March 08, 2023
The What, Why, When, And Where Of Tree Removal Service | Prosper, TX

The What, Why, When, And Where Of Tree Removal Service | Prosper, TX

Has it ever happened to you that you are distractedly looking at your yard when you notice one of your trees may have to be removed? If you have, you have probably also wondered about professional tree removal service and what it entails. Maybe you are considering gathering your friends to cut it down next weekend, or even just letting it fall on its own. There are many reasons why hiring a professional tree removal service is in your best interest, especially when you don’t have any experience in cutting down trees. After all, no matter what you’ve been told, it’s not just about grabbing an axe or chainsaw and getting to work. Additionally, an experienced tree removal service can cut down your tree safely, which will help you prevent any damage to your home or any power lines that may be nearby. In this article, we will give you a brief explanation of the most important aspects of professional tree removal service, in order for you to be prepared for the day in which your tree is finally cut down. Let’s get started.

What Can You Expect During the Visit?

Once you have determined your tree must be removed, the tree removal service team will arrive at your home on the scheduled day. Exactly what you can expect will depend on a variety of factors, including the actual size of your tree, its location within your property, any fencing, power lines, or structures that can make it more difficult to reach. Generally speaking, when a tree stands alone, far away enough from any important structures or power lines, and there is plenty of space for it to fall without damaging your property, it will be easier for the tree removal service arborists to cut it down, than if it is located near your house or your neighbor’s property.

Once these factors have been verified, the tree removal service team will proceed to create a plan in which they will specify a number of tasks they will carry out in order to fully remove your tree. It is at this moment that you might be asked what you want to do with the wood from your tree. You can choose to have it chopped into firewood, chipped, or just removed from your property for recycling. Once all the finer points have been discussed and resolved, the work will begin.

How Will the Tree Be Removed?

Once again, the exact technique used to remove your tree, will depend on the same factors mentioned above. There are two main methods for tree removal, the first of which is the traditional method that involves the use of chainsaws to cut across the trunk, and directing the tree to fall safely to the ground, where it is cut into sections and then disposed of in the manner you have chosen. The second technique involves cutting the tree into sections, starting from the top of the crown, and progressing downward. With this method, the tree’s branches are individually cut and lowered to the ground, with the crew working in a descending way until only the stump is left. The sections of your tree will then be disposed of in the way you have determined.

What Can You Do to Prepare for the Big Day?

In order to help the arborists work more efficiently, there are a number of tasks you can carry out in order to have everything ready for your scheduled tree removal appointment. The most important one is making sure there is plenty of room for the arborists to park their vehicles in the area of your home. Tree removal specialists will require the use of several vehicles, and in some cases a crane, which should be placed as close to the tree as possible.

You can also let your neighbors know what will take place, just in case their driveways are blocked by the crew’s trucks. In the same line of thought, it is important for you to clear a path to the tree so the crew members can move around freely without having to skirt any obstacles that could get in their way. So, make sure you remove anything that could hinder their work, including play sets, patio furniture, flower pots, and anything else in your yard that could become a hindrance.

If you have any fragile objects in your yard, such as a grill, or planters, it is important you put them somewhere safe. Otherwise, falling branches and the maneuvers of the tree removal team might end up breaking them. Don’t forget to talk to your tree removal team’s leader in advance to ask what other requirements they could have that you could carry out well in advance of their visit in order to help streamline the process.

What About the Stump?

It is a good idea to figure out what you want to do about the stump that is left after your tree is removed. This is because it might require a second visit at a later date if this decision is not made prior to the visit because the team might not have brought the tools they need to dispose of it. You can choose to leave the stump in place, have it ground down until it doesn’t stick out of the ground, and completely remove it together with the roots. Whatever happens to the stump is up to you, so make sure you make the decision when your visit is scheduled so it can be done on the same day as the removal of your tree.

If you require professional and experienced tree removal service, the first thing that should come to mind should be the expertise and training of the professional arborists at S&P Tree Service. With many years of experience in the field and continuously updated training in the handling and operation of specialized tools and machines, they can provide the most efficient and professional tree removal service in the area. So, when your tree is ready to come down, simply pick up your phone and give S&P Tree Service a call!

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