March 10, 2023
Choosing Trees And A Tree Trimming Service For Your Landscape | Prosper, TX

Choosing Trees And A Tree Trimming Service For Your Landscape | Prosper, TX

Late winter is the ideal time to start planning for spring landscape projects. Soon, garden centers throughout the region will be stocked with young trees and shrubs. Trees can add value to your property as well as welcome shade and aesthetic appeal. However, it’s important to consider what types of trees might be best for your landscape. Plus, some trees require more maintenance than others. S&P Tree Service can help you select the ideal trees for your setting. Our tree trimming service can also help you maintain them whatever their needs.

Best Trees for Our Region

One of the ways to promote a healthy landscape is to choose trees that are likely to thrive in our region and your setting in particular. Often, people shop for trees purely for aesthetic reasons, but that comes with risks. Different types of trees have different needs. For instance, what type of soil do you have? How much space do you have to accommodate the tree’s growth? How much care is the tree likely to need from a tree trimming service?

If you plan to shop for trees for your residential or commercial property to install during the spring planting season, consider some of the following small trees if your property is compact:

Crabapple Trees

Crabapple trees are native to Texas and are tolerant of drought conditions and will happily tolerate alkaline soils. Our tree trimming service can advise you about the ideal cultivar to choose for your property. There are some dwarf varieties that are especially easy to maintain.

Desert Willow

Desert Willow trees are another drought-tolerant tree that thrives in our area. In fact, one of the worst maintenance mistakes for this tree is to over-water it. These trees do require pruning to achieve a desirable shape, so you’ll want to have a tree trimming service lined up periodically to see to its care. This tree’s orchid-like flowers will add beauty to any landscape setting.

Carolina Buckthorn

Another Texas native, Carolina buckthorn trees are perfect for small spaces. Many Texans choose this tree because it tolerates shade very well. So, if you have taller trees around, the Carolina buckthorn is likely to thrive well even beneath the canopy of other trees.

Of course, if you have the space, why not plant a tall tree for your yard? S&P Tree Service can even install the tree for you. Although the following trees will definitely require periodic trimming as they grow from a professional tree trimming service like ours, they’ll add tremendous beauty and shade to your landscape.

Pecan Tree

The lovely pecan tree has been the state tree of Texas since 1919. They do grow quite large, so they’re ideal if you have space. Small lots are not ideal for pecan trees. Pecan trees prefer well-draining soil and regular watering. Aphids can be a pest for the tree. Our tree trimming service can inspect your pecan tree when pruning to watch out for signs of pest infestations and disease.

Ashe Juniper

Looking for a tree to act as a windbreak or provide some privacy screening for your patio? Consider the ashe juniper. This tree can grow up to 20 feet high as well as 20 feet wide. In fact, with its unique growth habit, our tree trimming service can even train it to be more of a shrub than tree–or vice versa depending on your preferences.

Shumard Oak

Many Texans favor the shumard oak because it’s less vulnerable to oak wilt than many other oak species (like live oaks). If you’re looking for great fall color for your landscape, this tree will add dazzling red foliage to your autumn yard. Of course, live oaks are also popular options that do well in our area, providing you guard against their susceptibility to oak wilt.

Proper Tree Care and Maintenance

Even if you choose native Texas trees for your property, you’ll still need to rely on a tree care and tree trimming service for periodic maintenance to support the health of your trees. S&P Tree Service features certified arborists who are professional and experienced. In addition to our tree trimming service, we also provide tree care solutions. We’re able to inspect trees, looking for signs of tree diseases and the pests that spread them.

When you select a tree for your property, always consider its maintenance needs. A tall tree is likely to require a tree care company that has the equipment needed to trim its canopy as needed. Some trees are quite messy. You might not want to devote the time to cleaning up after them. All trees require some maintenance to ensure they thrive, so if you have questions about which is best for your preferences, it’s best to consult with S&P Tree Service. We can help you select beautiful trees that suit your needs and maintenance preferences.

Where to Plant Trees?

Once you opt for a tree type, be very careful about where you install it. It’s not a good idea to plant a tree, especially a large-growing tree, too close to your home’s foundation. Tree roots can impact the foundation as well as underground pipes like sewer lines. You’ll also want to avoid planting trees too close to power lines. Again, you can consult with our arborists about the best spots for planting your new tree this spring.

A new tree can add considerable beauty to your setting that only intensifies as the tree matures. Our company can help you care for all the trees on your property with our maintenance services like tree trimming and pruning. Contact S&P Tree Service to learn more about our tree care solutions.

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