March 20, 2018
Ways to Maintain Damaged Trees | Tree Trimming Service in Dallas Fort Worth, TX

Ways to Maintain Damaged Trees | Tree Trimming Service in Dallas Fort Worth, TX

Just like human beings, trees too are living things and require to be taken care of. There might be times when your tree is healthy and bearing fruits and other times when some complications and unnecessary expenses because of some storm or other hazards, that have damaged the tree, might want you to make the decision of removing the tree altogether. But a tree that has been damaged either because of a storm, pests or unwanted vegetation does not mean that it is lost as a whole. For this reason, you can always call for emergency tree service in Dallas Fort Worth, TX to look into the condition of the damage and get it sorted out.

In most of the cases, it is always possible to restore the shape, health and natural vegetation of the damaged trees by proper pruning which can be done by taking help from tree trimming service and tree maintaining service in Dallas Fort Worth, TX. If the broken limbs and branches can be easily accessed by you then you yourself can prune and maintain the tree on a regular basis. But leave the clean-up cutting to a professional tree service in Dallas Fort Worth, TX until March just before the spring season starts.

If you are looking for different measures as to how you can handle a few general maintenance issues for your trees then this article is right for you. We have highlighted a few common issues that households face regarding their trees and how they can resolve such issues.

Broken Branches

Cutting a broken branch can be critical. It is because if it is straight and close to the mother branch then a little mistake can damage the mother branch which could damage the whole tree in turn. Also, it could leave your tree and the bark itself open to insects, pests and disease organisms. This is why it is recommended by tree trimming service in Dallas Fort Worth to make pruning cuts close to but beyond the collar and the branch bark ridges’ attachment. If you put a cut or wound on the bark too close to the trunk it will expose that entire area of trunk tissues to organisms to cause infection. This will cause the closure process to get slower as it is near the mother branch and will become a barrier to decay between the open trunk and the branch that has been cut off.

For branches that are over 25mm in thickness should be cut with the help of a saw. It is desirable to place the blade while cutting a branch, in an upwards or diagonal position instead of pointing it downwards.

Torn Bark

Removing a torn bark is as necessary as a broken branch. It should be removed in order to avoid contact of insects on the affected part. When cleaning or trimming a part that has started to decay because of insects and organisms always use a sharp blade or a pruning knife to cut it at the right angle and on the first attempt in order to avoid further damage to the tree. If something goes wrong always contact emergency tree service in Dallas Fort Worth to get the situation under control. Always make sure after cutting off the damaged bark to smooth it out by ensuring that the bottom is narrow rather than squared-off to avoid collection of water and debris.

Crotched Splits

If a branch has been torn because of heavy wind or has been hit by a storm but is still intact on the tree then as per the professionals in tree maintenance in Dallas Fort Worth, TX you should try pushing it back to its normal position and give it some support by tying it to something. Clean up and trim the surface around it for the branch to connect again to the bark. Whereas, if the split is too big and most of the wood has separated then it is better to remove the branches and let the tree form a callus for the process of closing the split.

Bent Trees and Branches

You might have observed many times in most of the trees that are old that the tree or some of its branches start bending towards the ground. They eventually retain this position unless they start growing back underground along with the roots. If you do not want this happening to your branches you can pull up the branches and tie them together by providing cross support.

You can even take help from emergency tree service in Dallas Fort Worth, TX who are professionals and have the adequate knowledge and skills to take care of plants in a healthy way.

Tree Vigor

The formation of callusing or closing of the wound on the tree bark depends entirely on the vigor of a tree. Healthy trees function in a way that their wounds and splits are compartmentalized by protective zones that do not allow the formation of bacteria over it. The vigor of a tree can be maintained by wise irrigation and proper pest management and fertilization.

The Bottom Line

Appropriate maintenance of a tree along with its damages is technical and requires keeping in mind several factors. Therefore, it is recommended by tree service in Dallas Fort Worth, TX to get some professional assistance if you are planning for some regular trim and maintenance.

There are several households who fail to maintain their trees and face difficult situation regarding it in the future. If you too live the Dallas Fort Worth, TX area and have problems in your trees then head over to S&P Tree Service right away. Their team of professionals is well-versed in handling complex issues, holds great experience in their field and is best known for their quality service.