April 15, 2023
8 Reasons To Hire A Tree Trimming Service

8 Reasons To Hire A Tree Trimming Service

The trees on your property improve your home’s curb appeal. They also provide shade so you can sit comfortably outside on a sunny day, and they provide protection from the elements. Because the trees on your property are essential, you should do everything you can to keep them healthy and strong, and pruning is one way to do this. Pruning the trees yourself can be dangerous because you’ll need a ladder to reach the upper branches. Also, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could harm the tree, so hiring a tree trimming service is best.

If you aren’t sure it’s worth the time and money to hire a professional to trim the trees, you should consider how it can benefit your home and family.

Improve the Tree’s Appearance

The trees on your property can improve your home’s curb appeal, but only if they look nice. A tree service will send a tech to trim the trees so they’re rounded, full, and healthy.

Remove Dangerous Branches

A tree trimming service will eliminate any branches that can put your home and family at risk. They will remove any dying branches that could fall and damage your home or vehicles or fall on someone walking underneath. The tech will also remove any branches that hang over the house that can cause damage. Limbs growing close to the power lines will also be removed because a strong gust of wind will allow the tree to take down the power lines, cutting the electricity to your house and creating a hazardous situation in the yard.

Hiring a professional to trim the trees will ensure your home, family, and property are safe.

Keep the Tree Healthy

Healthy trees live longer and look better than sick or dying trees, and hiring a tree trimming service regularly can keep your trees healthy, allowing them to remain standing as long as possible. They will send a tree expert to remove branches that aren’t thriving, dying, or dead. Allowing these trees to stay on the tree can affect their health because the nutrients they need to thrive will go to the sink and dying branches and won’t be much help. The tree expert will cut the branches so that all the nutrients go to the healthy limbs that can benefit, and the tree will be healthy.

Prevent an Insect Infestation

Dead, decaying, or diseased branches attract insects, and when they invade the tree, they’ll only make matters worse. An insect infestation can affect the entire tree and not just affected limbs. When the infestation escalates, it will weaken the tree’s structure, affecting its ability to remain standing.

A tree expert can remove the affected limbs to prevent the infestation from escalating and killing the tree, and having the trees regularly trimmed will keep the tree standing longer.

Thin the Canopy

You want leaves to grow on your tree because it’s a sign that the tree is healthy and thriving. The only problem is that you can’t control where the leaves grow, and if the canopy grows too thick, it can harm the tree.

A dense canopy will prevent sunlight and air from reaching every branch, affecting the tree’s health. A tree expert can thin the canopy to prevent disease and other issues caused by a lack of air and sunlight and will help the tree develop a nice, well-rounded shape.

Remove Cross Branches

Trees grow their way, and you cannot control how the branches grow. Crossing branches can occur if you fail to have your trees trimmed regularly and will allow the branches to rub against each other. The rubbing will weaken the branches, cause disease, and can kill them, creating a hazardous situation in the yard. It only takes a gust of wind for a dead branch to fall on your house, car, or someone standing underneath, so it’s best to have your trees trimmed regularly.

Detect Disease Early

Like all living things, trees can develop diseases. Tree disease can kill the branches or the entire tree, and if you don’t know the tree is diseased, the trees nearby can get sick, and eventually, every tree on your property will have the disease and must come down.

A tree expert will inspect the trees while they trim for signs of disease so they can treat it quickly. If they determine that the disease has spread to every part of the tree, they’ll recommend removing it to ensure your home and family remain safe.

Fruit-Bearing Trees Will Be More Productive

Fruit-bearing trees are wonderful because they provide fresh fruit whenever you like and must be trimmed regularly. Neglecting to trim the tree will put it at risk for disease and decay, or it won’t get the nutrients it needs, limiting the amount of fruit it produces.

If you hire a tree service to trim your trees every year, they will be healthy, produce more fruit, be juicier, and taste better.

Call S&P Tree Service Today

If your trees are overdue for a trim and need help from a tree trimming service, look no further than S&P Tree Service. We’re a full-service tree company and are members of the International Society of Arboriculture. We’ve been providing superior service to customers in the DFW area for years and offer many tree services, including:

  • Tree trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Storm cleanup
  • Crane tree services
  • Emergency tree services
  • Landscaping services upon request

Our team of tree experts is licensed, bonded, and insured, and their training, knowledge, and skill have allowed them to tackle some of the most challenging residential and commercial projects. Our techs can detect tree disease and can tell if a tree is too far gone that it must come down. They also know the proper trimming techniques to prevent tree damage and allow the trees to thrive.

