of itself to feed. Our tree trimming service technicians know which tree limbs / branches to trim in order to support your tree’s overall health and wellbeing.

Balance Root Loss

Property owners can’t know what’s going on underground with their tree, but just like above-ground branches can snap off or die, underground roots can also be lost for one reason or another. But thinning the tree canopy, our trimmers are able to combat anticipated root loss with counterbalance. Fewer roots make it difficult to provide all the necessary nutrients and water a tree needs to thrive. With carefully trimming, you can reduce tree stress due to root loss even if you can’t see what state the roots are in. As the tree grows, you will, however, be able to enjoy its lush and healthy above-ground appearance.

Improve Sunlight Exposure for Tree

A thick canopy can block sunlight from getting to lower tree limbs and their leaves. You can improve the photosynthesis process, therefore by having your trees trimmed. Trees need sunlight and not only at the tree top. By removing branches here and there, our trimmers will make sure that sunlight can penetrate down to the lower levels of the tree. You’ll still be able to enjoy its shade, but you’ll be supporting its overall health at the same time.

Improve Sunlight Exposure for Landscape

Trees add structure and vertical interest to a landscape, but they aren’t the only plants. You might have shorter trees as well as shrubs, perennials, and grass that also need sunlight in order to thrive. The tallest trees on your landscape can prevent other plantings from getting the essential sunlight they need to survive and thrive. Our tree trimming service can thin your tree’s canopy with strategic trimming to allow more sunlight to penetrate to understory plantings. Once you ensure that other plants get the sunlight they need, you can support the overall health of your entire landscape.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Trees can become quite unruly in their growth. It’s not uncommon for some branches to grow longer than others, leaving the tree looking unbalanced. Trimming allows our technicians to shape the tree in order to enhance its appearance. Well-trimmed trees will enhance your home’s curb appeal and support the beauty of your property.


Another benefit of contracting with our tree trimming service is that we employ certified arborists. They can spot the signs of disease or pest infestation when inspecting your tree before trimming. The sooner you catch these issues, the sooner they can be minimized and dealt with. As disease progresses, it may become more challenging to save the tree. Annual trimming and inspection service helps you maintain your healthy trees and landscape.

Minimize Property Risks

It’s important to trim trees to make sure that any dead wood is removed. Dead or dying tree limbs are property risks. These limbs are at increased risk of falling on your house, pool, fence, vehicle, or other property features and damaging them. Of course, they can also injure people and pets too. We’ll carefully inspect your tree, looking for signs of dead or dying limbs that need to be removed. Our tree trimming service will strive to make your trees safer.

Reducing property risks is important for safety, but it can also be cost effective. If a tree damages your roof, your insurance may or may not cover it, but even if it does, you’ll be responsible for the deductible. If falling limbs damage other items on your property like patio furniture or fencing, you’re probably going to have to replace these items out of pocket.

Choose Experience and Expertise

Our tree care company is revered throughout the region for our expertise and experience. We have a reputation for our excellent service record and know-how. We’ve invested in the best tree care equipment, including cranes, in order to ensure our technicians and crews have everything they need to perform their work safely and efficiently.

Contact S&P Tree Service if you need to have your trees trimmed this season or if you need any other tree care solutions.

In addition to trimming, we offer tree preservation solutions, tree removal services, and stump grinding. If you have concerns about the health of a tree on your property, contact us for an inspection. Our arborists can provide a detailed report of your tree’s condition and advise you about the necessary steps needed to get it back to good health.

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How Tree Removal Service Protects Your Other Trees | Tree Trimming Service
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How Tree Removal Service Protects Your Other Trees

Did you know that removing problem trees helps remaining trees and plants thrive? Beauty, shade and other benefits make it difficult to make a final decision about what to do with a problem tree. However, you can always rely on the tree specialists at S&P Tree Services. In most cases, we advocate to save every tree we can. At the same time, there’s a point of no return or cases when nursing a tree back to vitality isn’t possible. You don’t have to go it alone since we include an evaluation as part of our tree removal service. Together, we can protect neighboring trees with the judicious removal of dangerous trees.

