January 20, 2020

When to Call for Emergency Tree Service | Fort Worth, TX

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Well-maintained trees are a thing of beauty. They can enhance your community as well as your property values. But when trees are damaged in a storm or struck by disease they can become a hazard to your home, your safety and the safety of those around you. While regular inspection of your trees and removal of dead or dying trees is certainly something every home owner should consider, sometimes an emergency tree service provided by an arborist in Fort Worth, TX is needed.

Regular maintenance of your trees can help stop some issues from causing a need for an emergency tree service. When you have your trees trimmed and examined on a regular basis by an arborist then you increase the chances you’ll find a problem before it becomes an emergency. Issues such as blight or bugs that destroy and hollow out trees can be caught early and a tree removed before it becomes a hazard for your home, your family, and your neighbors.

There are a number of reasons to call for a tree removal, such as branches and roots that are blocking power lines and destroying sidewalks, but an emergency tree service applies to emergencies.

The most common reason someone in Fort Worth, TX may call for an emergency tree service is because of weather. While storms are Mother Nature’s way of clearing up dead and dying debris from our homes and forests, sometimes a dead or dying branch or tree can be damaged or may even fall and require an tree service to deal with. Lightning strikes can cause branches to break but may not cause them to fall which will leave them hanging dangerously. A serious windstorm can down a large, dying tree and send it into a home or power lines.

A part of protecting your home from needing an emergency tree service isn’t just hiring a professional to take care of your trees but keeping an eye on your trees yourself. Much like with a family member who falls ill, you are the person best able to notice when a tree seems to be ‘sick’. Look for branches that appear to be dying off early. If you have clumps of trees and one tree seems to be turning while the others are still green and lush then there may be a blight or animal destroying it.

Sometimes the cause of an emergency tree service isn’t the tree itself but the environment around it. Heavy rains can cause erosion and slides which may take an otherwise healthy tree and carry it away into your home or outbuildings. Even if a slide doesn’t destroy a tree, keeping an eye on erosion around the base of trees can help you avoid an tree service that will have to pull out a healthy tree that could wash away during a storm.

After any heavy rain, wind, or storm you should take stock of your trees and note any damage. If you see branches that could be a cause for concern call a professional arborist to come out and do an inspection. This is a great way to avoid an emergency tree service by having a preventative check done on your trees to make sure the remaining branches and limbs are in good, healthy condition.

Sometimes a tree that has suffered damage and requires an emergency tree service doesn’t have to be completely removed. This is why calling in a professional arborist is important. There are a number of different situations in which removing part of the tree or just the damaged branches will solve the emergency situation while still leaving an otherwise healthy tree as a part of your home and landscaping.

Are you tackling tree roots in your sidewalk or foundation? Having a professional arborist come out and inspect the tree can help you identify which roots are safe to cut and remove and the best way to prevent the roots from ruining another concrete job in the future. This is another great way to prevent a potential emergency tree service from being needed.

Regular maintenance of your trees with a professional tree service helps to ensure that disease, such as blight, in Fort Worth, TX don’t spread between trees and ruin entire communities. Professional arborists and tree trimming services know not just how to identify the different illnesses but they also know how to properly trim your trees to prevent further damage and how to dispose of infected branches and other plant matter so it doesn’t spread to other trees. A great example of the importance of this knowledge can be found in the vegetable garden. A good number of molds and plant disease can be spread between plants in a garden. While most of the plant material you may trim or prune off your plants can be mulched and used to nourish the plants still growing, any diseased or moldy pieces should be thrown away. If you mulch them you’ll simply help to spread the mold and disease to the healthy plants. An arborist knows how the different tree diseases are spread and knows how to dispose of the tree material so that all the surrounding trees are safe and stay healthy.

When you have a tree related emergency it’s nice to know that there are professionals who can help you remove the tree, clean up the mess and help you start recovering. Regular tree maintenance can help to reduce the possibility of an emergency by checking trees for damage, disease and infestation. Keep your home, your property, your family and your neighbors safer by having your trees inspected and maintained regularly and be prepared for an emergency by finding a good tree trimming service.

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