If you need an appointment for any service we provide, call S&P Tree Service today.

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Why Using A Crane Tree Removal Service Is The Best Choice For Your Property

Why Using A Crane Tree Removal Service Is The Best Choice For Your Property

Trees are an essential part of our environment, adding beauty to our surroundings, providing shade, and improving air quality. However, like any living thing, they require regular maintenance to stay healthy and beautiful. In this article, we’ll be discussing tree maintenance and tree removal, including the benefits of regular maintenance, the signs that a tree needs to be removed, and the advantages of using a crane tree removal service.

The Importance of Tree Maintenance

Regular tree maintenance is essential to keep your trees healthy, beautiful, and safe. The importance of tree maintenance should never be overlooked. Proper maintenance can prevent potential hazards, such as falling branches or weak limbs. It can also help to identify any diseases or insect infestations before they become too serious.

There are several types of tree maintenance, including pruning, trimming, and fertilizing. Pruning involves removing dead, diseased, or damaged branches to improve the overall health and appearance of the tree. Trimming involves shaping the tree, usually for aesthetic purposes, and ensuring that it does not grow too close to buildings or power lines. Fertilizing is used to give the tree the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong.

The Signs That a Tree Needs to Be Removed

While regular maintenance can extend the life of your trees, there are times when removal is necessary. It is important to recognize the signs that a tree needs to be removed to prevent potential hazards, such as falling branches or an unstable tree.

The first sign that a tree may need to be removed is a dead or dying tree. Dead trees can be dangerous, as they can fall at any time. Another sign is a tree that is leaning, particularly if it is leaning towards a building or power line. This can indicate that the tree is unstable and may fall at any moment. Additionally, trees with large cracks or splits in the trunk or major limbs may need to be removed.

The Advantages of Using a Tree Removal Service

When it comes to removing a tree, there are a few different methods that can be used. However, using a tree removal service offers several advantages over other methods.

  • First, a tree removal service is faster and more efficient than traditional methods. Instead of cutting the tree down piece by piece, a crane can lift the entire tree out of the ground and transport it away from the site. This can save time and money, particularly if the tree is large or in a hard-to-reach location.
  • Second, using a tree removal service is safer than other methods. Removing a tree can be dangerous, particularly if the tree is unstable or in a hard-to-reach location. A crane can provide a stable base for the removal process, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.
  • Third, using a tree removal service can help to minimize damage to the surrounding area. When a tree is removed piece by piece, there is a risk of damage to buildings, power lines, or other nearby structures. Using a crane can help to minimize this risk by lifting the tree out of the ground and away from any potential hazards.
  • Fourth, using a tree removal service can be more environmentally friendly than other methods. Traditional tree removal methods can be loud and produce a lot of dust and debris. Using a crane can help to minimize the amount of noise and dust produced during the removal process, which can be particularly important in residential areas.

Benefits of Using a Professional Removal Service

Using a professional tree removal service offers several benefits over attempting to remove a tree on your own. Here are some of the advantages of using a professional tree removal service:

  • Safety: Removing a tree can be a dangerous process, particularly if the tree is large or in a difficult-to-reach location. Professional tree removal services have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to safely remove trees without causing damage to property or injuries to people.
  • Efficiency: Removing a tree on your own can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Professional tree removal services have the equipment and manpower to quickly and efficiently remove trees, saving you time and effort.
  • Experience and Knowledge: Professional tree removal services have years of experience and knowledge in removing trees of all sizes and types. Professionals understand the potential risks and hazards involved in the process and know how to handle them safely.
  • Cost-effective: While it may seem cheaper to remove a tree on your own, the cost of renting equipment, purchasing safety gear, and the potential for damage to property or injury to people can quickly add up. Professional tree removal services offer competitive pricing and can provide you with a cost-effective solution.
  • Cleanup: Removing a tree can produce a lot of debris, including branches, leaves, and wood chips. Professional tree removal services not only remove the tree but also clean up the debris, leaving your property clean and tidy.

Using a professional tree removal service offers several benefits over attempting to remove a tree on your own. A professional service offers a safe, efficient, and cost-effective solution to remove trees.

Contact S&P Tree Service today for expert tree maintenance and crane tree removal services to keep your trees healthy and beautiful.