Prevent the Spread of Diseases and Pest Infestation

While many trees can be saved from pests and diseases, certain infections are difficult to treat. For example, Dutch elm disease and oak wilt are aggressive diseases that quickly travel from tree to tree. Pests such as anthracnose and the emerald ash borer can also spread throughout your tree inventory. Weakened trees are highly likely to fall over without intervention. With aggressive conditions, you can rely on rapid, careful tree removal from our certified professionals. Removing infested trees can longer the risk of transmission, keeping neighboring trees healthier.

Conserve Limited Resources

Do you have several trees that are crowding each other? This could result from poor planting practices or neglect. In these cases, it’s often best to remove some of the trees so that others may thrive. If you leave the trees to develop naturally, many of them won’t thrive due to intense competition for nutrients, water and sunlight.

Remove Damaged Trees to Prevent Injury

Some heritage trees grow so large they become a threat. Dead and dying branches become hard to reach and difficult to prune. In a windstorm or extreme weather event, damaged branches can fall on animals, people, nearby structures and vehicles. They may also fall into other trees. To prevent these dangers, opt for prompt tree removal services.

Improve Aesthetics

If you have trees that block your view of the sky or a large portion of your property, it may be best to trim the canopy. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, our team can remove the tree and replace it with a smaller species that won’t become a problem in the future.

Fix Drainage Problems

Large trees sometimes disrupt the drainage on your property. This could result in swampy areas and standing water that attracts insects. This can become a serious health hazard and make it more difficult to maintain your landscape. By removing the tree and replacing it with smaller plants and bushes, you can create a beautiful outdoor space without worrying about disease-bearing insects attacking your family.

Eliminate Nuisance Trees

If you have a huge tree in your small yard, it can become a nuisance. Removing the tree can increase air flow and open up the space, making it more enjoyable for your guests and family members. Feel free to contact our professional arborists to assess whether you can save the tree and still accomplish your landscaping goals.

Should I Remove a Problem Tree or Not?

Tree removal can become expensive if you always use it as your go-to solution. Trees perform a vital function, using up carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen that all animals require to live. Whatever you decide, it’s important to consider all of your options before making your final decision. Many customers find it helpful to discuss the pros and cons of tree removal with one of our team members. We can also provide an estimate to help you make your final decision.

Most Common Reasons for Tree Removal

When do homeowners most often decide to remove a tree? Signs of structural damage that signal it’s time to cut the tree down include:

  • Open wounds
  • Peeling bark
  • Severe damage
  • Vertical cracks in trunk
  • Dead branches
  • Hollow trunk

Of course, you can also rely on the experts at S&P Tree Service for an accurate diagnosis and action plan. We’re here to support your decision and make your property a safer place with tree removal services.

How Can I Tell if the Tree’s Still Alive?

Now that you know the signs that indicate a tree is beyond saving, here’s a way to tell whether there might still be hope:

  • Bark is firmly attached to trunk and branches.
  • Branches bend flexibly (dead branches are dry and brittle).
  • You see leaves and buds.
  • Layer beneath the bark is green.

If you have large branches that show no signs of life, they present a hazard without providing a benefit. In this case, it’s important to remove them before a heavy snowstorm or lightning strike sends them crashing to the ground. Note that intertwining branches can rub against each other, exposing the tree to pests and diseases. Trim back interlacing branches to avoid this issue.

Why Choose S&P Tree Service?

S&P Tree Service is a family-owned business committed to preserving trees. However, we recognize that’s not always possible. So, we’ll work closely with you to make the right decisions for your property and the people that enjoy it. As an active member of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), our company has committed to upholding the highest standards of tree care. This includes a wide variety of routine and emergency services, including emergency tree removal.

Our team will inspect your property to evaluate the trees you may want to remove. Then, we’ll prepare estimates and make a final recommendation for your consideration. Whether you decide to remove, rehabilitate or replace the problem tree, we’ll be there for you, guiding you every step of the way. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation for tree removal service.

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Don't Wait to Book Your Tree Trimming Service

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Don’t Wait to Book Your Tree Trimming Service

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t delayed a necessary haircut. You keep on saying you’re going to do it but put it off and put it off until eventually dry hair, split ends or hair in your eyes drags you now to the salon or barbershop for a trim. When you’re finished you usually feel so good that you wonder what it was that took you so long to get there! Your hair looks healthy and shiny, and you’re getting compliments left and right. Well, trees might not be able to book their own trip to the salon, but they need just as much pampering and attention to look their best. Continue reading to find out why booking a tree trimming service is so important.

