January 30, 2020

Tips for Improving Your Property Value with Trees | Insight from Your Trusted Dallas Fort Worth, TX Tree Trimming Service Provider

Photo By Xacto at istock

It is easy to take trees for granted, after all, they surround us and are something we see daily. Therefore, if you actually notice the trees in someone’s yard it is probably because of one of two reasons: either they are immaculately trimmed by a tree trimming service and catch your eye, or they are a mess.

Most likely you wish that your trees looked immaculate versus a mess. While trees provide oxygen and are pretty to look at during the fall months if you do not keep up with regular tree trimming they can be an eyesore and a danger.

Tree trimming services do more than just keep up the aesthetics of a tree. They also remove all deadwood and ensure that only healthy limbs are left. This reduces the chance of a large limb falling off and injuring someone (or you) on your property. It also reduces the chance of storm damage or a limb falling on your home.

Trees can easily increase the value of your property if they are properly maintained and healthy. This is where knowing a good tree trimming service in the Dallas Fort Worth area can come in handy. A properly trimmed tree is an asset to your property, so start treating it that way by taking care of it.

Here are just a few ways to make sure that all of the trees in your yard look perfect and stay healthy. It doesn’t take much work from a tree trimming service to protect your trees if you stay on top of things.

Inspect Your Trees During the Fall Months

Trees sustain the most damage during the winter months in the Dallas Fort Worth area. You can help prepare your trees if you start to inspect them around September. Take a look carefully at all of the trees on your property and look for any signs of disease. If you see any signs of disease, call a tree trimming service or a trained arborist in the Dallas Fort Worth area and promptly have it treated before it can spread to other trees in your yard.

While you are inspecting them take the time to note whether there is any obvious animal or insect damage. Look up at the limbs and look for signs of deadwood. Long limbs without any green leaves or living leaves at all can signal the limb is dead.

If there are any branches that are way out of hand, prune them and rein them in before the winter months will pound them. If you are not comfortable pruning on your own, call in a tree trimming service to take care of the task for you.

Finally, place some mulch around them to help nourish them and insulate the trunk for the upcoming colder months.

Think About Your Spacing

Fall is also the best time to plant new trees, so after inspecting your current trees you may be considering adding to your property. When you plant new trees you have to think long and hard about the appropriate spacing. The root system of a tree will extend two to three times more than the actual length of the branches.

With this in mind, you want to keep your trees away from your house or driveway to eliminate future issues with your sewer system and driveway cracks. Also, take a look at the other trees that are already on your property. You don’t want to plant them too close together because the soil may not be rich enough to feed both trees properly. Ask your local tree trimming service for their opinion if necessary.

Spaced trees not only look better but will remain healthier making them an asset on your property. If you need help troubleshooting where your new trees should go, an expert from a tree trimming service can probably offer you some friendly advice.

Keep Your Eyes on Your Trees Year Round

While the fall is a good time to perform a thorough inspection of all the trees on your property, you should attempt to watch your trees throughout the year. This is not as difficult as it may sound. If you are outside having a barbeque or laying on the patio just take a minute to glance around and look at your trees. It takes maybe a minute or two of your time. If you have an extensive backyard, walk the dog around it and make it a point to look closely at your trees every season.

In particular, you are looking for changes in color or growth among your trees. Both of these can indicate some type of growth issue. From incorrect spacing to disease there are a lot of reasons why a tree may be struggling in your yard. It helps to know the common tree diseases in the Dallas Fort Worth area because then you can be on the lookout for warning signs.

If you see any signs of a problem then you should call a tree trimming service immediately. The longer you wait the more the disease will take over the tree and it may be too late to do anything. At this point, your only choice may be exhuming the tree which you likely don’t want.

Keep in Mind That Trees Bring Leaves

Finally, when you start to think about planting trees for beautiful shade cover, remember those trees bring leaves with them. You probably don’t want wet leaves all over your driveway every year. You need to think about how the leaves are going to fall when you start planting new trees. Unless you plan on hiring S&P Tree Services, a trusted tree trimming service to come in and remove limbs regularly, you want to place a tree where it can grow freely without ruining your property.