Trees are a valuable asset to any property, providing shade, beauty, and even improving air quality. However, they require regular maintenance to stay healthy and safe. Recognizing the signs that a tree needs to be removed is important to prevent potential hazards. When it comes to tree removal, using a crane tree removal service offers several advantages over traditional methods. It is faster, safer, and can help to minimize damage to the surrounding area. If you have a tree that needs to be removed, consider using a crane tree removal service for a faster, safer, and more efficient removal process. And don’t forget to keep up with regular tree maintenance to keep your trees healthy and beautiful for years to come.

Get in touch with S&P Tree Service for expert help.

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3 Signs You Need Emergency Tree Service

3 Signs You Need Emergency Tree Service

If Texas weather has proven anything, it is that you never know what is coming next. With weather patterns slowly shifting high winds and strong storms are becoming a year-round event instead of just a seasonal event. With that in mind, it is a good idea to review when you need an emergency tree service so that you can call promptly if you have storm damage or any other damage nearby. Trees are extremely pretty to look at and a great source of shade, but they can do some serious damage if they are not maintained properly.

Keep in mind that a downed tree is more than just an inconvenience; it can also be a major safety issue. Even more so if it happens to be over the top of any wires. With that in mind, it’s once again not a bad idea to have a tree service in mind to call in the case of an emergency. An emergency is not the time to hit Google and try to figure out who you should call to help you with the situation.

A Tree Has Fallen on Your Property

While heavy storms are by far the most common reason why trees might fall on your property, they also can fall due to illness. Often trees can be rotten inside, but homeowners have no idea because they have never had a tree service out to evaluate the health of their trees. While that is an entirely different topic, it is worth noting that if you see tree bark peeling off your tree or notice an influx of insects on a tree, you should call an arborist to treat the ailing tree. Depending on the situation, they may be able to treat the tree or remove it before the disease can spread any further to other trees in your yard. Properly taking care of the trees on your property can help prevent this situation sometimes.

That said, storm damage is one of the major reasons why trees fall, and sometimes, there is nothing you can do about the situation. The first thing you need to do if you see a fallen tree is down is to make sure that no one has been injured. Getting help to anyone who is injured should always take precedence over contacting a tree company.

Once you are sure that no one is hurt and you do not need emergency medical aid, the next thing you need to do is step back and ensure that electrical or utility lines are not damaged or torn down by the tree. If you see a line is down, you need to contact a utility company or your local authorities. Downed lines can be dangerous to drivers if they are over the road and pose an electrocution risk for everyone else. Don’t assume that a line is not live or that it is a cable line if you are not a trained linesman. Defer to the experts and stay away until the situation is resolved.

If there are no electrical lines involved and no one has been hurt, then you should take pictures of the damage if you plan to submit it to your insurance company. Once this is done, then you can call an emergency tree service and have them come out to your property to remove the fallen tree. They should be able to get it off your home or any property quickly, otherwise call around until you find someone who can.

Broken Branches or Limbs

A tree does not have to be completely fallen over in order to cause problems. If there is a tornado or just heavy storms this can be enough to knock down branches or limbs from trees that can do plenty of damage on their own. Sometimes a tree trunk will start to lean or a tree will fall enough to lean on another tree or on the structure of your home. This is still considered an emergency because even though the tree is not down yet, it will fall over at some point. You want that fall to be controlled which is why you need emergency tree service right away.

If you are concerned that a tree may fall or lean over, there are a few things that you can do to prevent this from happening. First off, you need to check to see if any of the roots are exposed. Roots that are starting to rise out of the ground suddenly can be a sign that the structure is shifting or the tree is leaning. You can also look around to see if there has been soil erosion near the tree which can sometimes happen if there has been a lot of flooding in your yard or if it has been raining for quite some time.

Tree Is Sick

As briefly mentioned earlier, one final reason to investigate tree issues is because tree disease is a real problem that can result in a tree dying and becoming unstable. There are a lot of signs that a tree is slowly dying including peeling bark, yellowing leaves, the presence of carpenter ants, foliage issues, and brittle roots. Knots on a tree are also a sign that there might be problems brewing. These are all signs that you need to talk to an emergency tree service about your tree to prevent it from falling without warning in your yard.

If you are concerned that something is going on with one of your trees or are dealing with tree damage, then contact S&P Tree Service today.