Why Is Tree Trimming Service Necessary?

To Keep Them Healthy

Unfortunately, there are several tree diseases that can not only severely damage your tree, but, if left unattended, can kill the tree in question or spread to other trees and plants. Booking a regular tree trimming service can help keep an eye on any potential problems and hopefully stop one from spreading before it’s too late. While some issues might be hard to notice, make sure to keep out for the following signs:

  1. Leaves falling out of season
  2. Wilted or dead leaves
  3. Leaves that have a curled appearance
  4. Signs of decay
  5. Unusual colors on the bark or leaves
  6. Appearance of odd fungus or abnormalities on the trunk

If you notice any of the above issues on any of your trees you should call for an inspection immediately.

Not only is tree trimming important for the health of your tree, but also for the safety of you and others! If a tree is sick it may be unstable, and that could result in the loss of boughs which might endanger anyone who is nearby.

Increase fruit yield.

Sometimes trees struggle to produce fruit because they are putting all their energy into fighting off a disease or trying to distribute too little sunlight to too many boughs. Booking a tree trimming service can promote the growth of new spurs, which can help with the production of fruit. And honestly, who doesn’t love having lots of fruit come harvest time?

Improve Property Appearance and Value

Having a tree that’s too large or unseemly can be a bummer, and in some cases can even decrease the value of your home. But regularly maintaining your tree with the help of S&P Tree Service, you can keep your property looking beautiful.

Keep You and Your Family Safe

Sometimes you don’t always notice when a tree is sick or dying, and dead branches can pose a risk to everyone who passes near the tree. Plus, if the tree is near your home or any power lines you could be looking at damage to the structure of your home or even a potentially dangerous situation with live wires on the ground. An expert will be able to evaluate any problem areas and make suggestions so you can rest easy at night.

Improve Light In Your Home

Sometimes a tree might look beautiful, but it has grown so much that it has begun to cut off some of the light that comes into your home. You want to be able to enjoy the view of the tree outside, not be overwhelmed by it! Booking a tree trimming service will let the sunshine in.


Even if a tree is perfectly healthy, it might be a little too big or unbalanced to be able to safely withstand a storm. Of course, in the middle of a forest a falling branch isn’t much of a big deal, but when a tree is hanging over your bedroom you might want to be more careful. An expert from S&P Tree Service can evaluate potential safety hazards and take care of them so you don’t have to worry. This is also helpful in terms of hopefully helping you avoid an insurance claim in the event of a storm.

It’s A Good Investment

Because of all the reasons listed above, you can now understand why a regular tree trimming service is a good investment. Not only that, but if you see to your trees regularly it will actually cost you less overall. If you wait until a problem has gotten out of hand then it’s going to cost quite a lot more than if it’s a simple trim or branch removal. If a tree has died or fallen on your property then that will require a complete clean-up and removal, which can really add up. So by spending a bit of money now, you’ll be saving a lot long term.

Why Can’t I Do It Myself?

It’s always best to have an expert come and trim your trees. While it might seem similar to weeding your garden or attending to indoor plants, there’s a very specific way that trees need to be trimming and doing it incorrectly can result in you needing to seek out a corrective service that will end up costing more time and money than if you’d just sought out an expert’s help to begin with. Plus, a lot of injuries happen due to people attempting to use trimming equipment they’re not familiar with. So please, leave a tree trimming service to us while you just sit back and enjoy the results.

Regularly trimming your trees will keep them healthy and will also save you time and money. If it’s something you’ve been waiting to do, then there is no better time than right now! Give us a call at S&P Tree Service today and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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5 Signs You Need Tree Removal Service
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5 Signs You Need Tree Removal Service

Trees can add majestic beauty to a landscape, so it’s understandable why a property owner would be loath to cut one down. However, trees have a finite lifespan just like anything else. There comes a point when the only safe course of action is to have a tree removed. When you need to remove a tree from your residential or commercial property, you can rely on S&P Tree Service. Our team includes certified arborists, highly trained tree crane operators, and experienced tree care / removal crews. If you notice the following signs, you might want to contact us sooner than later to inspect and/or remove problem trees. 

