January 10, 2020

What to Expect During a Tree Removal Service | Dallas, TX

Photo By Helene Woodbine at Shutterstock

When the time comes to remove a tree from your yard it can be a difficult decision. Understanding how the loss will affect your landscape and your home, and knowing what to expect during the tree removal process is all part of making the decision and ensuring it’s the best decision for your property. You may call for a tree removal service in Dallas, TX for a number of different reasons, but chances are you’ll need to have a tree removed because it’s been damaged, because it’s causing damage, or because it is a hazard.

Making the call to a tree removal service is the first step in the process of having a tree removed from your property. Depending on the size of the business the company may send out an arborist right away, the business owner may come out, or they may send an evaluator out to see the problem before they send in an arborist and crew. You will want to take the time to be there when they come out so you can discuss your concerns with them. What you perceive as a problem may not be so bad after a talk with a professional and in some cases you may not even need a tree removal service, simple trimming and pruning may suffice.

If your tree needs to be removed then you can schedule a time for the crew to come out. Before the crew makes it to your home to perform the tree removal service you need to be sure you prepare your property for the crew. The first step is to make sure that there is parking for the crew and their vehicles. If you will need street space in Dallas, TX you’ll need to reserve the parking on the street. Most often a space big enough for three cars is needed but discuss the crews’ needs with the person evaluating your home so you can make sure you have enough space for them.

Once you have reserved the parking for the crew and their machines, you’ll want to do a quick clean-up of your property. Be sure to remove anything that could be damaged by falling branches such as potted plants, furniture and lawn ornaments. Be considerate and pick up any dog poo so that the crew doesn’t end up stepping in it or laying power cords and cables on top of it. Excessive dog poo in a yard can actually lead to a cancellation of the tree removal service in which case you may be held responsible for any fees associated with the cancellation.

Thankfully you shouldn’t have to take a day off work to oversee a tree removal service. Hire a Dallas, TX tree removal company you are comfortable with and head off to work or out for a day of errands. This is a great time to go since chances are you won’t have access to phone, internet or cable services while the tree removal is happening. While some companies can provide a work-around for internet service it’s just as easy, and cheaper, to head out of the house and get some other things done away from home.

Make sure you understand and have discussed the scope of the tree removal service with the professional that comes by to evaluate your house. Most tree removals take place in multiple steps with multiple crews across almost a full business week. The first crew removes the tree, another removes the wood, another grinds the stump and yet another plants a replacement tree if that’s what you want. Be sure you talk through the whole process with your professional arborist so that you know what to expect each day that the crew is present.

Discuss with the professional or their office what clean up procedures are included in your tree removal service. Do they clean up leaves and other debris? Do you need the wood left behind as firewood? If so, do they charge extra to cut it into lengths more appropriate for firewood? If you are having a stump grinding done as part of your tree removal service who is responsible for cleaning up the shavings? Are these things included in the total costs or are extra charges and fees added to your invoice for these services?

You also want to verify that your tree removal service has insurance. You want them to have a liability policy that is worth at least a million dollars and they should be able to easily provide you with a proof of insurance that shows how your home and belongings are protected if there is an accident. You may even want to ask if they have umbrella coverage so that you can be sure everything is protected.

If you have a regular tree trimming and pruning service then they may be the first people you want to talk to about having a tree removed from your property. If they have the proper equipment, insurance and experience they should be able to give you a good estimate of the costs and a breakdown of the services that they offer to remove a tree. They can also help you figure out how to replace a tree that’s been removed or ways to change your landscape so that a tree removal isn’t quite as noticeable.

Having a regular tree trimming and pruning service also helps to keep from needing an emergency tree removal because your trees are being inspected regularly and any dead or diseased limbs can easily be removed before they become a hazard. Plus, if you find you need a sick tree to be removed you’ll be able to schedule that tree removal in a timely fashion, rather than the hurried panic of an emergency.

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