March 11, 2023
When Is The Best Time To Call For Tree Removal Service? | Dallas, TX

When Is The Best Time To Call For Tree Removal Service? | Dallas, TX

If you have a tree that’s leaning or is extremely diseased, the best time to have it removed is right away. However, if you simply want to remove an unwanted tree from your property and there’s no emergency related to its condition, you can still line up tree removal service any time of year, but most arborists will tell you that the dormant season is the best time of year to take down a tree. S&P Tree service specializes in removing trees, tree trimming, and tree preservation for residential and commercial property owners in Dallas, TX. We provide our services year-round, so if you do have a tree-related emergency, you can count on us for prompt service.

Removing Trees in Winter

Arborists and their crews often prefer to provide tree removal service in winter because most trees are bare. Less foliage means lighter loads. In short, it’s easier to remove a tree during its dormant period. Plus, technicians find it easier to assess the tree when it’s not covered with peak-of-summer foliage.

Another great reason to line up tree removal service in winter is that it’s less likely to disturb your landscape/garden plan. You can have S&P Tree Service remove the tree and provide stump grinding service. Then, you can take time to plan how to address the newly bare area in the coming spring season.

Beat the Storms

If you’re scheduling a tree removal service this winter because a tree is dying or in poor health, you’ll also benefit by getting rid of it before the rough weather of spring. Spring storms and dying or dead trees are nothing to ignore. Storms can cause dead tree limbs to fall onto homes and vehicles. Dead trees are also at increased risk of toppling over. Our crews can quickly remove any problematic trees this winter before the rains of spring arrive in Dallas, TX.

Emergency Removals

The truth is, if you have a tree that’s in poor health or is already dead, you should schedule a tree removal service with S&P Tree Service. Dead trees or trees that are in poor health are property risks. As mentioned, these trees are at considerably heightened risk for falling during storms or even during periods of strong winds. Tree limbs can more easily break away from the main tree and fall onto features of the property like rooftops, fences, vehicles, or worse–even humans and pets.

Sometimes it’s actually hard to tell if a tree is dead–especially in winter. Many property owners aren’t always aware if a tree is suffering from a disease either until it’s too far gone to be saved with preservation methods. Our arborists can visit your Dallas, TX home or business property to inspect any tree in question. We can advise you about the best course of action. If you need emergency tree removal service, we can tackle the job quickly and with the expertise we’re known for.

Other Reasons to Have a Tree Removed

Customers also call S&P Tree Service to remove trees for many other reasons in addition to a tree’s poor health. Often, a tree was planted that simply has become too large for its space. A common problem that property owners face is when a tree is growing too close to their home or commercial property. The roots of the tree can cause foundation problems that lead to structural problems. In such cases, tree removal service may be best scheduled sooner rather than later.

A tree that’s growing close to the home can also cause other problems. Even healthy trees can drop limbs during storms. A property owner who has had to replace sections of gutters after a tree limb falls on the roof (or had to repair the roof) might be eager to schedule our tree removal service too.

Some customers choose to remove trees that have become aesthetically displeasing. The tree might be blocking the home’s main windows and their views. It’s also commonplace to get rid of trees in order to construct a new feature on the property such as a new patio or swimming pool.

Removing Trees the Right Way–With Professionals

No matter what type of tree you have, it’s best to leave the removal to experts like our professional tree removal service. Our technicians perform this type of work routinely, so we’re adept at using the equipment and following all safety precautions to the letter. With our affordable pricing, it’s simply not worth the risk of injury or property damage to take down a tree yourself.

Our company has invested in all the best tools and equipment, including tree cranes, to perform our services throughout the region. Even small trees can be difficult to remove safely. Our crews can not only remove your unwanted trees, but we can cut down the wood if you prefer to keep it or we can haul all traces of the old tree away. We can also perform stump grinding service.

Generally, our process for removing trees is simple. Our technician will visit the property to assess the tree. Large trees or trees in crowded areas usually require a crane removal because it’s the safest way to take a tree down in these situations. We’ll be looking to determine where to set up our crane when we visit. On the day of the removal, we’ll bring everything needed to tackle the job.

Contact us if you need to have a tree removed from your property, and be sure to check out our other recent blog posts.

S&P Tree Service is renowned for its fair rates and skilled technicians. If you have a tree that’s ailing, let us know. We’re also in the business of saving trees with our effective tree preservation solutions.

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