Tree Disease

Trees can get sick–very sick. Our tree care experts can often provide tree preservation solutions in the hope of saving a sick tree, but when disease is advanced, it may not be possible to save the tree. A severely diseased tree is a property liability. Why? A sick tree is at greater risk of falling over or losing heavy tree limbs. Should the tree or its limbs fall, they can destroy structures and property features. They can also injure–or worse–people and pets.

There are many signs to watch out for that denote tree illness. If you see fungus growing near the base of the tree or on the tree, you should have an arborist perform an inspection. Fungus growing at the base of the tree can indicate diseases like root rot. Are parts of the tree wilting or not developing foliage? These are signs of tree disease. 

When you contact us, our arborists can visit your property to evaluate the tree’s health. We’ll tell you if we believe the tree can be saved or if tree removal service is in the best interest of your property. Remember that diseased trees pose a contagion threat. Pests can easily spread disease to other trees on your property.

Dead Tree

While a sick tree may be a threat to the safety of your property, a dead tree most certainly is. If your tree is dead, you need tree removal service–and soon. Dead trees are at increased risk of falling. A dead tree can fall all onto your home or business. The damage can be minor or immense. A falling tree can destroy a building and its contents. 

The limbs of dead trees can also fall onto the property’s buildings or other property features such as fences, patios, and vehicles. A dead tree is apt to attract unwanted pests too. Our crews can remove dead trees quickly. The sooner you invite us to perform the removal, the better. During powerful winds and storms, dead trees are at great risk of falling.

Leaning Tree

Leaning trees tempt gravity. Even a leaning tree that appears to be healthy may still need our tree removal service. When you call us to assess the tree, we’ll determine if its lean is dangerous. Generally, it’s not uncommon for a tree to lean. Its branches will naturally grow toward the sun. However, if the lean is severe, it’s a cause of real concern. 

Let us check out your leaning tree. We can advise you about the best course of action. There are many factors we’ll consider such as the age and size of the tree. Our arborists have years of experience inspecting and caring for Texas trees. 

Storm Damage

Our area is no stranger to severe weather. Powerful storms and winds can knock down tree limbs and branches. Lightning can strike the tree, damaging it severely or even causing its death. If any trees on your property have been damaged during a storm or strong winds, let us inspect them. In some cases, we can trim the tree or take other measures to preserve the tree’s life. Let us visit your property to inspect the storm damage. We can let you know then if our tree removal service is the most important measure to take to protect your overall property.  

Too Close for Comfort 

Do you have a tree located near your home or commercial building? In some situations, trees growing close to the structure may require removal. The tree’s powerful roots can damage the property’s foundation. 

In addition, a tree growing next to a house or building can increase the risk of damage when branches or limbs fall. The tree can even make it easier for pests to access the structure. In these cases, you might want to have the tree removed. 

How Do We Remove Unwanted Trees?

Our crews employ various methods for removing unwanted trees from residential and commercial properties. In addition to using some traditional methods for felling trees, we also specialize in removals using our tree cranes. Crane service is frequently the best and safest means for removing trees. If the tree is large or located close to buildings, the safest way to take it down is usually with a crane. 

Our crews are experienced and can carefully assess your tree to determine the safest method for its removal. Some trees are too unstable to be removed without a special plan and equipment needed to stabilize it. When you contact us for service, we’ll visit your property to discuss the tree’s condition and removal.

Contact us if you are concerned about any tree on your property or if it exhibits any of the characteristics listed above. 

Our tree care company specializes in tree removals. No matter what type of tree you have or no matter its size, we can develop a plan for its safe and successful removal. We also offer stump grinding services. If you have an immediate concern, remember that we can also provide emergency services. Get in touch with S&P Tree Service to learn more or to schedule a consultation right away.

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8 Reasons To Hire A Tree Trimming Service

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8 Reasons To Hire A Tree Trimming Service

The trees in your yard serve a few important purposes, and curb appeal is one of them. Trees make your yard look nicer and improve its curb appeal. Trees also provide shade so you can sit outside on a hot, sunny day, and they provide protection from the elements.
Because your trees serve so many purposes, you should take care of them, and hiring a tree trimming service is one way to do this.