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11 Benefits Of Tree Removal Service

11 Benefits Of Tree Removal Service

If you want to remove a tree from your property, you need a tree service company you can trust. At S&P Tree Service, we provide comprehensive arbor care for your residential or commercial property. If you have a problem tree, you may wonder if you need to remove it. In this post, we discuss the top 11 benefits of a tree removal service and why they are taken out in the first place.

Why Trees Are Removed

You may regret the need to move or take out certain trees on your property. However, it’s sometimes unavoidable. S&P Tree Service tries to save the trees we can or move them from unsafe positions. However, it is sometimes unavoidable that you have to reduce your inventory to keep your other trees healthy and strong or to protect the public.

Dead and dying trees are unattractive and may pose a risk to anyone walking under their branches. You may also need to remove trees to thin out the woods on your property. This creates more light and space for the remaining inventory to thrive. Additionally, if you are expanding your operations, you may need to move them for construction purposes.

It’s important to choose the right partner when it comes to safely and expeditiously cutting down and removing a tree and grinding down the stump. You want a team that’s focused on safety and security. Trees growing in tight spaces require a level of expertise that not all arbor care companies possess. Contact our team at S&P Tree Service when qualified care matters most.

Cleanup and Preservation After Tree Removal

Once we take down a tree, we also get rid of all the debris, leaving your property clean and ready to use. We also do everything in our power to minimize the impact on your remaining landscaping. You can take advantage of our tree preservation services to ensure the health and beauty of your remaining inventory of hardwoods, evergreens and ornamental species.

Trees provide shade and other benefits such as additional oxygen and habitat for animals. However, they can also become diseased or over grow your property, posing a risk to you, your family, employees and the general public. If you wish to limit your liability, contact our team for safe tree removal service.

11 Top Reasons to Remove a Tree

Here are the top 11 reasons to hire our specialists for tree removal:

  1. Safety: It’s not always easy to remove problem trees. Sometimes, it requires cranes and other specialized equipment. That’s why it’s better to leave this task to trained professionals with the proper safety equipment and tools to limit damage to your property and harm to anyone passing by.
  2. Expertise: At S&P Tree Service, our tree care specialists are specially trained to understand the anatomy and life cycle of various species. Our professionals accurately can diagnose the condition and potential danger of individual trees.
  3. Equipment: It takes more than a chainsaw to remove a tree properly and safely. Our crew has access to cranes, ropes, harnesses and other arbor care tools that make the process go quickly and safely.
  4. Insurance: Professional tree removal poses a potential danger to people and property. Therefore, it’s important to ask about what liability coverage your contractor carries. S&P Tree Service is fully covered for unintentional injuries and damage in the rare case that something goes wrong.
  5. Efficient: Although it may create a slight disruption to your home life or business operations, it’s important to remove trees that pose a hazard to people or other plants. Professional tree removal saves you time and energy and helps you avoid any liability associated with the process.
  6. Clean up: Taking down trees can create a mess of leaves, branches and wood chips. When you hire us to remove a tree, you don’t have to deal with it. We take everything with us, leaving your property in pristine condition.
  7. Cost-effective: How much does it cost to hire our team? In the long run, it’s less expensive than paying for damages if the tree falls over and threatens other landscaping features. It can also potentially lower your insurance by making your property a safer place to be.
  8. Prevents legal issues: There are regulations and laws that apply to when and how you can remove trees from your property. It’s important to choose a local, reputable arbor care company to avoid legal issues.
  9. Preservation of property: Taking down a pest-infested, diseased or hazardous tree can prevent damage to the surrounding lawn, bushes, plants and hardscapes. This can help you maintain the integrity of your property as well as its market value.
  10.  Beauty: Overgrown and damaged trees diminish the beauty of your property. Make the right impression when you invest in tree removal service and ask about replacement options that enhance your existing landscape.
  11. Peace of mind: Hire S&P Tree Service if you value the serenity and peace of mind that comes from handling a potential danger in the right way. We can often complete the tree removal in a single day. Our crew provides an upfront estimate of the cost and timeline and handles any permits required by the city.

It’s essential to hire tree care specialists to safely remove damaged trees from your property. We can readily provide proof of insurance and guidance on which trees to remove if you want to thin out your existing inventory. Our team will also make sure that the process goes smoothly with minimal interruption to your daily routine. We are the tree service company to trust in Tarrant County!

Contact S&P Tree Service today to schedule tree removal service, and the surrounding communities.

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Spring Landscaping With Crane Tree Removal Service

Spring Landscaping With Crane Tree Removal Service

Now that it’s spring, residential and commercial property owners are making plans to shape up their landscape for the growing season. The first step for many plans is to clean up the property and remove winter debris along with unhealthy or unwanted trees and shrubs. The safest way to remove unwanted trees in Dallas is with crane tree removal service. S&P Tree Service specializes in tree care solutions that include tree removal and stump grinding. Let our experienced crews help you transform your landscape for improved health and aesthetic appeal with our removal solutions.

Tree Health Concerns

An unhealthy tree is unhealthy for your landscape. Our company does feature tree preservation services. Like many of our customers, we want to save trees if we can. However, we do provide care for the entire life of the tree, and that means end-life concerns too. If your tree is aging and in the process of dying or has succumbed to a serious contagion like root rot, it can pose a liability for your Texas property.

A sick tree is at greater risk for falling down or losing limbs during wind or rain storms. These fallen limbs or falling trees can damage your home or business or property features like fences and decks. The use of a crane for removing an unwanted tree is an efficient way to eliminate this property risk posed by a sick tree.

Of course, many property owners hope to save their tree if they can. Before we initiate our removal process, we can send one of our certified arborists to your home or commercial property to inspect it. As tree experts, we can evaluate the condition of your tree. We’ll give you our informed opinion about the tree’s health and whether or not we believe it can be saved with tree preservation efforts. Clients trust our experience and reputation for tree care expertise.

Dead Trees and Shrubs

If you have trees and shrubs that are dead, it’s important to remove them because, like a dying tree, they’re at great risk for falling. For tall or large trees or trees near buildings, crane tree removal service is the ideal solution. When you contact our tree care company for a possible removal, we’ll visit to inspect your tree. We can tell you if the tree in question is diseased and dying or is already dead. Then, we can line up our removal solutions so that you can eliminate the threat to your property.

Benefits of Professional Tree Removals

Some property owners opt to remove trees themselves. We always advise clients that this is a potentially hazardous situation. Unless the tree is small, you have experience cutting down trees with tree-cutting equipment, and the tree is located in a rural part of the area (away from buildings and people), it’s best to leave the task to professionals.

Our tree care company features experienced crews who prioritize safety in every respect. We are experts with our equipment and know how to use it safely and properly. Although we do employ traditional tree felling techniques in many cases, in a bustling city like ours, it’s often essential to recommend our crane service in order to remove a tree safely.

Our technicians perform tree removals on a routine basis. So, we have experience taking down all types of trees and using different types of methods. Don’t risk an injury or property damage when a simple call to us will reduce those risks. Plus, we offer fair, upfront rates for our crane tree removal service. We will complete the job safely and efficiently.

Benefits of Cranes for Removals

Our company has invested in tree cranes because they are often the safest way to remove trees in cities and neighborhoods. With crane tree removal service, technicians remove the tree piecemeal, section by section, from the top down. The tree, therefore, is never knocked down; so there’s little risk of it falling on someone’s home or business.

Crane use for tree removal is also efficient. It’s a step-by-step, methodical process. The crane operator, climber, and ground crews work in tandem to remove each tree section and then chop it into smaller pieces for easy hauling.

The use of cranes is ideal for tall trees, broad trees, and trees that are hard to access such as those growing between buildings. Not all tree companies in our region have invested in crane equipment. However, cranes are an integral part of our service because they are reliable and provide the safe means we demand for removing trees.

How Do Crane Removals Work?

Before removing a tree by any means, we visit the property to evaluate the tree and site. By assessing the tree, we can determine if it’s a candidate for a crane removal. In some cases, the tree may be too severely diseased to allow our cutter to safely access it. In these cases, we will create an alternate plan that involves the use of supports and anchors to stabilize the tree.

Assuming the tree is a candidate for a crane operation, we’ll begin to create our plan for its removal on this first visit by determining where to place the crane and how to set up for the tree’s removal. On the day of the removal, we’ll bring our crane, crews, and trucks to haul away the tree. We’ll stabilize our crane and get to work removing your unwanted tree.

Contact us to learn more about our tree removal solutions or other tree care services.

We also offer stump grinding services. At S&P Tree Service, we can complete that task after removing your tree. Once the work is complete, you can prepare your landscape for the growing season ahead.

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