Some homeowners trim their trees themselves, but this isn’t recommended. Trimming the trees can be dangerous, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could trim too much or overrun for the time of year, causing significant damage to the tree.
If you aren’t sure if it’s worth the money to hire a tree trimming service, you should consider how your trees can benefit.


Safety is one of the most important reasons to hire a tree trimming service. If there are dead branches on the tree or the tree is damaged during severe weather, it creates a safety risk. The dead branch can come down if there’s a strong gust of wind, causing damage or injury to anyone or anything underneath. Also, branches can fall from a tree that’s sustained significant storm damage.

A tree expert will remove any dangerous limbs while trimming the tree, ensuring your home and family remain safe.

Keep Your Trees Healthy

Your trees must be healthy to grow and thrive, and hiring a tree trimming service will ensure the tree is healthy. The tree expert will remove any dead or diseased branches that can affect the entire tree and spread to other trees on your property. Also, when the unhealthy limbs are removed, the essential nutrients the tree needs to thrive will go to the branches that can benefit.

Improved Aesthetics

Your trees can make your yard look nice and improve your curb appeal, but they must be in good health and adequately cared for. A tree trimming service will remove any overgrown or unsightly branches that affect the tree’s appearance. They will also trim the tree to give it a round appearance, improving the aesthetics of your yard.

More Sunlight and Oxygen

The trees in your yard need sunlight and oxygen to thrive. If large patches of leaves grow in one area, the tree won’t get the oxygen and sunlight that it needs to thrive. This can significantly affect the tree’s health, and if you don’t do something soon, the tree may have to come down.

A tree expert can trim the tree and remove branches and leaves that have overgrown, providing the tree with the necessary sunlight and oxygen to ensure it remains healthy.

Prevent Property Damage

If your tree starts growing into the neighbor’s yard and there’s severe weather in the forecast, it can damage their house, vehicle, and anything else below if a branch or the entire tree falls. The last thing you want is for your neighbor to file a lawsuit to be compensated for the damage, and you should hire a tree trimming service.

They will send a tree expert to your home to trim the tree and cut any limbs that hang over the neighbor’s yard to be sure the tree doesn’t cause any damage.

The Tree Is Growing Toward the Power Line

You can’t control the direction your trees grow, and if a tree on your property starts growing toward the power line, you should hire a tree trimming service.

If the problem isn’t addressed quickly, the tree will grow into the power lines, and a strong gust of wind will cause the tree to take down the line, resulting in a power outage. Also, it will create a hazardous situation in your yard because live wires will lie on the ground.

The tree expert will remove any limbs growing too close to the power lines, and if too much of the tree has grown too close, it may need to come down.

Maintain Structural Integrity

Maintaining your tree’s structural integrity is essential in keeping your home and family safe. When branches weaken or become damaged or diseased, the structural integrity will be compromised, and large limbs can fall, causing significant damage to anything below.

A tree trimming service will send a tree expert to remove any limbs that compromise the tree, your home, and your family, ensuring the tree’s structure is strong.

More Fruit Production

Fruit-bearing trees are wonderful. You don’t have to go to the grocery store to buy fresh fruit because it grows in your backyard. You want your tree to produce as much as possible every season, and trimming the trees will help.

A tree expert will remove any dead or diseased branches and will eliminate clusters of branches to allow the tree to get the oxygen and sunlight it needs to produce fruit. If you have the trees trimmed regularly, your trees will produce more, better-tasting fruit.

Call S&P Tree Service Today

If your trees are overdue for a trim and you need to hire a tree trimming service, look no further than S&P Tree Service. We’re a full-service tree company and are members of the International Society of Arboriculture. We have been serving customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for years, have an excellent reputation in the community and the industry, and have a 5-star rating on Google.

Our tree experts are fully trained, licensed, bonded, and insured, and they have the knowledge and training to care for your trees to maintain the health and vitality of your trees.

We provide a variety of tree services, including:

  • Tree trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Crane tree services
  • Emergency tree services
  • Installation of large and small trees
  • Landscaping services upon request

Whether you want to care for your existing trees or want to plant more trees on your property, our team of tree experts can help.

If you need an appointment for any tree service we provide, give us a call today.

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